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For how long Egyptian parasite sucking Ethiopians blood?


For how long Egyptian parasite sucking Ethiopians blood?


By: W. Yilma                                                                                                 December, 4/2017

For thousands of years Egyptians have monopolized and over exploited the Nile water without equitable share with countries where Nile river originates or passes through their territories. Inherited from their former colonizer, Great Britain the former colonized country is now acting like a mad dog, barking against those countries seeking their equitable share to develop their economy using Nile water, mainly for generating electricity. Egyptian even go too far to intimidate those countries who dare to think about the fair share of the river. They drink Ethiopian water, they overproducing food and feeding their people by Ethiopian water, they generate electricity by Ethiopian water, they create an oasis in their bare and desert land to attract tourists by Ethiopian water, but they’re known traditional ardent enemy of the Ethiopian people. This is very strange! If Egyptian think like a human being Ethiopia would have been their true and reliable friend than any other country on earth. Unfortunately, this has never happened and they are now beating a war drum, since Ethiopia decided to build the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) with sole purpose of generating electricity. As we know Egypt and Sudan were invited to share the cost (if I am not mistaken 30 and 20% respectively) of the dam construction, but both are declined from participation. Sudan changed their stance when they understand the importance and benefits of the dam, but Egypt continues to play a cat and mouse tricky game to obstruct or to delay the construction of the dam. Since then the relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt become strain, and unstable. The intention of the Egyptian is to keep the colonial agreements reached by their former colonizer, Great Britain, to continue to monopolize the flow of Nile water. Ethiopia stand is unequivocally clear that colonialism by its nature is criminal and illegal and therefore, any agreement reached during that time is null and void.  

Egyptians people animosities towards Ethiopians is deep rooted. We Ethiopians know this and I do not think any kind of good relationship with them in the future can easily heal our scars. From desperations, some naive Egyptian in this 21st century is arguing that the agreements reached during the colonial era (1902, 1906,1929, 1959 which also included its tributaries) should be a subject of discussions during the technical expert’s study. I don’t understand whom the Egyptians are trying to fool. As stated above Except colonial era boundaries (because of its complexities to solve) all agreements reached by formers colonizers are null and void period! Except Egyptians, no one want to remember that brutal and inhuman system, in particular Ethiopians (Egyptians are arguing that if the African Union accepted the colonial era territories between countries why not this?). The reason why African Union was accepted the colonial era boundaries between countries of former colonized countries is because of its difficulty in settling conflicts when problem arises. However, regarding Nile River unjust agreement, there is no disputing issue here. First the main two so called “agreements” of the 1929 and 1959 are almost between Egyptian themselves, and Sudan role as an independent country is insignificant (Sudan was under Anglo-Egyptian rule until independent, 1956, and Egypt presence in Sudan started since 1899 with main objective to control the source of the Nile river).  Second, Nile is originated from Ethiopian soil, and no country or any international organization have legal, or moral ground to tell Ethiopians what to do with Nile river. Because we Ethiopians are a human being and we understand the importance of Nile water for any human being, including Egyptians, and Sudanese we do not have any intention to cause harm to these countries. That is why apart from fishery development, the main purpose of the GERD is to generate electric power. Egyptian should stop their cat and mouse tricky game and they need to be civilized when they engage in negotiation that affects both of us.  For this Egyptians should come to their mind and negotiate with the owner of the river. Ethiopians go too far to convince Egyptians to come to their sense, but they stick to their dogma beliefs. It is clear that from the beginning Egyptians are deliberately follows bad faith and adversarial kind of negotiations aiming to delay the construction of the dam. When they see this is not working for them they now beating a war drum to intimidate Ethiopians.

