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Should Prime Minister, Dr Abiy Ahmed Apologize to the Tigray people?

Should Prime Minister, Dr Abiy Ahmed Apologize to the Tigray people?

Hailai Abera   09-28-18                                                                       

"Three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the TRUTH" Buddha

How did Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed get it wrong when he blamed the TPLF and/ or the affiliated Tigray people for such coward acts of Terrorism?

While we are still in a very precarious position, I have been very hesitant from sharing my thoughts on the delicate, tricky and fast-moving Ethiopian politics. Currently, what is perfectly predictable in Ethiopian is that everything is hanging in the balance. Yet, I would like to throw some lights on this situation.

Realities/facts: The great Oromo and Tigrai people have been and will be strategic allies in the multi-ethnic democratic federal system state formation, state building, statehood mega projects, fostering democratic institutions etc and will protect, uphold and defend the true democratic federal system together. No power on the plane will change this reality!


I need to state these realities so that people will not take my thoughts out of the context and the domains. Having said that, it is quite essential to succinctly explain why good Prime Minister blamed the TPLF and its affiliates for such cowardice and heinous act of terrorism?


Without any due process that is a bedrock in any legal principle, and analysing the facts and concrete pieces of evidence, Dr Abiy targeted/blamed the TPLF and its allies in multiple of occasions. This is unacceptable, unbecoming and uncalled since it violates the constitutional right of all citizens until proven guilty by ensures that those in power don't abuse authority/ power to prosecute. No matter your political beliefs, we all need these protections. Therefore, Abiy's regime must have followed the due process before arbitrarily blaming the TPLF and or the Tigray people associate with who have different opinions and perspectives.

(1) The horrendous language such as "daytime hyena", "new look" " anti-reform", "spoiled tree" and what have you have been the root cause for instigating a barbaric attack on Tegaru living outside their region, particularly in the Amhara regional state.

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These division/ classifications of we, the reformists, team x, team z, and them anti-reform to the extent of referring and portraying the peaceful Mekell city, like a jungle where some criminals hide, and a futile attempt to paint it as an area of violence while exactly the opposite is true. The gruesome symbolization, dehumanization/demonizing some people who have different thoughts, ideologies and perspectives are basically aspects of hate speech and profiling that potentially may lead to genocide.

(2) Abiy should have expected people to have different perspectives on his fetish, lexical rhetoric, and hyperbolic melodic phrase of "መደመር/መሞዳሞድ" (roughly: summed or to be summed-sort of get-together). These are beautiful slogans without ample elucidation, and direction and means of bending them to realities, this sanctimonious phrase, by no mean are visions, missions, strategic policies, programmes, projects, initiatives and action plans. For instance, Donald J. Trump knowingly or unknowingly advocated the phrase MAGA "Make America Great Again" which was coined by a certain team in the British Analitica. However, America is not becoming groove again. In fact, there are reports from a Think Tank Groups that suggest Trump Administration might potentially lead to highly polarized and divided society at best or a civil a war at worst.

God forbid, but, Ethiopia could be a nightmare and bloodshed while everyone is dancing under the guise of the "መደመር" debacle since we have the alligator, the crocodile, the sheep, the goat, the lion, the tiger, the fox, the snake, the zebra, the rat, and so on in an open wall zoo.

If you violate the rule of law and the constitution, I am asserting here that the "magic" word "መደመር" is not a panacea tablet that is able to cure all the diseases in every corner of the country. Besides, people have a democratic right to have a different opinion and I could not understand why all these gung-ho to castigate a Tigrayan, TPLFite or an affiliate when they have different opinions!  What do we know from history?

Very essential to note that If the TPLF is determined to fight you, they fight you in the street. They are street figures, they put their dearest lives on the line to achieve their objective and they do it with conviction! They will never try any pusillanimity acts as it is not in their blood! 

(3) Historically, the Tigrai people have been familiarized with the concept of a state governance (traditional/primitive and modern state), rule of law, government functions and deliverables of the state and what have you. Therefore, they can't be in euphoria because of Abiy's sanctimonious words without observing any tangible fruition. They are always vigilant, they take time to observe what it means and how could it be cascaded to their daily life in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 100 years from now.


They appreciate the inspirational words, yet, they take time to witness whether someone is a con actor or a real deal, a political hack, or a man of himself, a man of bounded rationality, or a rational and man of integrity, amenable and playable by external forces and hidden/invisible hands or an independent and neutral etc. Of course, the Tigrai people appreciate and recognize his efforts to turn around the country plagued by crises and recognize his strenuous endeavour to save the ship from sinking.


