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Haile Desta  Sep 26, 2019


In his inaugural address, PM Abiy, promised to recommit to Ethiopia’s most valued ideals and criticized the old EPRDF for strangling the politics of the country. He offered a strong message that glorified Ethiopianism, unity, peace, love, and reconciliation and received nationwide attention. He also vowed to fix the country’s problems through unity and love-which is practical-but, has been missed in the country for more than 40 years.

His promising speech affirmed a new era and as the result, most of the Ethiopian people, religious and public figures, praised him as an immaculate leader in a true sense. Accordingly, they hoped Abiy will deliver Ethiopia from its present malaise economy and social ills she is facing.

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After a time, though, things started to go astray. His rhetoric of love and peace is juxtaposed with a series of violent murders, imprisonment and internal displacement of citizens, partially due to his reckless leadership. Besides, he started to use diabolical words [የቀን ጅቦች፡ ተኽላይ ጸጉር …., ወዘተ] implicitly against the TPLF leaders and inverted what he promised officially at the outset and dashed Ethiopian hopes when his words and actions contradicted.

What’s wrong with this young leader? Who misled him? His lack of  knowledge or his wily advisors, either foreign or local, who hate the TPLF to death? Despite who is behind this, his sinister motive and target- selectively move against the TPLF’s leaders was the turning point where he began to slide toward the wrong direction. He damned the TPLF leaders publicly as the cause and source of all social ills of Ethiopia for the last 27 years and even pursued retribution against them-which is worse than useless. If he was a wise leader, he would keep his promise of no retaliation, use the TPLF leaders experience and skill to invigorate his power.


Abiy had a great opportunity to lead the country in the right direction, but he chose cheap popularity over facing the challenges of Ethiopia as a leader decisively.

After the change is in and the TPLF leaders were out, Abiy’s group think that things will adjust themselves to a pattern of its erroneous choice. That’s why we are witnessing a ship [Ethiopia] without a compass in a turbulent sea. Preaching love and unity without commitment doesn’t bear fruit. It requires strenuous effort to satisfy the needs of those who hunger for change for the better.

The course of events is now telling us that Team Lemma honeymoon is ending. The group already failed to match the demands of the people. It seems that they came to power only to quench their personal interests.

 Team Lemma had planned to march on the road to victory in the name of change. However, the group is now started to see its move with the defeat instead. The initial high and positive spirit now is evaporating before its eyes.

To be fair, Abiy has inherited a desperate situation and we can’t blame him for every problem that arose, but his dishonest move added fuel to the fire.

Ethiopia has suffered from civil war, red terror and economic crises for the last 45 years. The wound she has suffered not yet healed. This situation has sowed animosity among many political organizations of that time, and they developed harsh sentiment against each other until now. This bitter feeling and seek of revenge have become a major obstacle in taking the country in the right direction. At this time Ethiopia can’t afford any more the road she has traveled so far. True reconciliation is needed to close the old chapter, which many Ethiopians have longed it to be materialized.

Ethiopians are realizing now Abiy is a lame duck. They started also talking rationally about what they should do as uncertainty is prevailing in the country.

Anyone can come to power by way of deception or candidness. Despite the process, political power must be maintained and Abiy has no capacity to uphold what luck brought him last year.

Now Abiy support is waning and his power is in danger. Hence, I beg him warmly to do his best to relinquish his power peacefully to someone who genuinely elected as the leader of the country if his legacy is dear to him more than anything.

The old EPRDF, despite its shortcomings, has exhibited significant strides in the area of economic growth and homeland security.  And Abiy’s labeling of the last 27 years as ‘dark years’ is simply an attempt to prove that white is black.


The TPLF organization believes the current and functioning Federalism is its noble legacy and the greatest gift to the Ethiopian people. Despite its appetite to regain political power, there is no doubt the organization will fight even with bow and arrow to protect the system that has shaped the country for the last 28 years.

As time passed, the PM’s shortsighted leadership created fertile ground for the TPLF leaders to turn the tide against him. They are voicing confidently that the moment is with them and they will use it to serve their interests ruthlessly.

Currently, the TPLF leaders are reforming their spears to strike back. They are rallying the Federalists forces behind them with the intent to achieve their goal and to turn the table around in their favor.

TPLF has accumulated enough experience and know how to deal with such difficult times. It CAN change the threat it faces to an opportunity. The organization thrived through many crises before, which is unusual to many similar political organizations in Ethiopia. That’s why it [the organization] survived many detrimental catastrophes in the past and now succeeding.


The battle between unitary force and Federalist force is on REMAKING OF ETHIOPIA. The desire of the so-called unitary group is to scrap the legacy of the TPLF from the face of Ethiopia. On the other hand, the TPLF force and its allies are to fiercely guard against any attempt of the redefinition of the working ethnic federalism.

Despite their rivalry, both groups must recognize this: If the unitary force ignores the legitimate demand of the right of nationalities to govern them, it would lead to destruction of Ethiopia. On the other hand, if the federalist force doesn’t protect and nurture the unity of the country, it is equally devastating as well. In order to avert disaster and defuse the tense, serious discussion is needed to figure out which way is the best for the country and people.


Our long and great history cannot guarantee the continuation of Ethiopia as a country. Our noble practice, fear of God, love and respect for each other would ensure united Ethiopia and its bright future. I believe there is a divine intervention in store for Ethiopia. However, if we fail to fulfill what God requires us to be, there is no way we can keep our country and people together.

According to the Bible, the Israelites are the chosen people. God helped them to come out from the servitude of Egypt. After they settled in the Promised Land, they failed to keep the commandments of the Lord their God and finally the Northern Kingdom was condemned to exile by the Assyrians in 722 B.C, and the Kingdom of Judah faced a similar fate in 587 B.C. at the hands of the Babylonians. As we know, they did not return to the land of their promise for another 2000 years. There is no special reason that prevents the same fate from happening to us, if we stay the course we are traveling now.

Ethiopian politics is fluid and shot through many contending tendencies. So, we need the right leadership who can meet the challenges we are facing now. In other words, our problem has many faces like a mountain, and it requires united hands to rectify the challenges and guide us where we’d like to be. Ethiopian people will never save their country by acts of vengeance and competition. Genuine reconciliation and unity are the only way out of the crisis.

How can we achieve the desired result? Well, when we unite and meet the challenges together anything is possible.

Let’s stop playing with what happened yesterday for cheap political purposes. Instead of cursing former kings or leaders, let’s do our part to save our people.

Let’s stop blaming blatantly one ethnic group as source of misery and misfortune to our country and her people. I want to see Tigrians, Amharas and Oromos brothers to stand together for the better Ethiopia as our fathers did it for many centuries.

Human history is full of lies. Nobody has the right knowledge about what happened yesterday. Let’s come to our sense and March together for the better Ethiopia. Let’s give priority to Ethiopianism, which is a common denominator to all of us.

I observe currently the clash of ideology and ignorance in Ethiopia, which is killing the future of the country and her people. I hope all politicians will desist themselves from invidious practices and shed their old skins for the sake of our beloved country and seize the moment to unify our people for common purpose.

God bless Ethiopia!

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