Many Egyptian do not know the sources of the Nile water. What is worst though is that many geography school books printed in Egypt and in some other western countries even do not mentioned Ethiopia and Uganda names as the sources of the Nile River. Instead they mentioned Egypt name as the owner of the Nile. This together with the former colonizer of Egypt, Great Britain created misconception among Egyptians about the Nile river. Although they knew the old myth “Egypt is the gift of the Nile” they don’t even think that the black rich fertile soil which feeds them by growing crops without applying fertilizer is coming from Ethiopian people land whom they hate the most. We must change this narrative with determination and show them that Nile river is a gift for Ethiopia and Uganda, and Egypt have no right to consider as a sole owner of the Nile river. The reason I said this is, because what general, El-Sisi has said last month about the GERD, when he opened a fish farm in his country is hard to forget. The fish farm was built by harnessing Nile water. When he was happy and proud of his country’s developments using our water, he or they venomously warning us without shame not to touch our own water flowing from our door steps. Except humiliating defeat, I do not know when Egyptian win a war with Ethiopia or with any other country! I think they overestimated their military strength by underestimating Ethiopian capability and people’s determination to defend their country from any threat. There is no moral ground, legal authority, strategic, logistic and military power whatsoever for Egypt to go to war with Ethiopia. The ongoing “fukera” is an empty rhetoric, a sign of frustration, and hopelessness emanated from excessive greediness.

It should be clear to all Ethiopians that Egypt will never reached an agreement with Ethiopia and other upper or lower (Sudan) riparian countries as long as they have the same old perceptions emanated from old myth and from their excessive greed to use Nile water alone. The other concerns of Egyptians are Ethiopian economic growth is a threat for their national security period! This is criminal intent of Egyptians against Ethiopia is circulated in their blood. This is the primary reason why they are opposing the construction of the dam.  No one knows better than Egyptian that dam construction in particular to generate electricity only should not be a subject of animosity. In this regard for Egyptians the subject of discussions with Ethiopia should have been focused on the following:   

·        The length of time and seasons the dam is going to be filled.   

·        The soil and water conservation to minimize soil erosion and increase the water flow from water shading areas, and land management including afforestation and other related subjects that increase the water flow to the river from catchments; various joint venture to minimize siltation.

·        Other technical issues related to the dam construction, management and how the tripartite countries could minimize the social, environmental, and economic impacts of the dam both to downstream and upstream countries (it should be clear that leave alone GERD, a small dam have a socio-economic as well as environmental impacts. However, there is always a scientific solution to minimize such impacts).

Our enemy is our politician failure to solve our internal problems, which our enemies like Egypt and Shabia are effectively exploiting for their advantages. I truly believe that if we do not have enemy within, leave alone Egypt no country will dare to talk about war with Ethiopia. Even at this time when there is a clear threat from Egyptians, our ethnic based coalition government is full of internal political turmoil. Beside this what I observe is that Ethiopian public is now susceptible to political manipulation, not only to false promises but also to ethno-centric narrow nationalism or chauvinism propaganda machines. Except talking about development, the government in power terribly failed to create a politically stable country to attract foreign investors, to unite and build confidence within the Ethiopian people. Our politicians should think seriously and asses the danger our country is facing at this crucial time. At this time personal or group interest among government officials or among any political organizations is number one threat to our country. I truly believe that a true politician who advancing country and people interest first should not have time to sleep in Ethiopia today. Do we have such politicians who understand the current situation and unite the divided people to stand for common cause? Do our politicians take lessons how the current system failed and divided the people either due to the incompetence policy or the way it implemented? A government which does not properly “diagnose” its policies and unable to forecast the future and prepare accordingly is weak and vulnerable for external threat. As Abraham Lincoln said “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. Before the house fall the EPRDF should be loyal to the Ethiopian people than their party.

There are many conditions that may encourages Egyptians to continue to destabilize Ethiopia:

The first is there are many naive Ethiopians, in particular here in Diaspora who believe in conspiracy theory by saying that the reason why (as they call it) “Woyane” is constructing the GERD is to divert the attention of the Ethiopian people by instigating conflict with Egypt. These groups think that the regime purposely need this to extend its dominancy in Ethiopian politics. Even there are groups who openly insisting Egypt to go to war with the Ethiopia, ignoring the consequences. Because they blinded by extreme hate against TPLF there are also groups who cannot hesitate to help Egypt if war brock-out between the two countries. I am not exaggerated by saying this. It is fact.  No one forget people like Al-Mariam and his cohorts pleads to Al-Sisi to go to war against Ethiopia to stop GERD. No matter what differences Egyptian have they are united when it comes the issue of Nile River. On the contrary, we Ethiopians are different, and there are die-hard groups ho give priority to achieve their groups political agendas at the expenses of their country’s national security interests.

