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Suggestions: Tigray (Ethiopia) policy makers and agriculture led plan development


Suggestions: Tigray (Ethiopia) policy makers and agriculture led plan development

Dr Yohannes Yihdego Australia 10-07-18

Interstingly, below are two weblinks - for an article published last week at high impact international journal (Natural Hazard Review), at American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston (ASCE), Reston, VA, USA.

Agricultural Pest Management Policies during Drought: Case Studies in Australia and the State of Palestine. Natural Hazards Review journal, Vol. 20, Issue 1, PP: 1-10,

Recent break through of wheat DNA code discovery (July 2018

This will bring hope to farmers who suffer from drought, being wheat (the major crop) can be genetically modified (bio-genetic- engineering) with drought proof/resistant, fast growing, high yield and less water demand.

For Tigray (Ethiopia) policy makers and agriculture led plan development, here below are few of the themes to get revised and updated in no time, besides its role as a game changer in all aspects, being DROUGHT has a lot of paradoxical meaning to Tigray. Hoping it will be recieved well by Tigray researchers, Agricultural & development policy makers to draw lessons from Australia & Palestinian, being similar climatic & rainfall deficient.

Relevant to drought pest /disease allergy stuffs includes.

       Breakthrough offers new hope for global food security and we can now track the parts of wheat that relate to coeliac disease and other allergies in Tigray.


       Scientists have cracked the DNA sequence code of wheat a major breakthrough that could improve global food security and offer comfort for those allergic to the world's most common crop, in Tigray as well.


       The finding will allow the faster breeding and production of new wheat varieties, including those that are drought and frost tolerant


       The breakthrough means that Tigray farmers will now be armed with better information about quality, yield, diseases and a crop's resistance to stress such as frost or drought.



       And with wheat being one of the world's major food sources, that could also mean improved outcomes for global food security & Tigray in particular.


       The genome of an organism has been described as being like having a detailed road map that contains everything you need to know about maintaining that organism.



       It was like having a Google map for wheat. Where you think there's a gene controlling some aspect of yield or disease resistance and using what used to take years, with this Google map for wheat we can now do it overnight, for any spot in Tigray.


       Will assist to open up the wheat engine for us, to look at what's there and to help us to refine and develop the crop for adapting to change in the environment

Let us make our contribution to Tigray/Ethiopia, as much as we can, with innovation and advances in science led policies.

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