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Hocus pocus at Ethio- Somalia

Hocus pocus at Ethio- Somalia


H.B.Tesfai 08-10-18

No one is clear about what is happening in Ethiopia. We had been living at least in a peaceful and silent situation for the past a few years, of course comparatively, during the regime of Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front, EPRDF. Since the year 2015/16, however, Ethiopia has been practicing unstable socio-political conditions mainly in the regions: Oromia and Amhara. Many innocent people have lost their lives and properties, and a large number of people have been displaced from their residence, too. Besides, a lot of infrastructures and government and private firms have been demolished and as a result of the riots made in the above-mentioned regions. The so-called federal government has created clan mutiny in the regional state of Somali.

Especially, since the coming of Abiy to power, Ethiopia has been going to the dogs as it is not being led by the constitution it has owned. The prime minister seems to accomplish assignments handled to him by outsiders. In order to justify these ideas, we can thoroughly observe the events in the nation and in the regions as well.

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I dear say what is being done in Ethi-Somali region is completely fake. All the evils are made by the order of the prime minister. Heís really committing a revenge. The Ethio-Somali and the Oromia regions were in conflict during the past half year caused by mal-administration of the two regions. When Abiy was in Oromia the federal army couldnít make any intervention for the regions didnít ask any support. But how could this army enter Ethio- Somali without the consent of this region?

After this man has come to power, he is used to making a mess in the nation. He himself ordered the federal army to enter the Ethio-Somali region even if there was a disturbance in the region, and after that violation started and purposefully many institutions demolished, government and private properties looted as well. Surprisingly, the ĎPMí group has prepared witnesses of his own from the Somali region who live in Addis and have got some motivating things. Then, they tried to tell us as if the army were asked by the regional government of Ethio-Somali and cast these on the one-sided media of Ethiopia. They have organized some of Ethio-Somali whose residence is in Addis Abeba.

At present Ethiopia is not being ruled by EPRDF coalitions. Itís rather ruled by some groups of people. This group has come to halt the development activities in the nation. The engineer of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Semegnew Bekele, is deliberately assassinated and during the funeral session his private residence was looted which is hidden to the public. Don't we know what happened to his wife as well? Where is she at the moment? We didnít officially know who killed the engineer? So, Abiy is working not for Ethiopia, but for Egypt. He is intended to disintegrate the nation through our higher officials couldnít seem cognizant of his strategies.

He and his group is creating instability in other regional states and make stifle distraction.† For instance, what they are doing in Ethio-Somali is vivid evidence, and then transferred the problem to the region president, Abdi Illie. Abiy and his group (Demeke, Gedu, and Lemma,) invaded the region at night as enemy forces do. Why donít they do in Oromia like what they did in Ethio-Somali?

Hence, Ethiopians should be aware enough what external forces are doing in Ethiopia through these groups and their supporters. There is no doubt that the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will not be constructed or will be demolished thanks to the ravenous group who are running to sell their nation for crumbs of cakes. These aimless individuals ought to be brought to court sooner.



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