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Hedase Dam is Alive – Thank You PM Abiy

Hedase Dam is Alive – Thank You PM Abiy!

(Aigaforum) July 27, 2019 - Thank You DW TV! Hoping against hope that you have not become one addition to the enabler’s media that tainted this project in the name of "change" we are ecstatic to hear the project is on track again!


We heard early on, when Abiy assumed power,  Egypt was asking for the destruction of the physical dam! We were really heartbroken then! Given the UAE and Saudi interest in Abiy's government and Abiy's own campaign to deconstruct METEC, we thought the destruction of Hedase Dam was certain. We are so happy to know we were wrong !!.


 We still have a concern the Abiy government may be thinking to change the design to accommodate Egypt.  Why is Gedu in Egypt and why the Abiy government is not working on the saddle dam section that requires no mechanical work? If you notice Egypt is raising its voices again after a long absence of no complaint about the dam. We are also hearing about changes to the number of units which may affect total power output and height of the dam -  key demands of Egypt for a long time!!

 In any case, credit should be given where it is due. PM Abiy, we congratulate you for bringing all the naysayers/extremists from the Diaspora who were in sync with Egypt when it comes to Hedase Dam!  When we saw ESAT and the likes of Al-Mariam covering Hedase Dam progress we smiled a lot! Aigaforum July 27, 2019

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