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By Gabriel Fessiha, USA.


I have never been involved in politics. Nor have I ever held a political office in my life. Neither do I ever dream of getting involved in politics. However, that does not mean I could not make a good politician. I could in fact make an excellent politician. But I do hate politics! The reason why I do hate politics is very simple. In certain Ethiopian Cultures, when people want to say to someone, "Stop telling me your lies!", they say, "Stop blowing your politics (on)to me!" Hence, for people to make outstanding politicians it is not sufficient for them to be lie-heroes or just plain liars like some of the modern leaders. In order to make a good politician, a person must know when and how to lie! Thus, I am personally very weak both in the knowledge and ability, and how and when to lie. So, I just hate politics and generally, politicians are not my cup of tea.

It is also said, "Politics is like a prostitute!" The simple reason is that since politics is much more dependent on its leaders than reality, truth, contemporary situations and/or the right way of doing things, it keeps changing its ownership whenever a better liar appears. It is so sad that the more advanced we think, the worse the situations get. It is not taking very long nowadays to observe and witness the filthiness of modern politics in the so-named the developed and most powerful countries. Politics is dirty!

In my life time, I have admired three Black Politicians; namely, the President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Melles Zenawi and the first Black president of the United States of America, Barak Obama.

The first point that makes them similar is their origin; AFRICA! Another main point which connects the three leaders is the similarities of the situations in which they had taken over the powers. President Nelson Mandela had taken over the power when South Africa was in a misery of apartheid. Prime Minster Melles Zenawi has taken over the power when Ethiopia was buried in the blood of her own innocent beloved children. President Barak Obama has taken over the power when the world, led by the United States, was in real economic crises, namely, the Recession.

The main point which makes me feel so sorry for the three leaders is the types, degrees and strengths of oppositions which these three leaders have faced. In all the three cases their oppositions have worked 24 hours a day for seven days a week every year, the so-symbolized as 24/7 per year. What is most significant of all is that all the three leaders snatched the powers from racial groups who had ruled the countries for years, if not for centuries proudly and arrogantly. Presidents Nelson Mandela and Barak Obama took over the powers from the Whites and Prime Minister Melles, from Amharas and Oromo. That made things much harder for the three leaders. The main point that makes me admire them beyond imagination is the ability and capacity of the three leaders to overcome all those animosities and hindrances, and become the star politicians in the history of the world.

(FYI: The full name of Emperor Haileselassie I is "Teferi Mekonnen Gebremichael Guddessa" and his mother's name is "Yeshi-Emebet Alli Abba-Jiffar" -  which means he was pure Oromo. But he never admitted that he was Oromo. You can search and find out.)

The saddest thing is that, after those three great leaders have left the power for various reasons, the peoples of all those three countries are badly missing them and all what they have been enjoying under their leadership. This is very clear in all the three countries right now. In Ethiopia, we can witness that there is a crisis with the government established by the late Prime Minister Melles Zenawi and in the United States, the new government is working so diligently to destroy the legacy of the former President Barak Obama by destroying all the policies and laws that would be attached to his name. The situations are much similar, if not worse, in one way or another, in South Africa. Why is that? that is the typical dirty and dark side of filthy politics.

When I squeeze my comments on Ethiopia and Tigray, I would say that Ethiopia is at a brink of failure and total destruction right now. As it can be seen, it does not seem that this name Ethiopia is going to survive the possible change or revolution if it continues in the route it has started after the death of the late Prime Minister Melles Zenawi. Seemingly, the country is going to divide into mini-states that would always depend on the reliefs and welfare of the rich and the powerful.

If I squeeze my comments down to Tigray, it is obvious that it is Tegaru who are in the most dangerous situation at the moment. Obviously, Prime Minister Melles was a real pride of Tegaru. Personally, I feel even much prouder when I hear literally nothing about Melles as an individual in connection with corruption and misuse and/or embezzling the money and property of the country and the government. I feel so proud of Melles for what he has done for Ethiopia in general. I do not think that Ethiopians will disagree with me that Melles has given Ethiopia the right direction. If there are Ethiopians who try to hide this, it will be like trying to lock smoke in a room.

Melles was one of the fastest people in the world to understand and predict the roots, directions, results and possible risks and consequences of things, issues, events and happenings. However, whenever I try to ask myself whether or not he had tamed or trained Tigray and TPLF and set them to the right direction, I barely get an answer for my question. As I guess, he might have given some of the TPLF leaders in Tigray the power and mandate beyond their capacity to cope with. Or else, he trusted them beyond the limit or let them act freely.

The other question can be whether or not Melles has trained personnel who would hold TPLF in the right direction. When I look at the situation of TPLF today, I can hardly see that. One of the two must be true. Either Melles was indifferent about the TPLF Party after becoming the head of EPRDF and the leader of the nation or some of the leaders or central committee members of the TPLF were jealous of him for being the leader of the nation and the Chairman of both EPRDF and TPLF. I know for sure that the latter was true because some members of his TPLF, Tegaru, have tried to betray him by setting a plot of a coup. That secret trial of attack by the members of TPLF against Melles clearly shows that some of the leaders and central committee members of the TPLF were jealous of Melles.

That being said, it is still very unclear for me whether that strange animosity resulted from actions of Melles or actions of some of the leaders and central committee members of the TPLF. I find it very ambiguous. But obviously, for any reason whatsoever, Melles has not left Tigray, Tegaru and TPLF tamed, trained and prepared to resist, survive and remain safe in such wild situations like now.

When I look at the aftermath of Mlelles's death, I reach at logical conclusion. As I think and believe, the truth is that the TPLF members were hungry more for something temporary than lasting. Thus, Melles could not get truly devoted and committed to TPLF members with listening ears, attentively staring and focusing eyes, far-sighted, meditating and reflecting minds. I could personally dare say that towards the end, Melles was much more admired, accepted and respected by any other Ethiopians and Tegaru than TPLF members.

As it is said, "Eye is so worthless until it is on you (until you have it)!", I am sure that the TPLF members realize that they are the worst losers today. I hear that some of the TPLF leaders refuse to hand over the government office claiming that they still have recommendations of Melles incomplete. Personally, I see that move and idea as good for nothing, not even for garbage. It is just a plain bogus in order to stay on power to suck the blood of Tigray and Tegaru for a little longer. According to me, attributing that rubbish to Melles is nothing better than degrading Melles. Shortly, leaders of TPLF need to replace such dictatorial attitudes by an attitude of how to unite Tegaru and prepare them to defend themselves, their history and their culture because that is all what the situation is implying now!


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