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Defining PM Abiy Using DSM-5

Defining PM Abiy Using DSM-5




G. Amare, July 12, 2020


There is no saddest thing than seeing Ethiopia collapsing and sliding into a state of balkanization. And this is due to lack of a leader with clear vision and direction; and a leader capable of formulating and producing strategies and policies helpful to confront with Ethiopia’s real challenges upfront.


It is painful and unfortunate to watch the remnants of Dergs advising the PM to bring back their heedless and war mongering behaviors; to repeat their inhumane red terror mass killing project; and to make him shout their chauvinist slogans:

“Everything to the war front!!!”

“We will put nature under control!!!”

“Forward with our resolute a leader!!!” 

“One country!!! and that country: Ethiopia!!! And one leader!! And that leader: Mengistu!!! (Now Abiy!!).


It is also sad to hear the news of imprisonment, massive killings, and displacements of people as opposed to the news of development initiatives and projects. Hearing and watching bad news have become the new normal in today’s Ethiopia and such are attributed to the PM and his affiliates’ reckless and irresponsible acts and political scandals.


Let me shift the gear to defining PM Abiy using DSM-5. Alot has been said, written and reported about PM Abiy’s persona. Now, it has become beyond a shadow of a doubt that the PM is a psychopath/sociopath. The terms psychopath and sociopath are seen often used interchangeably to refer to people with Anti social Personality Disorder (ASPD). ASPD is a deeply ingrained and rigid dysfunctional thought process that focuses on social irresponsibility with exploitive, delinquent, and criminal behavior with no remorse (Fisher K, Hany M. Antisocial Personality Disorder.


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) diagnoses ASPD whenan individual’sage is ≥ 18 years and observed to have 3 or more of the following traits:


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1)     An ASPD individual regularly breaks or flouts the law. Without need to rule out, the PM qualifies for the DSM-5 definition of ASPD as there exist ample subjective and objective observations. The PM has repeatedly broken or flouted laws and orders. Let me give two instances. The PM took no time to remove elected state governors and officials using his power, violating the constitution, and acting against the will of the people of the nations and nationalities who have the constitutional right to elect or remove their officials.


The PM has also manipulated and forced the parliament to extend his power by breaking the constitution and despite huge public resistance and political oppositions. He has infringed or goes beyond the bounds of his authority to establish a commission to settle and deal with border issues among states which was strongly opposed because it violates the power of the states and the house of federation who have the constitutional duty to handle such matters.


These situations (the PM’s move) have led Ethiopia into political, economic, and social crises. Right now, Ethiopia finds itself in a dangerous and difficult to reverse situation.  Its existence as a country has become questionable, beyond one’s imagination.


2)     An ASPD individual constantly lies and deceives others. The PM meets this trait too as heis very famous for his consistent, shameless, and blatant lies. For example, he recently said he has been struggling for the rights of the Oromo people for 30 years. Mind you, the questions of the Oromo people have been crystal clear. While many have been struggling for equality, justice and self-rule to freely use their language, practice their culture and use their resources within the current federal arrangement, others have the desire to form Oromia as an independent country.


The PM is no where in this regard. Why? The PM himself doubtlessly has claimed that he strongly hates a language and ethnic based federal system. Apparently, this view contradicts with the majority of the Oromos (supposedly his constituents) who argue that no less than the existing federal system is conceivable i.e. the minimum recommended administrative arrangement is the existing language based federal system if Ethiopia is desired to continue as a country as it exists today. As a matter of fact, his position on this matter has branded him as deviant Oromo. His position aligned with the mantra of one language, one religion, and one culture under a centralized government structure that basically controls every political power, denies the rights of citizens, and undermines the roles of the people at all levels.


The PM also assumed king Menelik and King Haile Selassie as his role models. However, the majority of the Oromia people doesn’t have respect and give recognition to the kings. Rather, the people are seen expressing their resentments and at times, reflect their temptation to revenge for the kings’ past wrong doings.


Importantly, the struggles, questions and demands of the Oromo people have never been to establish a fraudulent political party-Prosperity Party(PP) which is now causing political, economic and social crises and blunders to tear Ethiopia apart. These all have brought frustration and anger to the Oromo people.


So, how is it possible for anyone to believe that the PM has struggled for the Oromo People? How come what he is doing hasn’tbeen accepted by the majority of the Oromo political parties and the Oromo elites? From what he is practically doing and mouthing off, it doesn’t give any clue to justify the fact that he has been struggling for the right and freedom of the Oromo people in the past 30 years. His actions rather justify that he has been sabotaging against the interests and questions of the Oromo people.He has been seen repeatedly lying and conning the Oromos for the sake of his personal greed.


3)     An ASPD individual is impulsive and doesn’t plan ahead. The PM, without question, meets this criterion of the DSM-5. He always acts and reacts impulsively and without due consideration of and care to consequences of what he says and does. His unplanned actions and impulsive decisions have created unhealthy relationships with neighboring countries such as Kenya, Sudan, and Djibouti.


