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Diplomacy, the powerful weapon to win

Diplomacy, the powerful weapon to win

Lakachew Atinafu 10-01-18

The horn of Africa is not only the habitat of diverse nationís religious and linguistic groups but also the home of plains terrain plateau numerous mountains and cross bordering rivers which will be a potential wealth. This rarely occurred in other parts of the planet. However, the region remained to be chaotic and very volatile because of the fact that the absence of visionary leaders who are unable to take advantage of such generosity of nature. In precise terms nature has endowed the region with numerous gifts despite the fact that leaders failed to optimize the diverse value and varied climate.

However, there had been astonishing progresses under taken by leaders putting aside differences ushered by worldwide circumstances. Leaders of the region seemed to have developed clairvoyant view or began to refrain from their stubborn stance. Ethiopia can be taken as an instance of the regions in playing its card well for peace stability and economic integration of the region. Since the new prime minister assumed power, various reforms have been under taken.

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Having realized diplomacy is a key component and strategic impute for peace, stability and mutual economic beneficiary, the government of Ethiopia manages to wow the world in diplomatic works under the leadership of Abiy Ahmed (PhD), Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. †

†Wikipedia defines Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of states. It usually refers to international diplomacy, the conduct of international relations through the intercession of professional diplomats with regard to a full range of topical issues.

Diplomacy is a science of communication, dealing and negotiations between two nations through their bureaucratic channel. It is an established method of influencing the decisions and behavior of foreign governments and people through dialogue, negotiations and other measures short of war or violence.

†Diplomacy in Africa particularly the horn goes far beyond apart from the international meaning of diplomacy. This is to mean that, as one can see the geo politics of the horn, it is a must for nations to work together and with solidarity taking aside differences for mutual benefits and development. Nature and global politics made the region interdependent, which makes integration compulsory. The crisis of one state will also be the crisis of the region may be the world.

Cognizant of the above fact, Ethiopia is playing its part for the wellbeing of the region. This indeed attributes to the relentless effort being excreted by the new charismatic prime Minister and the sound policy formulated years ago. From the very inception, as he took oath for the office, he called the regional heads and the public at large for unity, peace and synergy.

Soon, the Premier showed how he is man of his words, both disputing the territorial conflict between his nation and Eretria and negotiating disputes among other neighbors.

Thus the Ethiopian government is undoubtedly taking the right path in its diplomatic tie among nations of the horn which is fundamental and a critical factor to lay foundation for infrastructure development, Utilization of ports, peace keeping, railway network expansion, combating terrorism among others.

Recently Ethiopian and Eritrea government seemed to have realized peace and stability of the region is uncompromised matter for the two countries and the horn of African no matter how worsen was their relation over a decade. Though Eritrea papered to be an independent state after a prolonged war, it suffered a lot in so called no war no peace period of 20 years. Lots of Eritrean had fled the country day to day. Thousands lost their lives from both sides. Moreover, families were remained isolated and Ethiopian being a land locked†† country incurs staggering amount of foreign currency every year for neighboring nation with no alternative to utilize the port of Massawa and Assab. This posed a threat on logistic development and economic growth of nation. Thus lack of skillful diplomacy results in such and such casualties. Now, thanks to the current leaders of the two countries, situations are going better. Effective diplomacy which requires the art of communication put the clock back.

The relation between Eretria and Djibouti should not be left to the two countries. It is incumbent upon the horn of Africa. Thus Ethiopia has played pivotal role in resolving the hostility of Eretria and Djibouti.

†In broader perspective leaders of the horn are urged to sit and look into the root cause of conflict before waging war and sign armistices. It is known that the border demarcation between most of these countries was formed with the interest of colonizers. Thus itís essential to undergo subsequent negotiation.

Ethiopiaís devotion in bringing an end to the precarious situation of South Sudan is also one of the results of effective diplomacy. Efforts have been carried out over the past years to end the conflict in the country but now, constructive diplomatic approach make the peace deal fruitful as all neighboring counties took their share in resolving the conflict.

Over the past years, thousands of people were displaced from South Sudan due to the prolonged conflict. Had the situation continued, it would have posed a threat not only on South Sudan but also Ethiopia as it has to host many refugees that has to flee. South Sudanese warring factions have signed the revitalized agreement to end five years of civil war. This could be considered as part of Ethiopiaís contribution in ensuring peace and stability in the Horn of Africa in particular and Africa in general.

After their discussion the Premier told reporters that the journey of South Sudan towards peace will benefit Ethiopia. He was also keen to further strengthen the relationship between the south Sudan and the alliesí leaders.

The reform and related virtuous deeds which are currently observed in Ethiopia will have the ability to produce an impact upon other African nation besides the horn. As BBC told us in its recent report, Rwanda has released prisoners even who have been jailed on political accord. In peace and tips one can understand that Rwanda has learnt a good lesson from Ethiopia.

To sum up nations and leaders the horn of Africa in particular are urged to put in place diplomacy as a key component and strategic impute for the overall political ,socio-economic development of the region and the world as a whole.


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