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ወያነ አብ ልዕሊ ጫትን ሱስን ትወይን

ወያነ አብ ልዕሊ ጫትን ሱስን ትወይን

ቐደም ሰገናት ከመይ ነይሩ ዝዋዓየ ኺናት ናነቅ ብረት ዝነበረ፤ ሎሚ ድማ ሰገናት ከመይ ነይሩ ዝዋዓየ ኺናት ናነቅ  ብዕንፀይቲ ጫት ይኸውን አሎ::  ካባኻቱም ንላእሊ ኣይፈልጦን (አይፈልጥን) ግን አብ መደብ ፖሊስ ቲቪ ትግራይ  ኹሉ ግዜ ኸምንረእዮ ንአብነት ቆልዑ ደቂ ኣንስትዮ ትግራይ ናይ መድፈርቲ ሓደጋን ካልኦት ወንጀላትን ቀንዲ መበገሲ ምክንያቶም ሱስ ኾይኑ እዩ እንረክቦ ማለተይ እየ  እሞ ትኩረት ይወሃቦ::  

The view that drug (Khat or hashish) use is a moral choice is pervasive, pernicious, and wrong (David Sheff, ‘overcoming addiction and Ending the greatest tragedy’).

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The world health organization (WHO) has clearly categorized addiction as a disease and many scientific evidences have shown that any form of addiction is a chronic mental health problem. So, Preventing addiction is not only a necessary precondition for capacity building but also necessary for the prevention of violence, crimes and the gradual extinction of healthy societies. If we do not overcome the new addictions that are prevailing in Tigray- Ethiopia, the scope of the problem would be immeasurable and we will have an addicted Nation. I believe with the new leadership, we can make Tigray a good role model for the rest of Ethiopia by eliminating Khat (ጫት), hashish and any form of addiction.

The country is getting addicted. This is an emergency issue and a real concern for all of us, for the leaders and requires an immediate solution. If you take a sample of 100 people, roughly about 40 people out of the 100 people have one or more form of addiction. Likewise, out of 100 crimes or violence committed over 90% of the crimes are committed by addicts. The prevalence of the addiction is increasing from time to time. It is for this reason that many Ethiopians, especially Tegaru are raising their concern about Khat (ጫት) and hashish addiction in Tigray-Ethiopia. They are loudly saying; let’s prevent khat (ጫት) addiction before it becomes part of the culture of the society. The legacy of this generation must be to preserve our indigenous culture and the justice system that we have inherited from our great ancestors. We never had a culture of Khat (ጫት) in our history.

 I do not see any genuine reason why government bodies are still tolerating addiction. Did we tolerate any war of aggression throughout our history? No, we did not tolerated at all, but the effect of addiction is worse than a war of aggression. Addiction in any form is a silent killer for a society. The negative effect of addiction is gradual and very effective at paralyzing society over time. That is why many counties are seriously fighting addiction. In some developed countries, you may buy a gun legally to defend yourself but you cannot buy Khat (ጫት) legally to destroy yourself.

The TPLF/EPRDF heroes worked and they are still working day and night in building the human resource capacity in Ethiopia. I believe we all have to appreciate and thank them for their effort and we all should support their noble work I strongly believe in Tigray there is always rule of law or order, civility, accountability, most of all law abiding people and selfless-leaders. Therefore as usual the people of Tigray are confident enough and we strongly believe on the commitment of our leaders to make laws as soon as possible.

Amleset Tesfay, July 15, 2018

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