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Professor Al Mariam Should Kneel Down & Apologize to Beloved Ethiopia & its People

Professor Al Mariam Should Kneel Down & Apologize to Beloved Ethiopia & its People

Adal Isaw

September 11, 2018

Politics avails itself as fair, less fair or slightly unfair, and as many other things of social, political and economic interactions.  No matter what, however, politics does not avail itself as religious or atheist—for it is not angelic or evil—in the sense of what the theological scriptures of different religions are teaching their followers.  But, when you and I succumb to define politics theologically—the meaning and real practice of it is lost.  It becomes the realm to prove that your God-ordained tenets of democracy are angelic and that mine are evil.  And the prove: if there is one, can only avail itself through war—as a practical matter of spilling my blood more so than I do yours’.  Sadly, the politics of Professor Al Mariam in the past has been that.  And, he should kneel down and apologize to beloved Ethiopia and its people.

In the past, Al never saw Ethiopian politics as fair, less fair or slightly unfair, and as many other things of social, political and economic interactions; but simply as evil.  In his lengthy mostly written discourse, he left no room for modern dialogue—the primary premise of which is peace.  Peace was the last thing that Al wanted if the agenda on hand involved the pre-Abiy Ahmed-TPLF - “laden”-EPRDF.But now he appears to be a changed man, following the footstep of a somehow changed EPRDF, and, here I am asking as to what prompted Al to scale the wagon of change.  Is it his religion or his politics? 

It is very hard to know whether Al’s politics or religion had the edge in his decision to scale the wagon of change.But one thing is known for sure:In the past, Al Mariam loved to fuse his religion with his politics at ease.For instance, he once preached for a biblical war, supporting Egypt in its quest to derail the building of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

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On March 11, 2013, Al Mariam wrotethatMeles’ legacy could indeed be a water war of death and destruction on the Nile, but he will never have a cement monument built on the Nile to celebrate his life. Meles’ disciples would be wise to remember an old prophesy as they march headlong to build their doomsday dam on the Nile: “God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign: No more water. The fire next time!”The translation of this “prophetic tale” is unlikely to be other than “[You Ethiopians] Do not build the Renaissance Dam, but if you do, you will have no water for your life but fire for your demise.”

Troubling as it is, the mere fact of presenting part of a scripture in an article in and itself was not very alarming.  What was very alarming then was the tone that carried the message and the undercurrent craving that Al had—to see Ethiopia burn—in a firestorm of biblical proportion. 

Furthermore, on January 3, 2017, Al Mariam wrote an article, titled Dare to dream with me about the new Ethiopia in 2017.”  It was his first article of the year.  And much like the article he wrote on March 11, 2013,it is soaked with self-made sermon—about the evils and angels of Ethiopian politics.  Among the evils are “…those self-commissioned capos” who are working hard to “…dissolve the millennia-old bonds of marriage and birth and put asunder what God has put together as ONE Ethiopia.”  And the angels are those who are fighting the “…self-commissioned capos”, and they are lead tacitly by no other than a super angel—Professor Alemayehu G Mariam. 

In Al’s delusional fight between the angels and evils of Ethiopian politics, God takes a side “…to lift [Ethiopia] out of the clutches of the Beast known as the T-TPLF...”  In this self-made “liberation theology,” all those Ethiopians who are either members and/or supporters of TPLF are, ipso facto, the ultimate sinners.  And “…the hottest places in hell are reserved,” without exception, to all of them.  This is what Godis set to do, if one is to believe Pastor Al’s teaching then and now.

If one thinly dissects Al’s written sermon, a naked similarity emerges on delusions that he and ISIS share.  Al was then leading angels to fight sinners of Ethiopian politics, particularly TPLF.  ISIS till now is leading martyrs to fight infidels, particularly in the Western World.  Both are righteous and do no wrong.  And both are fighting sinners whilst soaked in a paranoia.  I do not know why Al wanted to paint Ethiopian politics with a brush of his own religion that many million Ethiopians do not share or subscribe to.  But I know this to be a fact for sure: centuries-old religious tolerance, for most part, is what is keeping Ethiopia intact.  And enemies who love to see an Ethiopia in shamble resent it very much.

Enemies of Ethiopia also are aware of our history.  Our Ethiopian history is twofaced.  One of greatness on one hand, and, decadence on another. Decadence pervaded Ethiopia for centuries—until the struggle for change by a selfless and highly committed generation succeeded.  Noteworthy to our consideration is also this fact: much like our Ethiopian history, the history of the generation that I am pointing to is also twofaced.  One of selflessness on one hand,and, an extreme strain of selfishness on another.  Selflessness has rerouted Ethiopia on a path to reclaim the greatness it once had, provided it stay the course.  Not only that, it has also brought jittery in the hearts and minds of our historical enemies. 

Thus, our enemies have come up with a plan to implant a religious divide with the purpose to impede an Ethiopian journey to greatness.  Their plan is not lonely.  It has the befriending it needed from the likes of Professor Al Mariam then—an Ethio-American—a changed man.  Al Mariam did not lectured lessons in politics then.  He gave delusional sermons in political theology with self-made protagonists and antagonists, by setting a made-up role for self-made angels and evils.  In so doing, he was then the asset that Ethiopian enemies needed—to create a religious divide and impede an Ethiopian journey to greatness. 

Al would have fared much better had he stayed focused on his line of expertise—American Constitution.  Here is a worth while note why I say this:  More than two-centuries ago, the Framers came up with what Isaac Kramnick and R. Laurence Moore have called a "godless Constitution.”And the reason was no other than to not fuse their politics with their religion.  Furthermore, when Benjamin Franklin suggested that the Framers begin each day of their work with a prayer to God for guidance, his suggestion was defeated.  Because, the Framers knew then thatpolitics is neither angelic nor evil—in the sense of what the theological scriptures of different religions are teaching their followers.   If not the work of this Ethiopian writer, the work of the Framers should have informed Al to stay away from preaching about his God-ordained politics.  Al cannot unwind time and himself.  But he can knell down and apologize to beloved Ethiopia and its people—for having fused his religion with his politics—to denigrate and shame the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Happy New Year to Beloved Ethiopia & its People

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