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There is darkness at the end of the tunnel!

There is darkness †at the end of the tunnel!


 Temesgen Kebede 07-07-18


One does not have to be a clairvoyant with paranormal qualities to see what is happening in the country.. The number of parades and puffery supported demonstrations, the repeated and elevated deployment of intellectual and academic credentials of some personalities in office appear by design to stun and disarm  critics and worried citizens from  discovering what is wrong with the direction the country is following. A speech is just a speech nothing more, and although it is good to possess within oneís arsenal, it won't provide a roof over the head or a bread to break. Maffickers do not have to be euphoric, or sleepwalkers dazed by a perlocutionary stem-winderís speech ,   thinking  that a speech  was an end to their suffering by itself. Alas a holus-bolus nostrum to all their problems.


That said, one cannot stop vocal and determined people from believing and carrying out what they want, but it is important to know the background and intent of such people by reading the nuances between the lines of the words they use, and the desired direction they want to follow. Comprehension of these things will allow the rest to make informed decisions.


The rabble-rouser organizers of the Meskel Square rally, the funsters hoisting the Third Reich Swastika banner interlaced with the TPLF initials, and the bomb plotters all wanted to wedge tohubohu discord amongst the people and political organizations. That being the case,  a good leader at least in his speech should have condemned those groups who support carrying a Nazi Swastika banner labelled against a sister political organization of EPRDF, which the Prime Minister,  Mr.Abiy Ahmed (PhD)  is part of. He should have  addressed this for his own sake. If such a display of the Swastika is tolerated, it appears it would imply the PM is a collaborator with the TPLF fascists and unfit to hold the office he currently sits. If we were to bring historyís events forward in time, and if Hitler was taken out yesterday  by the Allied Forces, would one  of his generals be a leader of Germany today? I do not think so. In the closing days of the Second World War it was the simple decision made by the Allies,  that all of his collaborators were taken care of. After Hitlerís death there was no patronage for the Nazis.


Following the events of the botched- up  bomb plot, the PM made a number of grave errors that were uncalled for. To begin with, he stated that many were dead on his televised appearance, when in fact only one person had died at that point in time. Of course this was followed on a day later by another death. Do not get me wrong, the death of one is not lightly taken or acceptable - no, one is too many to lose and many were in fact left injured for the rest of their lives to endure.

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But the PM as the head of security and the nation, and therefore ought to have up-to-date information to convey to the people.  Thus one would then  ask:  was such an† erroneous message,  delivered and coupled with an Aesopian   type  of finger pointing at certain groups  and nationalities (Tigrians) as culprits for the carnage,  at an early stage without substantial evidence to  support his claim,   intended to discredit his political opponents within the ruling party i.e. mainly the TPLF? If this is the case, what does it say about the PMís leadership qualities?


On another note, would a PM and a politician go out of his way and indulge in what could be regarded as a spurious remarks when  replying to a question posed by a citizen? Anyone who has a brain to think knows that the Derg did not fall on itís own accord, nor made silly acts that were not designed to prolong its  stay in power. For that matter no dictators around the world, killed and tortured their opponents to bring themselves down. This is a new theory and an absurd one to say the least. To turn history  on its head and deny the blood that was shed, the bones that were mangled and strewn across the fields, rivers and ridges  so others, including the PM,  could live in peace and pursue their aspirations is mean and footled. To belittle others will not make one great. Greatness is earned not  purchased by cleaver means.


In a speech designed to enrol university students in a summer camps in other regional states, where pupils would be given the chance to meet and learn from each other,  the PM  in his announcement of this speculative programme only referenced †Wellega, Jima and Gondor to the exclusion of others. Was this again a paralipsis manifestation that the PM has special favour for some and not others?  Where is the approach of diversity and fair representation, and at the same time the supposed behaviour of leader for all?


Last but not least, why would an MP allow an ex-officer  of the defunct Derg, the right hand of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam return to the country and lead a normal life like others?  To make matter worse why would he tolerate a close meeting of his deputy  with Kasa Kebede? It looks as if criminals have better access to the seats of the government offices than the ordinary people seeking government support. This again is a unique style of wining and dining with enemies to the PM's leadership.  Have people gone mad and forgotten what the country went through under a dictator? Have people forgotten the snatching of  kids from the bosoms of their mothers, only for them to be summarily executed and their oedematous bodies left for display on roadsides?


