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The Council of Desperate Housewives?


The Council of Desperate Housewives?

Samuel Estefanous 11-7-18

‘Don’t get me wrong…I am yet rooting for the Premier. So don’t be in a lot of hurry to cut some celebratory capering…’ that was what I told a friend of mine when he noted that it looked like to him I was retracting my enthusiastic bold steps.

Nah, I am not pulling back no tentacles. Yes, once again I say it loud and clear-we all are in to this together! But like I have always said, we need to help the Premier Deliver…So here I am one more time.

1-The Bulk of Ethiopian Society is traditional

Did I say the ‘bulk’? Whom am I kidding?  99% of Ethiopians all over the world are deep rooted traditional society.

I am afraid the Premier is lending ears and heart to a handful of exceptionally outstanding elite modern day suffragists. They are hardly a representative sample, Sir.

2-Diaspora isn’t the ultimate Panacea

We are disproportionally leaning on the diaspora. We have become some kinda dead weight hanging from their necks. That is God’s honest truth but to bring them in ‘droves’ to man public offices is ill advised. To begin with almost all diaspora initiated business ventures have failed. Ato Fitsum knows why. Half of them are dishonest, corrupt and parasitical. At the best all they do is badgering public organs for favors-special treatment on the scale of the disabled and the displaced.

3-The spirit of Zemecha is untenable.

Do you remember the three word advice tendered to the revolutionaries of the 70S? Organize, Organize and Organize.

And I am saying-Institutionalize, Institutionalize and Institutionalize.

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4-There ain’t gonna be an endless honeymoon

The gentle breeze of the holiday vibe is over. There is a time to benevolently wave to the crowd like a royalty and there is the time to shake the crowd. I have reason to believe the Premier is applying himself and totally ‘engaged’ like no other but the rest of the ruling elite is still in the ‘Ibiza’ state of mind. Fold your sleeves and get down to building your ‘tidar’ and gojjo.

5-Cut down on the Impulses

Don’t work to be ‘liked’, apply yourself to be respected. He who tries to be liked ends up being alone and cold, you can’t appease all. Mengistu H. Marian had good reasons reason to be ‘disillusioned’ with the Ethiopian people at the last Shengo meeting-he’d mused like a philosopher-are we really human? Do we speak our mind?

6-Elitism is very dangerous.

You are one noble, brave idealist we have ever seen under Abyssinian sky in recent living memory. But you seem to succumb to that human weakness of tilting towards the better dressed and the well fed. The attraction is natural but you should fight back the dancing temptation with all your might and the iron will we all know you got.

7-Look what you have done

Remember that epic song of the late Ms. Houston? Yes, you should scale the cliff-step by step-stone by stone. Even if they will table the ‘deliverables’ before due date-and I am certain they will-, the fact that the Council of Ministers, the Judiciary, the Legislative, the Press Office, the Chamber of Commerce, the President and you name it have suddenly went Building 404 is disheartening…and Habesha has already quipped about it-the club of desperate housewives.

8-As always the Speech is inspiring and inspired….

There is nothing like the spoken word. I am not saying you should quit facing the mikes.

9-God Bless

To be continued….

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