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Hero to Shiro and from Shiro to Hero, the menga/mob culture.

Hero to Shiro and from Shiro to Hero, the menga/mob culture.


Hatsani Daniel

July 8, 2019


Listen to a video of a Weyannie Afar veteran, speaking during PM Abiy visit and meeting in Semera, When PM Abiy was trying very hard to humanize and improve his Derg, Higdef and EPRP friends image. It so happens that the Afar people, at least the part of Afar kilil that was in Tigray province have experienced all of PM Abiy new friends.


-We the Afar people have a decent culture. Even our bad leaders are respected and treated with dignity till the day and time no more. If they choose to resign and retire, they are even treated better than the days when they were in power. We were two organizations during the struggle. Hizabwi Weyannie Afar and Afar Liberation Front. After the defeat of Derg, we united all our people from 6 desperate and separate administrations where they were scattered. We brought our people for the first time in history, †under one government, under one court, under one language, under one culture and under one self preservation and one development plan. We accomplished all this and united the two organizations into one. That is now gathered with you the Afar peopleís Democratic party/organization. Every step of the way from beginning to achievement of our greatest success, TPLF stood by us, worked with us, fought on our side, died and got berried with us, worked with us in working from the first ever school in Afar to the University of Semera. It will not be good for the country and definitely not good for our people, if you try to isolate TPLF by allying with the likes of Derg. We also would like to remind you about our brethren suffering in Eritrea and those who came to Ethiopia and are here with us. -


PM Abiy face was turned ashen. He was so angry for being caught red handed and went to extreme to justify his attitude towards Derg and the anti Derg fight/struggle. PM Abiy stated: Derg failed and was defeated by its own faults and shortcomings....I will not do anything with Isayas, trust me on this. I will not do anything to hurt the (Red Sea) Eritrean Afar.


Look at the faces of the Afar gathered. It says:-We are never rude to our leaders, its not our culture, even when we know they do not deserve trust-


Letís compare cultures in and around Ethiopia:


Amhara Kilil and related:


Lidetu Mandela, then Kehadi, now Brave, smart, thoughtful, principled. Ethnic speak Wolleye code for Agew Tigre.Weyannie..All said underground in chat rooms and gossip houses. Now almost unanimously - just great politician and gentleman at wrong time wrong place. Not to brag about it, but Tigreans view on Ayte Lidetu has not changed at all. Everybody else has now come to what Tigreans knew all along.

Videos From Around The World


Late Eng. Hailu Shawul TPLF version of Amhara (AAPO), Mesfin (Lord) when in AEUP, Greatest leader in Qinijit, Neftegna Northerner (when Qinijit fell apart and the likes of G7 wrote power should be for southerners from now on), Meles Zenawis servant when he made peace and rejected armed struggle after contact with Eritrea through EPRP. There was a cartoon of late Eng. Hailu bending extreme for Meles Zenawi. Extremists have no red line or taboo.


Dr. Birhanu Nega, ESAT, G7..etc

Economist, scientist, Jegna meri (even awarded 500$ certificate from thousands of Arbegnotch lol), Then Egyptís and Isayas telalaki, Amara tel, Suffering from inferiority complex from Tigre and Amhara..unprincipled, coward, selfish...etc Among the Amhara Kehadi is the harshest put down. It has religious overtone.


Oromo, Somali and related:


PM Abiy was Shiro, Hero, Shiro by none other than the Jawar in a single day. Now PM Abiy is becoming Shiro for his stance on Federalism and constitution and extreme bending for Derg, EPRP and Isayas. I think he already recognizes and has started correcting to again be Hero.


Abadula Gemeda was Weyannie, Hero of 1997/2005 even from OLFites for his fight and victory against Qinijit, then Shiro, then Hero...retired as Hero when Oromos started thinking in relative calm and become balanced view as to positive and negative aspects of the career of the man. Among the Oromo put downs Gobena is the harshest. Among the Somali Bantu (mentality) is the worst put down


Abdi Illey and Mustafe:

Abdi Illey became public enemy no.1 for things he is supposed to have done, yet not one item on his file in the courts. The latest propaganda on him is that he was separatist.

Mustafe became the greatest Somali Ethiopian since first enjera by the Oromos, until he became too close with Amhara groups and sides. His star among Oromo is dimming, but his star among Amhara is still bright, even fake propaganda of next PM.


Afar, Tigreans and Agew:


Nobody has changed more leaders than organizations active in these areas. Except for Aregawi Berhe who made himself Shiro regarding the 1984 starvation and Derg campaign of extermination. Ishmael Ali Sero, Abboy Sebhat, Sultan Ali Mirah, Abbay Woldu, late Meles Zenawi, Addisu Legesse, Gedu Andargatchew...are among leaders from these peoples. Some are viewed more successful than others, yet none of them has been made Shiro to Hero or Hero to Shiro. †Some even enjoyed more respect after they left leadership of their organizations. Addisu Legesse, Aboy Sebhat, Ishmael Ali Sero..Come to mind. Among the Agew, Tigreans and Afar peoples coward is the worst put down.


