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Some Ignorant and Clueless EPRDF Leaders are destroying the Ethiopian Fabric Built over the Years!

Some Ignorant and Clueless EPRDF Leaders are destroying the Ethiopian Fabric Built over the Years!

Aigaforum Nov 8, 2019

The problem with the current EPRDF leadership is very troublesome!  We are starting to question our support over the years to this organization. We never imagined EPRDF had leaders like BuaYalew Yohannes!  Neither did we presume the proud people of Amhara have such an incompetent leader in their midst. Wow, it is extremely heartbreaking!

Ato Yohannes BuaYalew in his own words

How can Abiy expect ADP and TPLF to work together? How does he foresee his Medemer philosophy to reconcile two diametrically opposite views? It is leaders like Yohannes that are fueling hate between the people of Tigray and Amhara. Insecure and ignorant individuals like Yohannes are narrating unfounded and fabricated stories to bring rift among the two peoples of Tigray and Amhara!

Yohannes in the most infantile way defends the plight of Tigreans in the Amhara region and unashamedly gives legitimacy to persecution of Tigreans as a justifiable crusade. If you follow his argument he is indirectly espousing the idea that the Amhara people should be penalized for all the mistakes made by Atse Menelik and Atse Haile Selassie.  Imagine  also what is in store for the Oromo people due to all the killings happening under the Abiy regime today! Are the Oromo people supposed to suffer the magnitude for all the mishaps performed by the incompetent leadership of Abiy?

A distinction has to be made and responsible parties need to be made accountable and not the great majority of innocent people. Whatever Yohannes feels about TPLF there is no justification to allude that all Tigreans must suffer the consequence.  BuaYaelw Yohannes has no clue about democracy and has lost sight of its meaning as well.   He has a convoluted idea of what power means and he thinks he is justified to vilify and undermine a people that are no more or no less good or worse than any other nationality in Ethiopia.  What Yohannes fails to understand is he is dealing with a proud people that have not only demonstrated their allegiances to their country but have proved time and again through the sacrifice and commitment they have made through their lives.  A message to BuaYaelw Yohannes goes like this “Take heed Yohannes the very people that you think you are defending are the ones that will throw you into the dustbins of history”. Mark our word scums like BuaYaelw Yohannes are not only undermining the great people of Tigray but the other great Nationalities of Ethiopia.

Videos From Around The World

Another erroneous assessment that BuaYaelw Yohannes is making is about the myriad developments performed the last twenty-seven years through accruing loan from different resources.  He minimizes the amazing infrastructure development and as a defeatist amplifies corruption done by irresponsible power-hungry individuals. No iota of vilification can erase the many gains Ethiopia has had in spite of the corruption.  We will embrace the gains and correct the errors are what a true and gallant child of Ethiopia will say unlike the flimsy individuals like BuaYaelw Yohannes.

 Ere be hig amlak! 

Beyeda a very remote place is just one area in the Amhara region that now has access to the mobile network due to loan acquired from the Chinese.  The new roads and universities in the Amhara region and everywhere in the country were built by loans. The loan that was implemented to build the necessary infrastructure was definitely progressive for the country. By the way what does BuaYaelw Yohannes have to say about the World Bank and IMF monitoring report on how the loans were spent? It is really sad to see people like Yohannes running a government. I invite you to listen to and pay attention to what he says about the road closure towards Tigray and wealth. Shame on him!


Here is the link to the audio that triggered this commentary.




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