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Ethiopia, Qatar to fight terrorism, cooperate in multifaceted areas


Ethiopia, Qatar to fight terrorism, cooperate in multifaceted areas

Gemechu Tussa 11-22-17

In the time of globalization, there is need to work together and compete to one another.  Countries around the world would be in a fierce competition in order to survive. No country could manage to develop of prosper being cut off from the rest of the world. Ethiopia was isolated from the rest of the world during the military rule. 

he country’s diplomatic relation with other countries in the Horn of Africa and beyond was absolutely canceled that there was no room for government to government, people to people relations. It just after the coming of Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front that Ethiopia started to establish its bilateral and multilateral relations with its neighbors, other countries in the continent and in the rest of the world.

However, efforts exerted to establish good diplomacy in past twenty six years witnessed a success story. Many political analysts attributed Ethiopia’s diplomatic success to the country’s foreign policy and strategy.

As the result of the commitment of the government, the viable policies and strategies as well as the need to alleviate poverty through ensuring sustainable economic development the country’s bilateral and multilateral relations has been diversified and strengthened from time to time.

The country’s diplomatic relations with other countries all over the world has become so strong from time to time.  Ethiopia, like with other many countries, has ample historical affiliation with the State of Qatar.

In fact, the solidarity of our forefathers and foremothers had well formulated the values of our national pride. Many of the countries around the world have established their bilateral relations in this very crucial understanding of mutual respect and benefit.

It was just in the give and take approach that could benefit all people of the two countries.  It was in 2012 that the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn visited Qatar along with the side participation of the United Nations' Climate Change Conference.

The premier met with the then Emir  Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, which was automatically followed by the exchange of higher officials visit to both countries and  signing of  various agreements took place.

The two countries then strengthen their relations with Ethiopia and accomplished other activities particularly the visit to Ethiopia of the Emir of State of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin-Khalifa Al-Thani, in 2013 has added a significant value to the growing bilateral relations between the two countries.

Then, Ethiopia-Qatar Joint Technical Committee Meeting took place in Doha from 10-11 November, 2014.  Ethiopia and Qatar have signed agreements that would enable them to boost bilateral relations in the economic and diplomatic spheres. 

The two countries also signed the agreement providing for waiver of visa requirements for holders of diplomatic and official passports. It is also learnt that the two countries have signd a cooperation document on the protection of investment agreement.

These agreement signings would enable to enhance the ties between the two countries based on a win-win principle and to discuss the implementation of the various agreements signed between the countries during the Emir's visit to Ethiopia. 

Quatar has also sheltered a large number of Ethiopians. As documents from the Ethiopian Foreign Affairs indicated, although the exact number of Ethiopians in that country need much effort and survey available documents indicated that there are more than 20,000 registered Ethiopians living in Qatar

Ethiopia and Qatar are now taking their ties into a new phase of practical cooperation.   Ethiopia is enthusiastic about Qatari enterprises and its work to be part of Ethiopia’s rapid growth momentum.

The Emir of Qatar who appreciated Ethiopia’s role in upholding peace and stability in the Horn of Africa emphasized that the Qatar is ready to cooperate with Ethiopia in the fight against terrorist elements in the region.

Qatar determined to support Ethiopia’s developmental activities particularly infrastructure development.  In remarks his remarks while meeting the Ethiopian Prime Minister, the Qatari Emir said “we are determined to enhance the strategically important relations with Ethiopia, and we are on the right course.”

In fact, Ethiopia is the country convenient to establish diplomatic relations. Its foreign policy mainly is set based on mutual benefits and a win-win approach. There is also a strong zeal on the Ethiopian side to deepen the bilateral relations.

This policy enabled the country to enhance its bilateral and multilateral relations with other countries around the world.  Ethiopia is also interested to encourage Qatari investments in Ethiopia.

It was recalled that the two countries signed eleven co-operation agreements in economy, tourism, investment and infrastructure sectors. They also agreed to cooperate in peace and security at international and regional levels with the main focus of fighting terrorism. 

This relation between Ethiopia and Qatar would help to stabilize the peace that Ethiopia has been sacrificing to sustain in the Horn of Africa. Besides, the relation between the two countries could help Ethiopia to further boost its investment. This relation between the two countries could one of the significant achievements that the two countries gained since 2008.

They managed to avoid the diplomatic problems due to some misunderstandings but in a very short time they manage to overview the misunderstandings and now maximized their political, economic and social bilateral relation. This might be a severe headache to anti-peace groups and their sponsors who have been striving to change the Horn of Africa to a safe haven to terrorist activities.

Since 1991, Ethiopia has been enjoying good bilateral and multilateral relations with all countries around the world except Eritrea. The state in Eritrea has been striving to destabilize the Horn region. It has been working in collaboration with countries that stood against Ethiopian development to create havoc in the country.

Ethiopia values relations with its neighbors, other countries in the continent and the rest of the world, which emanated from the country’s keen interest and vision to alleviate poverty and ensure sustainable economic growth. It is known that Ethiopia needs to ascertain the peace within the country and the region. Therefore, all of its diplomatic relations with other countries including Qatar is based on this fact, ensuring peace, alleviating poverty and ascertaining economic development.




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