Southern peoples

For some reason the Southern peoples act and behave very similar to the Northern peoples. They have some Menga culture among them, but for the most part calm, deliberate and patient. They are also loyal to ideals and principles they agreed. The difficulty is more to bring them to agreement on an idea after thoughtful deliberations.

Probably the experience of having kingdoms before the 19th century created the non Menga culture. The Sidama people paid a heavy price in the struggle against Derg, but still agreed in 1991-2 to help out in setting up government and order in the South. They made sacrifice and helped the country immensely in organizing itself in a very short time.




What is the difference between Extreme Menga/mob culture and balanced culture?


In Balanced cultures, objectives are clear, measurements are understood and expectations are measured and reasonable. Resources are known and identified.


In Menga culture slogans are not clear, not measurable and resource and capacity is not mentioned. If the leader cannot repeat the slogan, he/she is toast.


How to test if Menga culture is ready and functional?

Best example and most obvious: Somebody said Tigray has 1.2 million trained armed force. He knows he is lying, but he also knew none of his Menga listeners will ask a very simple question. He, Ayte Andargatchew Tsige is smart enough to be doing it on purpose, but is best test to find out whether the Menga cultured will repeat the lie or not. He also tested the media:


What are the questions the non Menga cultured peoples and Media did ask?

What is the population of Tigray?

How much of the population of Tigray is under 18?

How much of the population of Tigray is over 45?

How many Tigreans (18-45) are mothers with small children?

How many Tigreans are Public and Private services employees?

How many are students?

Do the most elementary math.


And if you are still with working brain and know something about Military activity you would ask:

The whole Ethiopian army is less than 200000. Eritreaís is more than 300,000.The number of functioning guns in all of Ethiopia, that were imported from Ras Wube (first Governor/Warlord of Semien ena Tigray who imported 7,000 guns from France) to Hatse Menelik, to Mengistu is leass than half million.EPRDF did not need to import except special purpose guns and some upgraded ones.


What is the cost of a gun and 400 bullets to arm 1.2 Million Tigreans? Anyone who is not Menga culture brain damaged, or blinded by Tigray hate, that is suffering from Tigray derangement syndrome can see the white lie. When you see self appointed Journalists repeating the lie add nausea, you know that Andargatchew Tsige who brought it to Ethiopia and Shaebia who manufactured the lie are laughing at the whole cruel and irresponsible game. Only ESAT and Derg were in, in the cruel joke. Hapless and hopeless EPRP was completely the bu-tt of the joke.


That is how you test Menga culture if itís still alive or not. All those with Menga culture passed the test with flying colours. Gen. Assaminew and the likes then started talking about raising 5 million army in Amhara kilil. The whole joke took a life of its own and if somebody in Amhara kilil did not say..wait a minute here, what are you trying to do?, the cruel lie from G7 would have brought unimaginable consequences for the poor Amhara and Tigray farmer. Higdef, Derg, EPRP, G7...would have been laughing sipping coffee and chit chatting with PM Abiy at 4kilo or in Asmara.



People have reached and immersed in Menga level when they lose the capability to ask the most basic questions. When people who have gone to university level in Bahirdar or Gonder cannot ask: how do we get to Welqayit, what language do the people in Welqayit speak, are there any other people like Agew we have to cross before we get to Welqayit? Are there any Tigre between here and know those people have achieved Menga level in culture.


When the astute Colonel Demeque explained to them the facts, Gen. Assaminew immediately removed him from any activity and again the Menga did not ask a simple question such as:How come the people of the Welqayit committee, who all most all of them resigned, are against the Fano and Liyu plan. Arenít these the people who fought against Weyannie all these years even when most of them are Tigreans?When Gen. Assaminew told the elite Fano and Liyu glorified shiftas, that Eritrea has prepared 35K army to help us when we need them and upon vanquishing Tigray you will control all trade Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea; again not a single one of the Menga asked a very elementary question...


What will the Ethiopian armed forces do when they see us working with Eritrea? How come you tell us Weyannie is devil when it comes to intelligence, but isnít Weyannie going to know even our discussion here?...


The menga culture for example has never asked this simple question:

Have the Amhara and Tigray people ever bordered each other in human history? The simple answer is never. Those who play with the Menga culture know this fact very well. Sometimes it sleeps out. Example Col. Demeque Zewdu in one VOA interview stated that Welqayit people are Tigrigna speakers, but have Amhara (since saying Agew is a taboo among the Menga) culture and dance. The alert VOA Amharic, radio Mille journalist skipped it fast and spoke about dance etc.


How do you keep people in Menga culture, Maintenance of Menga culture?

The best way to manage and use menga culture is to prevent any question that requires thinking to be raised. If by some mistake a question is raised, you drawn them out, intimidate them. One look at a Higdef or G7 meeting is best example. They tell them not to record it, since Weyannie will get our secrets, even when discussing what goes for general principles. The Menga accepts and even praises the likes of Dr. Birhanu and Andargatchew Tsige as the smartest people in Intelligence affairs. So sad.




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