This takes me to the other issue regarding the love hate relationship of some with Colonel  Mengistu . Allegedly his daughter has been showing up broadcasting her views through online channels, where expresses are not very different from her father's. This nudnik progeny of his ought to be grateful to and appreciative of  the people of the country that she  still is alive and walks safely  on this planet and sleeps undisturbed at night, unlike what her father did to many young children as discussed above. By inviting Kassa Kebede back to the country and facilitating  a tete-a-tete meeting with the Deputy PM,   the government of PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has in fact not extinguished the velleity of the daughter,  that perhaps one day she or her father might come back and lead the nation again..


One also wonders about the intentions  of the groups who give access to this lickspittle preta, access to communicate her ophidian messages to the people at home. Havenít these online purveyors have now succumb  to submission for more rape and torture, the heinous acts that made they run away in  the first place?

It is true the country requires change of direction. But what change? Not the kind of change we are witnessing  nowadays. Both the PM and some group in the party appear to have ascended to  power by cabal means de rigueur. In the scramble to seize power there appears to have taken place some sort of  horse trading.. Weeks before nomination to the Prime ministerial position   Mr.Abiy Ahmed (PhD) swapped his post of  deputy chair  to plenipotentiary chairmanship, replacing Mr. Megersa Lema, so he would be better suited for PM candidacy. This was unwarranted and ought to have been prevented. For a start, it denys the people a time tested leader who could steer  them away from troubled waters. Likewise where is the wealth of  leadership qualities one ought to shore up before one assumes office if one druthers to cut corners in order to  catapult themselves within weeks to the highest post of the land?


If change in the land is required (and it is), it would not be judicious when only one group (Tigraians)  is targeted and the rest turncoat and act like doomsday saviours, which they are not.  As a matter of discourse, and a lesson to those who now blame others for the troubles encountered, for the sake of all time, let us go back  and assess the performance of all involved. Let us ask a question: During this prelapsarian era,  who started corruption in the first place? To limit the megillah and stress the main points; who began the corruption, the malfeasance and the malversation before the blood of the fallen heroes   dried in the valleys? †It was the former PM, Tamerat Layne, who embezzled public money and caught red handed siphoning hard-earned hard currencies.  Unlike nowadays, where the fault of one person or very few is attributed to a whole ethnic group.


That said the corruption that reared its head at the highest level with Tamerat then, now has metastasised and spread across infecting every corner of the country from top to bottom.  Public offices have became nightmares, near impossible to carry out their duties without extorting handsome mazuma from the public.


Officials of all shapes and nationalities, big and small are immersed in corrupt practises. Once it gets hold, corruptionís virus knows no boundaries and ethnic identities. Scape-goating the malaise of the nation and pointing fingers at one nationality (Tigrians) alone as the culprit is red-herring. The victims who now endorse the wolves in sheep's clothing, are doing the damage onto themselves as well as to others.


For 42 years, since the fall of Haileselassie, Oromos living abroad isolated themselves from the rest of Ethiopians in all aspects. No Oromo ever mix and socialized with any Ethiopian in bad and good times. Now some of these members who return back to Ethiopia and who are calling themselves Qerros, have started masquerading as champions of one nation. That is fine if they genuinely believed in what they are advocating.  However, it would be hard to believe that something they literally   discarded in the bin for many decades and have had nothing to do with, they would now then pick up and appreciate again. Time will tell.


Likewise, The TPLF group despised their own fellow Tigryans  and would not want to do anything with them. They felt they paid the ultimate price to come this far with their struggles, and would not want any Tigrians who was not part of their organization to associate with them as opportunists.  Unlike the Amharas and Oromos  they failed to support and include  Tigrians other than their mishpochas  in all public activities.  Now they have on their hands an organization in decline with only  geriatrics  with shaking hands running it.  In doing so, they  have now  exposed themselves and by in large  the people who have followed them for many years. They became vulnerable to attack. They  need to move fast to refill and invigorate  the organization so as to give it a life line if they are to survive this difficulty time.

This is where we are now, the rest feel free to complement.



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