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Is the Abiy Government on the Verge of Collapse?

Is the Abiy Government on the Verge of Collapse?


Zeru Hagos  Nov 6, 2018


 After a prolonged hope and patience to see if the Federal Government would uphold the constitution by taking meaningful actions against the unabated murders and mayhems carried against innocent civilians, people are fed up with the Abiy Government!  Once again, the Abiy govt is failing the people and the country. State-sponsored criminals and organized hooligans are unleashing wanton murders against innocent civilians and this may plunge the country into an irreversible abyss.


In the latest development in the North Western Amhara region, many innocent Kimants and Tigreans were gruesomely murdered in broad daylight. The premeditated crime was intended to maximum cause pain and social strife. While there were multiple indications to suspect the hooligans were preparing to commit such cruel murders against specific ethnic they do not like, it is shocking to see the Federal Government has failed to take precautionary measures. The organized hooligans have been announcing their intention, and there was enough time for the Abiy Government to discharge its constitutional responsibility by protecting them from lynching. In fact, the failure of the federal government to protect the innocent is not limited to the Metema area but to other hamlets and towns as well.


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The latest heinous mass murder was orchestrated for the second time, and it has caused deep anger among the people of Kimants, Tigreans and other justice seekers Ethiopians.Sources I talked were dumbfounded why the federal army refrained to intervene in time to avoid the mayhem that was carried over the last few days.


Although the Abiy government/EPRDF Executives are expected to hold yet another meeting soon to iron out the problem, many are worried if they have the concrete desire to take the actions the problem deserves. Further, no one knows for sure if the Abiy government has the ability to resolve the issue, but people are ready to defend themselves.


Even the much-disciplined people of Tigrai are now ready to stand up to deal with the hatemonger’s - regardless of TPLF’s political stance. Many people I talked have had enough and seem so determined to stop the madness. People are calling for a mass demonstration and for arming the militia. Few of the people I talked to are very irritated that the Abiy government is winning and dining with Derge remnants in Addis while innocent people are being slaughtered north to south and east to west of the country.


I had liked to tell you as I often do, I hope the soon to be held EPRDF meeting will bring an end to the mayhem but this time I can't. From countless correspondence I continue to receive, people are seriously worried the end to Ethiopia as we all know is coming.


 The one common complaint I continue to receive is: how is it the Army that was sworn to protect the constitution remains silent when all wanton killing is happening?According to an informed source, the army's excuse for not intervening is that it did not get an order from the civilian government.


Prime Minister Abiy, what is wrong with you? You were visiting the sick and the old people, while the innocent young and productive people are being slaughtered under your watch in many parts of the country, including hundreds in Qara/Metema area. Why didn't you order the Army to defend the defenseless civilians? What kind of Ethiopia do you want to govern?

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