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Why should I marry a fiancé that cheated on me?

Why  should I marry a fiancé that cheated on me?


TeKa (11/27/2019)

Assume that I proposed a woman for a marriage. Assume that we have been engaged for some time now. And suddenly, I caught my fiancé cheating on me with my best friend. As any reasonable man would do, I called the wedding and the whole marriage off. Therefore, I ask you, how is that I become the one to blame for the breakup, when there is a cheater who started the cheating and that cheater is not me?

Exactly, that is the dilemma with TPLF as well. Yes, they have been advocating for the merger of the EPRDF for a long time. Our former Prime Minister MelesZenawi (Rest In Peace!) has repeatedly said that the destiny of EPRDF is to become one party at some point. Yes, many of the veteran TPLF members have said the same thing for the last many years.

All the above, however, was not a promise, it was a wish, a plan, a projection, or whatever you may call it based on the objective conditions at that particular time. Now, however, the conditions have changed dramatically.

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Let’s talk with the very one and only one thing: A program of a party. The program that EPRDF has always advanced advocated for is widely known as Revolutionary Democracy based on a Developmental State government type. This concept has been the corner stone of the ruling party’s foundation for the last many years. Meles would so passionately talk about this for years. EPRDF has not officially changed its program or has not distanced itself officially from this kind of governance. Unofficially, though, the current Prime Minister has been demonizing this program repeatedly in public and privately. The EPRDF of today is led by someone who at some point was helping OLF and Ginbot-7 by leaking sensitive national security details to these outlawed groups. This is a fact confirmed by his own admission, by the confession of Andargachew Tsige, and the statement by the leader of the OLF. This makes the current PM a criminal, a deserter, a traitor.

Therefore, why on earth would TPLF be abidingto its past words through its members under different circumstances to join a merger. Circumstances have changed! The program that they agreed to be theirs for years is been demonized and there is no guarantee that this would be EPP’s future program. Its leader has deceived them before, what is the insurance that he will not deceive them again?

Why would a man be forced to marry a cheating fiancé?

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