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Meles' legacy on forward move!


Meles' legacy on forward move!


By Tesfaye Lemma 08-15-17


Meles Zenawi had left a significant legacy in Ethiopia. He was one of the capable world leaders. His democratic and tolerance was inculcated within EPRDF while serving from member to top leader. His commitment and devotion was also witnessed by many leaders around the world. One typical example is the speech made at his funeral some five years ago. 


The Ex US Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, described Meles : " he wasn't just brilliant. He wasn't just a relentless negotiator and a formidable debater. He wasn't just a thirsty consumer of knowledge. He was uncommonly wise." In many ways, he has built international reputation for himself as "the voice of Africa", and the West's key ally on "the war on terror".


Following the overthrow of the military Junta in 1991, EPRDF lead by the visionary leader late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi came to power and brought fundamental political, economic and social changes under his leadership.  In his almost two decades leadership, Meles Zenawi with the support of his party members and the Ethiopian people has laid base in all aspects in the country that could lead it to its renaissance.


Many scholars and leaders of different countries witnessed the significant changes in his time, which has sustained to the present. The major agenda of the country, poverty alleviation and ensuring sustainable economic growth, was cemented during the leadership of Meles.


He had a special talent in bringing all nations, nationalities and peoples together for common agenda. Many of his colleagues also witnessed that his capability in solving conflicts democratically when there are situations in which the party or the country is at a crossroad is so supper.


Meles is the son of the people who served and passed away for the people working day out day in without any rest. The road to green economy was cemented under his leadership that it is believed to   take the country to a middle income position in the coming few years.


In the periods led by Meles and his fellows, the country has created a lot of wealth.  A large number of farmers have become potential investors. Ethiopia’s saving amount has also risen to 22.5 percent in 2015 from empty some twenty six years ago.


The fast economic growth that began under the leadership of Meles has sustained and there are so many huge government projects and a number of private investments in the country at present.


In fact there was struggle to build one socioeconomic society since the very beginning of the coming of EPRDF to power. It preferred to build that socioeconomic situation through free will of the public and in a democratic way.


Whenever, they faced challenges that contributed to the deterioration of devotion to the public and the rising of individualism among persons either in the government system or in the public, he had been struggling to bring a lasting solution.


Despite some challenges, the developmental investors have been growing from time to time. They have been working with social responsibility and respecting the legal system of the country.


What has cemented during the leadership of Meles Zemnawi and his fellow witnessed an overall change in the country. There is no way for anyone refutes the rising economy that has been altering the lives of millions of Ethiopians. 


The double digit economic growth registered in the past ten consecutive years has offered various opportunities to all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. 


The expansion of various huge projects like dams, roads, cement factories, textiles, sugar development projects, schools, health institutions and other industries that have laid bases for the renaissance of the country and the prosperity of the people contributed to poverty alleviation of the country has planned and launched by the late visionary leader. 


It is also undeniable fact that the booming investment in the country has been also creating jobs for millions of citizens. 


When all the projects under construction will complete, one can imagine how many employees they could accommodate and the extent of their significance to the country’s economy.


Building democratic system is another significant area where Meles along his colleagues played a significant role. On one hand the Ethiopian people have guaranteed their political power to elect their leaders. Five national elections have been conducted so far. 


So far, there are some institutions aimed to enhance democracy. These institutions have been attempting to accomplish their tasks. But they have constraints. 


Although some people argue that some of the democratic institutions remained weak, there are ways to strengthen these institutions so that the fundamental and democratic rights of institutions could be completely respected.


Post Meles, the pace of development has continued. The country has been moving forward to realize its renaissance. The people have joined hands to realize country's vision having stick to Meles' political, economic and social legacy.  Meles Zenawi has played unforgettable most important role in Ethiopia's history   that he left a splendid legacy behind.


Once he told Al-Jazeera, “I would like to be remembered as someone who got Ethiopia off to a good track, democratic one, where Ethiopia's proverbial poverty begins to be tackled in an effective way; I would like to be remembered as someone who has started the process."  During his funeral ceremony five years ago, Jacob Zuma of South Africa called him "one of the greatest sons of the continent".


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