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Manifesto Wefri-Harnet

Manifesto Wefri-Harnet




(The manifesto of the Global Movement for the Liberation of Tigrayan Political Prisoners - Wefri-Harnet)


This Manifesto reflects the fundamental beliefs and positions of Wefri-Harnet movement.


Tigray and Tigrayans, individually and collectively, have been subjected to muti-pronged and multifaceted attacks and harms in the past four years, especially in the past 15 months. To withstand these attacks, the vast majority of Tigryans have set aside their internal political, religious and personal differences. In the process, Tigryans have shown an admirable unity of purpose and courage. In other words, Tigrayans have so far been waging the Wefri-Harnet. However, it is necessary to guide this movement and take it to a even greater heights of success by setting up a consultative group consisting of all active participants and stakeholders and issuing a manifesto of fundamental beliefs and positions.


1) We believe the past 15 months of attacks on Tigray and Tigrayans were not isolated episodes but rather an extension of the various military, political, economic and psychological campaigns waged against Tigray and Tigrayans for centuries with the objective of undermining the political, economic and social status of Tigray and Tigrayans. We denounce such campaign in the strongest possible terms.


2) We demand that the federal government issue a formal apology to the people of Tigray for the harms inflicted through politically- and ethnic-motivated arrests, abuses by the police and courts, public incitements of genocide, defamation and the resultant mob attacks and economic damages.


3) We demand the public acknowledgment of the full list of Tigrayans detained in federal prisons, regional prisons and secret prisons and for their immediate and unconditional release.


4) We demand moral and material compensation for Tigrayans, and their families, who have been subjected to abuse by the police and courts, mob attacks and material and bodily harm.


5) We demand a thorough investigation and punishment of the public officials, media firms, organizations and individuals that took part in the defamation and various abuses of Tigray and Tigrayans.


6) We demand that the federal government withdraw the baseless arrest warrants issued on Tigrayans who are targeted due to their political opinion and identity and reassure those who have reasonable fear of facing similar fate.


7) Until these demands are fully met and the threats are irreversibly averted, all Tigrayans, individually and in group, shall continue the Wefri-Harnet struggle paying all the necessary sacrifies including by exercising the natural right to self-defence.


August 2019

Mekelle, Tigray.