Look for what he has done to the Ethiopia’s grand renaissance dam because of his impulsive actions and decisions. Ethiopia has lost its diplomatic relations and supports that has been earned during the systematic approach and negotiation process prior to the current PM. The PM has demoralized and killed the motivation and courage of the Ethiopian people by myopically saying the grand renaissance dam has been initiated for political consumptions. He has betrayed Ethiopia for his personal greed. He is impulsive and reckless and has failed to consider the consequences of his actions.


Another issue which is relevant to the PM’s unplanned and impulsive actions is the path that he has chosen to create un-consulted and a myopic relationship with a born evil Eritrean president Issaias Afewerki. This has brought political chaos and blunders in Ethiopia causing social and economic crises.


To make the matter short, the PM has demonstrated no leadership qualities and intelligence. He rather has served as a puppet and acted in response to immediate stimuli without a plan or due consideration of consequences, engaged in thoughtless initiations, remained out of touch with realities, spend his time on photo ups, is excessively busy in getting attentions and seeking admiration. He ishighly addicted to bad mouthing and belittling the works and achievements of individuals who struggled and worked hard to bring progress in the country.


4)     An ASPD individual shows irritability and aggressiveness. I think this criterion of the DSM-5 also appropriately defines the PM. He often is seen demonstrating irritable and aggressive behaviors. He aggressively wants to achieve his goal by doing anything and everything within his reacheven at the expense of killings of people. He beats war drums against his political opponents. He easily turns against his own friends and supporters and tears them down when he learns that they stand against his covert motives. He is unable to keep positive friendships and relationships. The PM is unwilling to learn from mistakes or accept ideas from others but rather express a sense of irritable and stubborn characters. He attempts to control others by intimidating or threatening.


When challenged or questioned, he feels hurt and becomes indignant and his covert manipulation easily turns into overt abuse and false accusations which escalates to anger, intimidation, threat and punishment when opponents continue to challenge or resist accepting his false narratives.


The PM has been playing hate politics to stir up conflicts among groups and has been aggressive in pushing for hostile, violent and unlawful acts. He is engaged in spewing conflict provoking agenda to materialize his personal motives. He is all over the map to frantically navigate the country from one crisis to the other but found nowhere when it comes to vision, policy, strategy, and courage to fight against Ethiopia’s complex social, political and economic problems.


5)     An ASPD individual has little regard for the safety of others.  This criterion also correctly defines the PM. It is an open secret that people are being displaced and killed in mass but the PM pays little regards to such affairs.  He definitely is bogged down with his dream of becoming a king. He doesn’t seem to have sympathy and empathy in the killings and displacement the people as long as such actions are executed in alignment with his personal agenda. Individuals with ASPD consistently show a lack of regard for people’s rights and feelings. He desires to keep his power at the expense of others’ lives and the country’s sovereignty. 


6)     An ASPD individual shows irresponsible behaviors. This criterion also places the PM as an ASPD candidate, meeting the definition of DSM-5. The PM irresponsibly makes a lot of sudden twists and turns and he doesn’t want to be accountable for any wrong actions and failures of his own. He rather always blames or finger points at others by exaggerating his own importance and bragging on minor accomplishments. He irresponsibly sabotages and conspires with foreign enemies against the interest of Ethiopia in exchange to financial and material support and only to meet his greed for power. The PM has difficulties in fulfilling his social obligations and relies on exploitative, unlawful and parasitic lifestyles.


7)     An ASPD individual doesn’t feel remorse or guilt. The PM also meets this criterion of the DSM-5. He lacks remorse for his harmful actions. Needless to say, he has compromised and undermined Ethiopia’s security and sovereignty. His actions have placed Ethiopia’s foreign relationship in a state of confusion and disorder. He has said the past 27 years have been year’s darkness. He has repeatedly bad mouthed and belittled Ethiopia’s progressive efforts. The list goes on and on. However, has expressed no remorse to all his reckless and irresponsible statements, wrongdoings and blunders.


In summary, ASPD is often diagnosed after harm has already occurred. Its management can be also difficult which requiresa team of experts dedicated to the treatment of mental health disorders. However, what is clear is that it would be very risky to allow an individual with ASPD assume a premier position that demands high responsibility and accountability.


Thus, PM Abiy should not be allowed to stay in power. He has already made enough damages to the country. Under his prat and inapt leadership, thousands of people have been killed or imprisoned and millions displaced. Ethiopia is bleeding and suffering due to sustainable crises that have arose from the PM’s reckless and irresponsible actions.He should either voluntary relinquish his power or forcefully be removed before committing further crimes and scandals that may irreversibly and shamefully damage and destroy Ethiopia and Ethiopians.




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