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It’s the PM stupid.

It’s the PM stupid.



I am borrowing the phrase “It’s the economy stupid” a phrase coined by one of Bill Clinton’s campaign strategists from the 90s with a slight twist to show what I think is the problem with Ethiopian politics since the current PM, Abiy came to power.

Yes we all have been swept off our feet and made to believe that the sky was the limit, and a magic formula to democratize Ethiopia on the levels of some countries that have perfected democracy over the course of decades if not centuries was what PM Abiy had.

Yes we were made to believe the problem was only TPLF and this so called team Lemma had come to the rescue defeating the villain.(not entirely true)

Yes we were told that complex political and economic problems had simple answers: medemer and Ethiopiawinet.(Not true)

Yes we celebrated when the county’s institutes were defamed and professionals were let go or imprisoned without due course.

Yes we were told, albeit, ironically to bring about peace and stability and some order to the country, the constitution had to go.(crazy)

Yes we were told that “27 years of darkness” was what we had and we believed it.

Yes we were told that there was absolutely nothing worth building on or celebrating before PM Abiy came and we did not question it.

Yes we were told that there were no political prisoners and we promoted that even as we celebrated the arrest of TPLF leaders and Tegaru who for the most part questioned did not agree with the PM. And yes we failed to say anything as if their Ethiopiawinet comes with asterisk.

Yes we celebrated when the country’s foreign policy was handled like a feel good reunion between EXs.

Yes we accepted record ID as though it was normal during times of “Change”

No we did not question the killing of Engineer Simegnew and all the other high profile killings.

No we failed to question how democracy flourishes when lawlessness is everywhere.

Yes we chose to believe all evil was the work of others within the OroMara segment or ODP and not the PM

No we did not say anything when ADP leaders employee road closure to settle their differences with TPLF and the federal government did nothing about it.

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No we have not questioned it when the PM admitted to working with groups and people who were trying to destroy the same government he was a senior leader of.(a crime not against TPLF but Ethiopia)

Yes we accepted it when the PM failed to follow the constitution even when it came to the issue of ADDIS and Balderas

Yes we have elected to do what is easy and our leaders failed to act as politicians and activists thinking opposition to TPLF is all they need to do to be a political party or an activist,  I’m afraid that does not make them either.

Yes we have been creating excuses going out of our way to only see what we want to see as though we all have suffered from what they call “sunk cost fallacy”. But unless we wake up see where we have gone wrong and agree on a more realistic definition of Ethiopiawinet and Federalism,our pain and misery has only just began. And a good place to start would be to admit we have an incompetent, narcissist for a PM who cares about nothing but his power and the people around him are no different.Even worse a party as dysfunctional as the leader himself.





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