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My two cents say on Jawar Mohammed Visiting Tigray.

My two cents say on Jawar Mohammed Visiting Tigray.


By Reqiq



I am reading diverse opinions on Social Media regarding a rumor on the coming visit of Jawar to Tigray which is very good, on the diverse opinions because for a healthy community, it is natural to have diversified opinions. To mention the diverse opinions....Some say he shouldn't welcome; some he should; and the third opinion is that he has the right as a citizen but not as an hero welcome to Tigray.


For me that all the opinions are somehow justifiable here is why.


The first; The reasoning of these saying he shouldn't visit Tigray is that his propaganda has caused a lot of death, displacement and distraction of property of innocent Tigreans in Oromia. Because, his smeared campaign on social media was precisely on targeting Tigreans and he must be accountable is the reasoning. I do say, it is a reasonable opinion. What if I am the victim of his smear campaign and my loved ones gone or I am displaced from my own home in Oromia and became homeless in Tigray? Very sensitive for the masses!


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The second opinion is yes and he should visit and discuss with politicians, activists and academicians. And, it looks like all the visit has been arranged already and he is also visiting the Mosque at Negash, which I want him to do visit the Mosque and pray.This opinion is not an opinion of an average Joe, rather an opinion of a typical politician that there is no permanent enemy in politics. If the first opinion is correct which Jawar smear campaign caused harm to the people of Tigray, the second opinion is bad politics. I believe that we should develop a culture making people accountable to what they say and make them responsible to what they caused harm to humanity. Hence, if he caused harm, make him accountable and discuss with him at every levels and mediums.


The third reasoning comes from desperate need of harmony for the nations and nationalities in Ethiopia which I am inclined to that reasonableness; Jawar has the right to visit Tigray as a citizen or visitor.


What Jawar smear campaigns caused against the people of Tigray was not easy for an innocent Citizen/Tigrean as to me, forget but I am willing to forgive just for the sake of better tomorrow. I do believe that Jawar has all the right to visit all over the globe let alone Tigray part of his nation, but not as a celebrity when the victims of his campaign are at large in Tigray. 


In conclusion, I do recommend that Jawar to visit the Mosque at Negash to learn the wisdoms of our forefathers and strength his religious convictions.


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