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Panic at the disco!

Panic at the disco!

Aesop 03/03/19

There’s this band called “panic at the disco”. They remind me of those in panic today. They also have this song called: “Hey look ma I made it!” It reminds me of our great fighters.Our children of light (now elders) didn’t crave power from the cradle. Why? Because they were elites. True elites shine amidst darkness. Our children shined amidst discrimination. They could’ve been neurosurgeons, philosophers, and world-class scholars. But what did they do? Abandon the comforts and became monks of liberation!

We were fortunate to have our brightest minds to be egalitarians. I think they became egalitarians because they had great mothers who taught them about love! Success means nothing without the people. Our monk warriors, now elders, sacrificed their personal comfort to redeem their society. They remain its guardians when the entire world is scheming to render the people leaderless. Now, the truth is out there for everyone to see. The traitors are exposed.

The forces of darkness, the traitors and the zombies are fighting each other as we celebrate our great founding. We remain strong and united. Our land has called forth all its children and they have proved loyal. The current generation is one that respects its elders no matter what for all they did was hail justice. There’s no greater honor beyond respecting one’s elders.

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All them elders affirmed: “no one is going to play children games on our land, our people!” This phrase has reawakened and rejuvenated our people. I agree: “it’s important to place them at their proper place!” Its important to ask what they are capable of. It’s crucial to wonder what they can do, after all. They are already told on the limits of patience. That’s a fair warning for any with senses.

  Our people celebrated the most important anniversary in style. Anywhere you go it’s the same resolve. The dark force already had its trial test. It has clearly shown what its capable of. It can divide, displace, and distort. But it can’t unite, stabilize, and strive. This unit has had its trial run and failed.

Everyone is crying these days. Everyone is sad and angry. Even those who supported the false prophetsinitially are starting to regret it. Some are more Ethiopians than others in this age of darkness. They get disenfranchised, distrusted, and displaced. Their citizenship is put on hold. They’re asking: “Why do you kick us poor people for green area? Aren’t we worthy?” The narrow- minded team has proved itself unworthy of Ethiopia.

The “pseudo-Ethiopiawinet” groups have chosen to remain deaf. They are happy to wine and dine with the narrow-extremists. The downtrodden has no one to lean on. The falseprophets stand naked. If you care about the displaced, please stand up! They never will for they belong to the oppressor. A false politician doesn’t care about the poor and the voiceless.

The whole situation makes one wonder much! If they are capable of doing this to the people of Addis Ababa and its surroundings, what would they do to Woyane’s heartland! Based off the experience in Kimant and Agew, how will they treat the people of Wolkayit and Raya? If this is how they address Legetafo and Burayo, how much will they care for Mekelle and Axum? Given this precedent, there is no basis to deny the presence of forces working to retrograde Tigrai back to the dark ages. The recent conspiracy that one of the brave elders exposed is indisputable. Fortunately, its already unveiled and the people know about it.

Due to this, Tigrai will only march onward than otherwise. But Tigrai is Ethiopia. Neither will it witness not will it tolerate traitors and aliens colonize the country and render Ethiopians destitute. The whole of Ethiopia must be liberated from conquerors and parasites!I think the recent 44th celebration reflects this sentiment.

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