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Abiy’s Western Orchestrated “Fake It Till You Make It” Political Crusade and Ethiopia’s Disintegration

Abiy’s Western Orchestrated “Fake It Till You Make It” Political Crusade and Ethiopia’s Disintegration

YeneGasha 12-3-19

It’s official.  EPRDF has been destroyed and Ethiopia is now for sale. 

Three of the four EPRDF parties have supposedly voted to merge under the Prosperity Party (PP).  The old curmudgeon (TPFL), on the other hand, has rejected the union and has red-flagged EPRDF’s dissolution as illegal.  And, it appears, TPLF is not alone.  Some high-level officials within PM Abiy’s own OPD itself (like Lemma Megersa and TeybaHassen) are opposed to this unholy union.  But, such legal or political obstacles do not appear to be much of a concern for Abiy and his foreign handlers.  From the start, Abiy’s politics has been premised on justifying and rationalizing unlawful acts by cloaking them in patriotism or by packaging them in Western-style glitz and glamor intended to distract the public. 

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Abiy has always taken a “fake it till you make it” approach to everything.  And boy!  Has he been engaged in a series of fakery and treachery of late?  He is adept at using Western-style buzzwords to mask his unlawful actions – an obvious attempt to render them more palatable to Western capitals.  This gives the West the room to play pretend.  He preaches honesty while engaging in blatant disinformation campaigns.  He speaks of knowledge based decision making process while he is the taker of dictation from foreign operatives who are calling all the shots in Ethiopia today. 


This is why Lemma Megersa felt, until recently, unable to publically oppose or stop Abiy’s destructive agenda.  Lemma chose silence due to his fear of the foreign operatives currently stage managing Abiy’s crusade.  We all read the report that Lemma has suddenly left for the US on a “business” trip.  Politicians and diplomats will try to spin this any which way.  But, Lemma appears to have been called to Washington for a private dressing-down.  In light of the latest move orchestrated against Lemma, what he will do next is anyone’s guess.  But, if he sticks to his patriotic instincts and continues to stand against the emerging imperialism in Ethiopia, he could very well be the next Patrice Lumumba.  On the flip side, Abiy is our Mobutu SeseSeko.  He is our strongman, backed by Western capitals trying to implement a one-man rule so he can reign as the seventh king of Ethiopia (just as his mother professed) and just so foreigners can loot our resources and take over already developed assets like Ethiopian Telecommunication Co. and Ethiopian Airlines etc.  In his bid to realize these twin goals, Abiy will eventually try to eliminate the only organized political rivals he faces; but, he will do it in small increments.  He will attempt to cast aside the country’s constitution and outlaw ethnic-based political parties, and the West will rejoice.  Wink! Wink!


It’s important to take note of the privatization regulation that was just passed by the Council of Ministers – the highest federal body in today’s banana republic of Ethiopia.  The plundering of the nation by foreign players and their domestic enablers (Ethiopia’s own advisory/consultancy/political classes) will soon begin in earnest.  And, as the thinking in Western capitals goes, nothing can and must get in the way of this agenda – not EPRDF and not even Lemma Megersa (the father of Ethiopia’s new political reform movement).    


We’re all bearing witness to the unfolding national treason.  When the dust settles and the hidden agenda becomes clear, every Ethiopian will realize we have been had.  But, by then, it may be too late.

You see, every step of the Prosperity Party’s formation has been filled with treachery, unlawful actions and foreign interference.   But, this should not be surprising to anyone.  Abiy Ahmed, the seven other EPRDF party leaders and their loyalists are all political orphans.  Their political moves are based solely on self-preservation and, given the stiff resistance, a last ditch effort to preserve the emerging foreign takeover of Ethiopia. 

The individuals that have taken hold of the federal government, chief among them Abiy, do not have any natural constituencies within Ethiopia.  This is why it’s been easy for outside intelligence outfits to develop them as foreign assets.  For instance, Abiy, is half Oromo and half Amhara and does not believe he has backing of the Oromo.  His credibility was originally drawn from his membership in the so-called Team Lemma.  And, it has been widely reported that during his time as a low-level EPRDF official, he has been passing state secrets to Ginbot 7, OLF, Shabia just to name a few.  True to form, he now appears to have reinvented himself as a Western-allied double agent. 

Similarly, Muferihat Kamil, born in Jimma (in Oromia), does not have any constituency in the South where her political party is based.  The Sidamas, through a landslide referendum, just declared their independence from her party.  At the same time, the other large nation in the South (the Welayta) and three other smaller nations all want their respective referendums for self-rule.  This leaves Muferihat and her party without a constituency.  

The same is true of DemekeMekonnen who is an opportunist no one likes, least of which the Amharas.  Everyone (including the Amhara elite) is using him strategically for now. 

Simply put, the entire Prosperity Party leadership and their advocates are all political orphans within their respective constituencies and can only survive politically within a political party that is based on individual membership.  But, this also makes them dangerous as they are vulnerable to foreign blackmail and are in fact already being manipulated by foreign actors.  And, nations of power and influence are too eager to oblige and support them in their dangerous adventures despite the looming disintegration of Ethiopia.  After all, what they stand to gain from Ethiopia is quite significant, a large untapped and resource rich land for the taking.  And, a weak and fragmented Ethiopia unable to withstand foreign looting is just fine by them.

Therefore, whether selling Ethiopia’s sovereignty over the Nile to Egypt or handing over the country’s state secrets to outsiders or giving control of Ethiopia’s economy to foreigners, these are all part of Abiy’s kickback to foreign capitals that are enabling him. He has bought their silence in his unlawful bid to consolidate power.  The sad part is that even Western nations that would normally pretend to be advocates of democracy are not only silent but appear to be active participants of Abiy’s unlawful and criminal enterprise.  After all, Abiy has given them carte blanche to prepare Ethiopia’s economic regulations under the neoliberal economic agenda. And, they cannot wait to loot the country down to its bones.  Unfortunately, Ethiopians blinded by ethnic strife will not realize they have become economic slaves in their own country before it is too late. 

Sadly, the proud independent nation once called Ethiopia is no more.  The only remaining question now is: what’s next? 

Abiy will continue to push his unlawful agenda until the bitter end – until he eliminates his opponents (like the Qeerroo and Lemma and anyone else in his way) or until he is defeated.  He will use illegality, intimidation and even stealing an election to accomplish this foreign-devised, foreign-funded and foreign-run mission. 

Ethiopia is in great peril and no one seems to be in any position to stop it.  It’s clear that the federalists in ODP, ADP and SEPDM (and the five other EPRDF ally parties) have all been intimidated and silenced into submission.  Will Ethiopia’s federalist forces have the wherewithal to come together to act before it’s too late?  


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