Nonetheless, the Tigrai people and the elites will evaluate the captain, not for his melodic slogans nor how he manages to cross the storm; but by his ability, while driving to the envisaged destiny, does he has a destiny after all? what are the rules of the game and how does he play them along the rough journey, how and where do we see ourselves through the mirror in the journey? and at what speed are we going to arrive at the destiny? How is his leadership in leading the ship in the sea and not how he manages to pass the storm? and so forth.


Thus, people should understand and must live with it that we do not take the slogan "መደመር" seriously (we do not sing it) does not necessarily mean we do not agree with Abiy in all walks of lives or are planning something different, or it is because our people are not in the higher echelons, but it means being patient, taking time, observing the phenomena being balanced and critical, being realistic and pragmatic.


(4) Majority of the Tigray people believe that  there are sleazy people in the EPRDF (in fact, we believe that the current EPRDF seems a mafia company and a powerhouse of corruption), there have been heinous atrocities and violation of human rights, repression of freedom of speech, assembly, press and fundamental human rights,..., however, all these have been committed by all EPRDF members including Abiy Ahmed as senior top management of the security, cabinet member and member of the parliament.


However, for all the ethnic conflicts, crises, chaos and public havocs in every corner of the country - everyone blames the TPLF (even if a tornado wind kicks off at a certain place and destroys their properties, some will blame the TPLF by making a spurious correlation) and all the sins, evils acts, and problems should be burdened by the TPLF while all the other three giant member parties are free of these charges or some who have good personal relationship with TPLf are at times blamed. We say this is totally and completely nonsense! Demeke and Gedu who have been ANDM CC members, EPRDF Congress and at a top position at the Amhara Region and the Federal Government for more than 20 want to ridiculously fool as when they try to wash  their hand and clear their names  form all the mistakes.  These are simply farce whitewash, duplicitous and delusional. Demeke whom I know him for more than 3 years as a distance boss (When he was heading the Ministered of Education)  who cannot produce a page coherent, organized, comprehensive and value adding document wants to lecture us about transformation leadership! Really? The best thing what these people can produce is to serves as bottle boys, tea boys and carry the bags of the Derge remnants, EPRP and AG7 old pigs! 

Even while they have the concrete and irrebuttable facts, people want to blame the TPLF simply because they are from Tigrai. There has been a deliberately orchestrated psychological warfare against the Tigrai people that resulted in a toxic, notorious, distorted, poisonous, innuendos and slandering stories that spoiled the conversation and discourse on a scale of maturity, tolerance, respect, accommodative and inclusive platforms.

There has been an ingenious perception that the Tigrai people have been and are in a continuous flex to control power and are rival of the political, economic, social, and institutional power and we are painted in one brush that we compare against those in power when we are pushed out from the center.

Abiy Ahmed, unfortunately, falls to this trap and is having a sleepless night although there is no clear and present threat against his regime. Uniquely, TPLF is part of the Tigrai history, struggle against all enemies of our people, values, we paid the most expensive and dearest price on earth, our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, and so forth and they are intertwined with the values, golden history, patriotism and  glorious revolution of the Tigray people.  Therefore, it is cunning, crooked and abortive exercise and heinous intention to try to divide the Tigray people, attack them separately so that you will have a debilitated Tigray politically, economically, socially, technologically and so forth so that you can easily dominate them and make them bow to your authority following the Menelik II mindset! Anyone who scans the history of the Tigray people can learn a thing or two. As a matter of fact, any power who tried so has never lived to tell the story! This has been true yesterday, it is true today and it will be true forever!  

In a nutshell, TPLF can be reformed with new spirit, new blood, new commitments, capable and energetic, new vision, competent, skillful, energetic people, but then, we will never shade/remove the name TPLF and anyone who is not happy with that either respect our interest, accommodate our perspective and be willing to walk further or see us as we walk the way we want to walk.

(5) Redlines are drawn in the sand: No Unitary System, No old Minilik Flag, No Old map, No one Federal Language, ...,

So how did Abiy get it wrong when he falsely blamed the TPLFits and Tegarus for such cowardice, primitive and mindless terrorist act? May he be ill-advised since he was circled by historical enemies of the TPLF and the Tigray people (at least at the beginning!). Maybe he felt some vengeance, bitterness, and has some grudge that he wants this opportunity to purge the former and current TPLF leaders and members in the Intel community, military, federal police, federal bureaus, business and economic sectors, construction and urban sectors and what have you.


Therefore, Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed owes an apology to the Tigray people and the sooner the better!


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