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King Abiy Ahmed :His Invasion of Ethio-Somali Sovereign State

King Abiy Ahmed :His  Invasion of Ethio-Somali Sovereign State


Osmam Mohammed, Jijiga 08-10-18


It is impossible to build a house on the foundation of sand dune. It is impossible to reign about 130million Ethiopians by simply reciting phony and bogus love, medemer ( addition ) rhetoric propaganda spiced with outright deception. Any house that is founded on sand dune is inevitably destined to turn upside down when a wind blow on it. The world may be in the hands of men or women, but there is someone who oversees everything that men and women do under the sun. Anyone who think he or she is smart by playing games with the shedding of innocent blood will sooner or later pay for it. It does not matter who does it, anyone who does injustice will pay for it sooner or later. In further those who bargain blood money by fabricating fake news will pay it back at some stage in their lives or in hell.


The main stream media has become a house of harlotry. It is the main stream media news hookerswho are forcing people to find other ways of getting reliable information such as social media. Thecontent of the article published by DW is heart-breaking due the fact the content is fabrication, “ “. I can not understand why people choose fabricating fake news instead of serving the news based on facts. Let us see what DW has tried to push its lies through our throat as if weare dumb creatures.


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DW said, “ Following ethnically motivated violence in the country's east, Ethiopia's new prime minister Abiy Ahmed wants to strengthen and stabilize the autonomous region — although the government has offered little response.” This is not true. There was no ethnically motivated violence in mainland Ethio-Somali. Large scale ethnically motivated violence only happened after Oromos beheaded 30 Ethio-Somalia in 2017. Before that incident conflict used to occur as an ongoing competition for resources including land along the borders. When the Oromos beheaded Ethio-Somali which the entire world witnessed the Ethio-Somali did not respond in kind to Oromo’s gruesome beheading . But Oromos who used to live peacefully among Ethio-Somali’s fled for fear of reprisal by themselves. Ever since that incidence, Oromo have been killing Ethio-Somali continuously. The killing of Ethio-Somali’s by Oromos have been an on going and Ethio-Somali have not yet responded . To me it sounds some western are behind it. Similar incidents have been happening to Tigreans. The Amhara has been killing Tigreans since 2015 and they are still killing Tigreans. For me it sounds the west and the Arabs are behind the killing of Ethio-Somali by Oromo and Tigreans by Amahra on purpose to destabilize Ethiopia and to drive outChina. Mind you, there is oil in Ethio-Somali and there is GERD in Amhara region. I may sound cynical, but why I do not see any western media reporting even the killing of at least one Tigrean out of the 805 killed by Amhara in the past three years and still going on. To add insult to injury, now they are telling us fake news that Abiy went to Ethio-Somali to stabilize it. It does not make any sense . It is fake news. Before Abiy invaded the sovereign state, the state was at peace. There was no any problem.


Again DW said, “

Ethiopia's eastern region remains a hotbed of unrest. Last Saturday, mobs looted the property of ethnic minority groups in Jijiga, the capital of the country's semi-autonomous Somali region.

"We asked the state military for help, for them to save us," one resident told DW.  He asked not to be named as he fears for his life. "People here are dying. They are even being attacked in the church of St. Michael, where they sought refuge," he said. The weekend riots reportedly resulted in at least a dozen deaths. Thousands are said to have fled earlier.

Witnesses blamed Special Forces of the regional government — who reportedly shot dead at least four people — for the violence. “

This is pure fake news. As I said earlier there were conflicts between the Neighbors along their borders. But last Saturday, there was no mob as we are being told blindfoldedly by DW. Abiy illegally and under the cover darkness on Friday night on the 4th August invaded and besieged the capital city of Ethio-Somali Jijiga. People found themselves under an uninvited siege and attack. That is what created the Saturday violence that is what the caused the destruction of the city. Thus the August 4 ethnically motivated violence was caused, trigged and instigated when Abiy sent troops by night to besiege the city. He was never invited and there was no any ethnically motivated violence before in Jijiga or anywhere. Ethio-Somali was the only region where even students fromdifferent ethnics studied with no problem while those Ethio-Somali and Tigreans were expelled from Oromia region since 2017. Therefore DW are lying by their teeth and misinforming the entire world with lies. Abiy was not invited because he did it illegally himself by violating the constitution and Ethio-Somali did not attack anyone based on ethnic before Abiy stupidly invaded their sovereign state. Liyu police did not kill. Abiy troops killed about 32 Ethio-Somali. There is no logic Liyu police to kill their own people. Dw is throwing at a white lie or fake news on our face. The churches were attacked after Abiy violated their states by invading them illegally. People got upset and did those things by anger. King Abiy is wholly responsible for all the lose of lives and destruction that followed.

The illegal invasion of Ethio-Somali by King Abiy is his first attempt to dismantle the Federal system illegally and single headedly and advised by his sponsors to take such destructive action. It is part and parcel of his scheme. It is not random incident. It is his plan, but it will not work because it is not accepted by the people. Any reform must be based on participation of the people to decide, choose their fate. No one man has right to dictate the future of millions of people illegally, wantonly and recklessly


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