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Where is the Outrage from the Ethiopian Government?

Where is the Outrage from the Ethiopian Government?


M Gettaw, October 26, 2018


It is now very common to hear reports of barbaric killing of citizens in many regions of Ethiopia and yet we donít hear any outrage from the Federal or Regional governments. It is startling to observe the trend and evolution of what started as politically motivated and encouraged attacks (eg. attacks intended on Berket Simon in Gojjam) growing to mob killings of citizens (recent death of PhD students in Gojjam, killing of sugar factory workers in Gondar). The barbaric curcification of a young man in Oromia to the barbaric killing of Engineer Simegew are all politically motivated attacks that lead to the death of citizens of a country. Of course, the recent brutal attacks in Burayu near Addis is another unfortunate barbarism. The common thing in all these is the unforgivable quiet and lack of outrage from the Federal and Regional authorities except the mute reaction during the Burayu case. It feels as if these government bodies would like the trend to continue. It is very sad that they donít think this could reach their homes if it continues unabated.


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Where is the outrage from Gedu, Negussu and their regional security officers when innocent individuals (two PhD students, three Sugar factory workers and more other individuals who were killed in university campuses in their region) are killed by a mob in a region that they are governing? Where is the outrage from Lemma and his security officers when individuals are brutally killed in his region?

Someone has to make these people accountable for their failure to protect citizens when the foremost function of a government is to keep peace and safety of its citizens. Ironically, the Abiy government is taking actions left and right on Somali, Gambella, Afar and Benishangul regions which by any measure have much less violence than the Amhara and Oromia regions. The Federal Police is also giving what seems to be cover to daylight attacks on people like Engineer Smegnew while putting bloggers in jail and thousands of Addis Ababa youth in concentration camps. Clearly, the actions of the federal government are motivated by politics and the scramble for more control than safety and security of individual citizens. It is sad and outrageous!


The other irony is the fact that the Amhara regional government and its mouth piece Amhara TV are engaged in propagating conspiracy theory and attacking other neighboring regions than keeping the safety of the residents of their region. Both the government and its media apparatus are responsible for the continued attacks on citizens and they should be held accountable.


Of course, the relative under reporting of such violent news by the likes of VOA and DW is another irony. We heard the reporting on the killing of the two PhD students after four days despite the fact that it has been widely reported on social media. I donít remember the reporting by these media of the attacks to the sugar factory workers and the person who was killed inside a church in Gojjam. These media outlets were very quick to report even unsubstantiated news when the intended target was their political enemy. Shame on the individuals who make such unfair and biased reporting. More shame to the very government funded ETV/EBC and its subsidiaries in Amhara and Oromia regions.


Finally, for those who think they wonít be held accountable because they are now in power, they should realize that change is the only constant in the world and it will be coming soon to knock on their doors!

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