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Insanity of Humanity

Insanity of Humanity


Gebreselema Hailemichael




 I am utterly in disbelief a fraud, deceitful, mischievous, dishonest, … man  Abiy Ahmed Mohammed Ali is getting novel prize.  I would  rather call it  novel shit of the those who are offering it and this makes the fallacy of the western democracy.  I have no problem if Abiy get novel prize for something virtuous if it was based on merit. But this is far from that. This shows  immorality, moral decadence, wickedness, arrogance, ignorance and an insult to  110 million Ethiopians. 

Do  they think we are just all 110 million Guinea pig of Ethiopia who deserves  dishonour and  insult of  their novel prize.  Are these people even normal human beings orare just a bunch idiots who think they are right because they are white. This reminds me one of Albert Einstein’s quote that goes as,“  two things are infinite: one is the universe, the second is  human stupidity, but I am not sure about the universe”, said  Albert Einstein .


Let us take a preview of what fraudulent  home grown American and Arab mercenary, Abiy Ahmed Mohammed Ali has brought to Ethiopia from the day  he assumed power.  As you all know all Ethiopian welcomed him or supported him despite he was installed by Saudi, UAE, and USA.  The whole country  supported him with no questioning or unconditionally which I believe was wrong to begin with.  He made an oath on national TV by swearing he will  uphold the constitution and  will do better than his  predecessors. But what he has  done from day one is the following.


Abiy did not waste time to betray himself and the 110 million  Ethiopians. He did not need a rally for support because everyone supported him almost 100%.  But he organized a fake rally of unsuspecting youth to rally for him at Addis Ababa stadium as cover plot to blame and  attack TPLF. He did the rally just to bomb his own unsuspecting fans to death. He bombed his fake rally crowds  killing  three and injuring 170 innocent young people. He did this just to arrest people he does not like or people he planned to remove from Addis police forces and to attack  TPLF in particular and Tigrean in general as It was seen from the way he handled  the incident triggering  anti Tigrean mob attack on Tigreans and he swooped the entire Addis police forces and threw them to jail for no reason and no one  knows still what happened to them.  Not only that, the bomber was arrested who begged to be taken to Abiy’s office after her arrest. Why would a bomber wanted to be taken  to his office? The questions remain still with no answer. Then the  bomber was picked by American and taken to American care and we eventually heard she was  taken to  USA.  At the same time he violated Ethiopian sovereign by allowing FBI to come to investigate his own bombing crime. As you all know this crime is done by Abiy is still covered up because he is  the owner of the crime. This is was just the beginning. This was followed by more serial and violent killing.


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On day one of his inauguration, he caused the attack of Gumuz by Oromo which displaced one million Gedeo tribes from their home with about 3000 dead and leaving behind about 7000 orphans. Note, this is on day one. He then organized another assassination of Eng. S.Bekele and flew to America to do Orthodox reconciliation business trip as crime cover up. The morning he left Ethiopia to USA, the Engineer was gunned own in the capital’s square of Addis Ababa and no investigation about his murder. Eng. S.Bekele was  asked to come from his work in the dam to Addis and was kept for one week in Addis for no reason  but just to prepare him for man slaughter. This crime is still covered up. He went on doing more.


He  invaded sovereign state Somali state,and destroyed Jijiga, killed priests, burnt churches and removed illegally the regional leader and  threw him in jail who is still in jail and he put up a puppet in Somali state illegally without the people electing their leader. He did this  illegally and caused the death of many innocent lives and  the destruction of the city. He continued doing more of this.


On June 15, 2019, in  a similar fashion to his  June 16 in  2018 bombing plot,  he invaded  sovereign  Amhara state  on June 15,2019 and he cold bloodedly murdered the entire leadership of the Amhara state  such as Dr. Ambache, Mr. Migbraru, General Tsigie and  he also murdered the Tigreans military chief  of Staff General Saere with his friend General  Gezaee and this crime is also covered up until now, but fabricated there was a coup against him in the state which is  a drama like the drama of  June 16, 2018.


Furthermore to the above  capital serial crimes, he has  invaded the Southern nations and nationalities state which caused the death of many  innocent people and  the arrest of  many people and the burning of  churches. He did this invasion once more by violating the federal and state laws.  he has violated  100% the law in the country. The country is now lawless, there is killing every day across the country. Ethiopia is in full swing Abiy Amhed made anarchy right now.  There is no public safety and security.  About 4 million people are displaced and  about 50 000 dead  albeit covered like the serial murdering.   The road to Tigrai, the only peaceful region in Ethiopia right now  has been closed since he assumed power. Imagine a national highway in a country  closed for  two years or more years. Think about  it if this could have happened in USA, Norway.  The list goes on and on.  His crime is infinite and all these crime is just only in one year. He has done more crime than the crime done in 27 years.  What Abiy has done is pure deception. He did nothing that invites him for novel prize. If crime is the criteria for novel prize. He definitely qualify for crime novel prize and murder novel prize. I  believe this novel prize is a prize for crime against humanity and for selling Ethiopian national asset. As you all know  telecom, bank is a national security. No country sell its national security and sovereignty.  But these mercenary is  selling the sovereignty of the country as garage sale.  I think  he is being rewarded for crime and for selling out his  country and his fellow people.  Otherwise there is no substance that qualify for emulation  and virtue of novel prize except novel prize for crime against humanity.  This is not an insult only to 110 million Ethiopians, this is an insult to all human race on our planet. 


About Eritrea -Ethiopia issue, as it was  stated by  Dr.Debretsion, it was not Abiy’s decision to start  or initiate peace with Eritrea. It was decided by EPRDF, specifically by TPLF.  He actually aborted  the Ethio-Eritrea  peace  restoration  initiated by EPRDF  by  mishandling by involving  foreign third party from  Arab  countries  and handled it illegally. Furthermore, he did run to  Eritrea  not with good intention. He did  it to  attack TPLF and for that reason he  did not involve  Tigreans  in the Ethio-Eritrea  peace initiative while the issue is a Tigrean issue  in particular and Ethiopian and Eritrean in general.  The issue of Ethio-Eritrea is an issue of Tigrai Eritrea in the first place. How can one realize peace with Ethio-Eritrea  by isolating and  disregarding the  party and the people who are  the primary concerns about the peace between  Tigrai and Eritrea.  It was all fake and for this reason,there is no peace and all the road is closed after two or three months.  Nothing has changed. Nothing was done legally to end the no  peace no war. No  Ethiopian or Eritrean knows what was done to  realize peace. So it was all fake. 


 Thus novel prize to Abiy shows human insanity and stupidity and an insult to the Ethiopian people in particular and to all humanity in general. The Ethiopian  people do not deserve all these  barbarianism and crime and terrorism. The novel prize is fake like the fake PM. Take note, he was also given or awarded a prize by UAE, and Saudi. Why?  All rewards are  for a well done mercenary job.  They are doing all these reward or novel prize shit for their own evil agenda, otherwise  Ethiopians are dying daily because of him.  If there was  any meaningful international law, he  must have been arrested  for crime against humanity short of  novel prize. Emulating criminals is an act of crime by itself.  


Take note, it all started with chopping of 30 Somali in Somali state which is also still covered up.  May be this novel prize is  for the master of terrorism.  When is Bin Laden going to get a novel prize too? Why not, if Abiy deserves a novel prize, Bin Laden also deserve it  because this is  novel prize for terrorism.



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