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Ethiopia at cross roads

Ethiopia at cross roads


Tariku Yetadese 08-06-18


The history of Ethiopia is written with blood more and more with the blood of its national than invaders or foreigners. Ethiopia's existence has been challenged many times by external forces in vain credit to the generation of heroine and heroes who sacrificed their lives for the greater cause of Ethiopia. Hence the danger had and is never external force of invasion but our own failures that pits us against each other.


The formation of governments and national boundaries in Africa by colonizers and internal expansionist rulers has shaped the current Africa, which resulted in formation of nations with heterogeneous ethnic  groups lumped up together resulting in conflicts and blood shade.


The post colonial Africa has experienced upheavals, war, coup and massacres of innocent civilians with minimal impunity of the perpetrators of the massacres and at times genocide.


It is a recent history and most of us Ethiopians over 45 years of age cannot forget the brutal dictatorship of Mengistu Hailemariam, that massacred hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians during the Red Terror. The Red Terror was officially launched by the then brutal ruler himself with slogans that he was going to "kill 1000 in price of one of his marauding cadre murderers killed by EPRP and shamelessly throwing bottles filled with blood in the Red Square. It was this heinous crimes that earned him the name "Pol Pot of Africa"  by the international media and Human Rights groups and civil organizations. 

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When the Derg lead by Colonel Mengistu came to power the slogan was change without a drop of blood to get rid of the blood sucking, parasites of the people in the kingdom and the King himself. Colonel Mengistu promised the moon to the people and residents of Addis came out in droves to say farewell to the king calling him thief, thief in the most undignified way when he was taken prisoner in an old Volkswagen stashed like an old rag, for a final  to humiliation and before they tortured and killed him in the most brutal way. The most senior officials including the Prime minister, the transition prime minister appointed to the post by none other than the Derg, the Patriarch,  all ministers, generals, noble men and province governors were all massacred with hails of bullets in the prison ground by the orders of the new leaders the most powerful among them being Colonel Mengistu. Still the Ethiopian people seemed to be happy except for the immediate families of the victims and a muted outcry by European and USA human rights groups and civil organizations. Little did the Ethiopian knew that the muzzles were to turn at them with drastic consequences. Soon the country was engulfed by war of attrition and famine biblical proportion that killed millions for 17 years. 


It was in the backdrop of this kind of brutality that the TPLF/ EPRDF emerged to extricate Ethiopia from a total demise and no amount of lies can tar or besmirch the history of the struggle of the people and the galant fighters who dave their lives to rescue the country and rehabilitate the people to this glorious time.


If it was not for their struggle and the achievements of the TPLF/EPRDF the smooth transition to PM Desalng after the passing of PM Meles and now to PM Abiye after resignation of PM Desaleng would have never happened and no proof is needed for that, than a glimpse at the history books of Ethiopia. 

PM Abye is standing on the broad shoulders of our heroines and heroes that ushered a federal system, gave the nations and nationalities the ownership of their affairs, including their choice of flag, full recognition of their languages, to administer themselves for the first time, the right to utilize their language in schools, courts and government offices, to elect their regional representatives to the regional and federal parliament, recognition and promotion of their cultures etc., and all that for the first time in Ethiopian history. 

Life expectancy has risen from mere 44 to 69 years as was reported recently, mother and child mortality has plummeted and the life standard of the great majority has improved significantly that many developing countries envy. This being said it doesnít mean there were no problems and for that matter serious once and it was none other than the EPRDF itself that recognized it early and embarked on reform.  


The EPRDF had critiqued itself harshly and started the reform, which in turn has resulted in very radical change but still credit goes to the EPRDF that sought to solve their internal and external struggles in a peaceful way. It is therefore tantamount to a stab in the back when these persons who rode on the backs of these gallant fighters, to attain the power they cherish now, turn around and try to humiliate the bearers of the constitution, denigrate the sacrifice they paid, and sling mud at them. 


Ethiopia is at cross roads and you PM Abye has the responsibility to stir it clear of the dangers. The people who are hovering around you will try to trip you for their gain and watch with open eyes. We want you to succeed in building a democratic Ethiopia with honesty, where none of us feel threatened or second class.


My last and two cent worth of advise to the new PM and the sycophant around him is that to look back and examine the wrongs that brought the DERG to its knees, so you donít repeat it. The force you have galvanized, if used for evil intent will be met with more force than you can imagine that you will scatter into smithereens. You out to understand, it takes more to build than to destroy and by now you should realize there are forces that can destroy any evil intent. 

Patience and magnanimity should never be confused with weakness. The country we all cherish deserve sacrifice and we are patient and willing to sacrifice some things but when a push comes to a shove you better believe it we will respond with force.

And this time it will not be the federal system that will be lost but all the goodwill and amazing gains that we have accrued over the long haul. 


Finally please allow me to digress from my main topic to tell ex-PM Desalng that it was shameful, you shook hands of a monster and gleefully took selfie like an infatuated school girl with the POL POT OF AFRICA.

Mengistu might be old and decrepit but he is a monster that massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent Ethiopians whom you had the privilege of leading as Prime minster. The people of Ethiopia donít deserve that from you.


History doesnít look kindly at people who legitimize genocide or deny it and I am sure history will judge you for staying silent while civilians were massacred, in Oromia, Somali and Amhara and now locking hands with a murderous dictator who committed the unpardonable crime of genocide.

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