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I Wish I Were…

     I Wish I Were


I wish I were a turtle,

To lay my eggs so fertile

And trudge away and never look back

My progeny to find their destiny

In dry, hot desert, or ocean freeze…

          No need to raise them up

          Or pay for college fees…


I wish I were a mother bear

To sleep for half a year

Deep in the darkness of my den

Blissful in a dream world

Knowing no pain of labor

My cubs are delivered

What is epidural for?


I wish I were a cicada

To lay my brood deep in the soil

Beneath a flowering jacaranda

And seventeen years of slumber, no toil

Hatch out in chorus and amorous flirt

          And even after a nuclear blast

          Rise up out of the dust…


I wish I were an albatross

Thousands of leagues of oceans cross

Sleeping on wings and making sport

Of thunderous storms and human borders

Without a Visa or Passport

          Who cares for a fence or a wall?

I’d mock them all! I’d mock them all!


                                                G. E. Gorfu