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Which way and what next Ethiopia?

Which way and what next Ethiopia?

Mark Lemma 10-21-18

I am very much confused and disappointed by the following news: There are various articles written about the PM of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed quoted saying that “The GERD will at least delayed and maybe even it will not be built to the end” ….” …at least any time soon…^

Al Jazeera is writing: “Will The Largest Dam In Africa Ever Be Completed” and also writes that America is weakening Ethiopi’s military and wants only Ethiopia to be a partner in the fight against terrorism. Fellows I don’t know but if that “terrorism” is not directly affecting Ethiopia’s interest then Ethiopia must call it quit because it is not Ethiopia’s war. Pakistan did that and has developed an excellent relationship with The Peoples Republic of China while Ethiopia is losing a good friend and ally: China. Does any Ethiopian in his/her right mind think and believe that the U.S in particular under Trump want to see Ethiopia becoming an emerging economic and military power in the region and globally ? NO way. The U.S is trying its best to weaken The Peoples Republic of China but that will be an impossible task. Going back to Pakistan though, the country similar to India is acquiring The Russian S-400 and possibly in the near future the S-500 Air defense system which is claimed to be the best in the World and so has Turkey despite Washington’s threats has bought the S-400 Defense system which according to them can shoot down the U.S F-22; F-35 needless to mention F-16 and F-18’s plus can take down the Tomahawk missiles and more.

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CNN now writes under the heading: “Massive dam threatens Egypt’s portion of the Nile” further when you click open the headline it reads: “Is Ethiopia Taking Control of The River Nile?” And if you read the article carefully it is anti-Ethiopian in an implicit way but also explicitly. No mention of Egypt’s vast underground water reserve? This so-called liberal media as well as the plantation newspaper: The Washington Post is as hawkish and war mongers as any other conservative media as long as it serves the U.S interest and generates employment, brings more money to the U.S and stays as a “backbone” for the dollar. The Stone Age dictatorial regime of Saudi Arabia whose airs they all leak left right and middle are doing just that.

Ethiopia seems to be dictated by the joint Trump administration and the house of the Saudis and namely MBS. What an irony when the age old vassal state = Colony of The Axumite Empire Of Ethiopia till the days of the Arabian prophet Muhammed’s grandfather Abdul Motaleb is now assigned by the U.S to broker a peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea and signed in Jeddah Saudi Arabia by Abyi Ahmed and Isayas Afewerki.  Arabia today known as Saudi Arabia founded only in 1932 by Ibn Saud is nothing but a hotchpotch territory consisting of: Hijaz, Najdi & part of eastern Arabia, (Al Ahsa), and southern Arabia (Asir). Just because of its Petro dollar is practically doing anything it wants and according to many observers Saudis having a significant influence directly and indirectly also dictating the U.S administration and even coming out clean after committing genocide and individual assassinations as well as financing terrorism in the U.S soil itself and having significant influence starting from the oval office itself.

What now Ethiopia?. Development or Stagnation, corruption, and total degeneration of Ethiopia? Independence or Slavery?  To Be dictated by Ethiopia’s old vassals = colonies of Saudis and Egypt?

And or be the Captain of ship sailing the stormy weather forward to reach the destination of agricultural and industrial development and strengthening the countries defense to the most highest level possible that can deter any and all external enemies ?

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