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New era of victimization of the people of Tigray

New era of victimization of the people of Tigray


Tariku Tadese



It is not meant to be inflammatory but derisive to the culprits and admonition to the negligent Federal Government.


These are tragic days in Ethiopia when the people of Tigray have become a target for genocide by none other than their own brothers and sisters from different nationalities. And all these after a bitter struggle to liberate the people of Tigray and  Ethiopia from the yoke of a brutal communist dictatorship of the military Junta, the Derg. 


The Derg committed  heinous crime on all peoples of Ethiopia by waging official red terror,  forced recruitment of the youth, judicial killing in mass, displacement, famine and the list goes on and on….


The people of  Tigray  supported the TPLF because it lead the struggle that was needed to liberate the people of Ethiopia in general and the people of  Tigray in particular. 

It was not a carte blanche support for the benefit of the TPLF. The people of Tigray are magnanimous but have the right and power to withdraw their support and chose an alternate means, if the TPLF doesn’t stand for the people.


The people of Tigray wish and want to be patient assuming that the recurring grave crimes being committed upon them will be brought to control by the National governments where these crimes are being committed and by the Federal Government, which has a responsibility of guarantying respect of individual human rights and community rights. 


In a Federal system, violation of human rights, be it to individual or groups of people based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex etc. is a federal crime and responsibility of the Federal Government, to control, rectify and bring to justice the violators of the individual's or peoples rights. 


In Ethiopia however we have come to notice that the Federal Government doesn’t seem to care even to give appropriate condolences to the family and friends of the victims, leave alone to act in a responsible way and protect them. 


The Federal government should not stand idly and allow genocide, so to appease some corrupt leaders in some of the Nations who are using the Tigreans as their scapegoat for their failures.


How is it that hundreds and thousands of people are killed in the Oromia and Somalia conflict, many Tigreans were killed in Gonder and thousands displaced last year and many more are killed currently in Woldia and environs and Pm. Hailemariam doesn’t  have the fortitude to condemn / admonish such crimes in the strongest terms that he could master? 


Where is the moral leadership if not the binding legal responsibility?


Isn't the Federal Governemnet  suppose to be guardian of all the people regardless of Nation or Nationality?


If a Federal Government cannot intervene to quell wanton murder of citizens verging on genocide based on their ethnicity, under  the watchful but incapable hands of National leaders  and sometimes with their complicit then what is the value of Federation?


The EPRDF has failed the people miserably and I think it is high time that we all call upon the EPRDF to change its ways or challenge it and if necessary remove it from power to safeguard our people.


Indeed this is a new era of re-victimization of the people of Tigray and we should never be quite and let it happen again and again. If it is not good for Tigreans, it can’t be good for anyone. If it is good for Tigreans we have a responsibility to make it as good for our brothers and sisters of other Nations and Nationalities as well. 


We do wish the same from other Nations and Nationalities equally and we demand respect.


We wish and love brotherhood and sisterhood but we should assure anyone person or Nation in Ethiopia or elsewhere that has doubt that we will never overstay our welcome and we shall take the responsibility of securing peace for our people in to our hands, at any cost.


Let it be known, we seek peace but not at any price and the price we will not be willing to bargain or pay for is violation of the rights of our people.


Let wisdom prevail. Long live the people of  Tigray and the brotherly and sisterly people of all Nations and nationalities of  Ethiopia. 


May God/Allah send his Mercy to the people Ethiopia.



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