The second is a concern of many Ethiopians. As we all knows our unity is seriously affected by unclear policy implementation, lack of political space to entertains different political views, mal-administration (incompetency) and corruptions which are rampantly spreads throughout the government bureaucratic systems. The other important which need immediate action is, are all the Regional States abide by the law of the land? I personally do think that some of them are out of the control of the Federal government.  The conflict between Oromia and Ethiopian Somali is an example, where one is abiding (Oromia) by the rules, and the other (E. Somali) is not yet fully comply with the Federal government demand. Why the later show unwillingness to bring to justice those suspected individuals directly or indirectly involved in recent conflict between the two Federal States? If the Federal government failed to exerts its power then who is standing for the victims? Is the constitution of the land protecting the right of victims or those who committed crime against innocents? What will be the implication if this very sensitive issue if not handling properly and solving according to the law of the land? (although recent Information coming from E. Somali State is encouraging, but they need to speed-up to bring peace as soon as possible). In general, what we are observing in our country today is very scary, alarming, and our people are in doubt if we have a visionary leader or a strong political party capable to keep the unity of Ethiopia and advance the national interest of the country. These situations will expose the country for external forces by allowing them to get a fifth columnist groups to make sabotage within the government bureaucracy system. It is not a syndrome, but there is a clear symptom at this time and this will make our country vulnerable to external enemies (in particular Egypt and Eritrea) which are closely watching on us. What will happen if one of the EPRDF coalition leave the party?  Because it is well known for many Ethiopians the situation in our country, I am not going further to elaborate this and other related issues at this time (although recent Information coming from E. Somali State is encouraging, but they need to speed-up to bring peace as soon as possible).

 Third our region is very volatile and once things went wrong it will become out of control for the government. It seems our enemies are far sighted than our government and thanks to Shabia for letting Arabs expansionist, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt to establish their military base near our border. While the “wise Arabs” made a coalition to keep their geo-political interest, and unlawfully interfering in Yemen, killing thousands of innocent Yemenis, including children’s, blocking aid to reach for those in need, the Black Africans, in particular the upper Nile basin countries are idly looking Egypt’s next steps against Ethiopia, by ignoring soon or latter what will happen to Ethiopia will happen to them. Why then they established (1999) the Nile Basin Initiatives if they don’t have a common principle and stands on the equitable utilization of the Nile River according to the applicable international conventions. There is nothing danger ether for them or for Ethiopia to stand firm for their right.

Last, The Egyptians claims in the 21st centuries regarding Nile river is merely hypothetical and backward. That is why they pursuing violence as a means of achieving illegal gain, similar to Latina American drug dealers. But at this time this does not work as it worked in the past. One thing should be clear here that Egyptians will never agree with Ethiopia in any circumstance unless we give up our right. That is why we are hearing a war drum by many Egyptian elites. No country is negotiating in this kind of hostilities. Egyptian hostilities toward Ethiopians is inconceivable and no one expect a good outcome from such hostile mind set. Therefore, Ethiopia have every right not to engage in negotiations where there is a war threat and hostilities from Egyptians. As we heard from Egyptian politicians “Every option is on the table” indicates they want to dictate the negotiation for their advantages in which Ethiopian will never accept. Beside this some Egyptians members of parliamentarians are campaigning in opposing the visit of Ethiopian prime minister, and asking the Egyptian administration to stop negotiation .Therefore, I do not see the importance of the meeting scheduled this month in Cairo between Ethiopia and Egyptian officials. Ethiopia have the right to cancel or postpone the meeting because of the unstoppable hostilities towards Ethiopia from the Egyptian side, including their president. 

Long Live Ethiopia!  

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