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When unholy alliance “conjugated” to cause havoc with no viable alternatives, it is a recipe for disaster.

When unholy alliance “conjugated” to cause havoc with no viable alternatives, it is a recipe for disaster.


By. W. Yilma                                                3/8/16


We are witnessing in our world today that how countries are crumbling when unholy local and exiled fragmented groups with no political purposes or viable socio-economic programs conjugates with the aim to overthrow their government. Most of these groups are directly or indirectly supported by foreign governments with the aim of promoting their country’s geo-political interest. Similarly serving as a Trojan horse for their respective governments and other interest groups, some Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) are working behind the curtain to aggravate the situation by raising human right, environment or any other issues that could divert the attention of the world communities.  Ethiopia is not free from this kind of international conspiracy, and is the target of Neo-liberal advocates. As a result of this and other geo-political reasons, Ethiopia is falsely accuses by some sectors for not letting radicalism, and extremism of any kind to grow in her soil. Some Ethiopian origin, fragmented groups in the name of “political oppositions” are effectively exploited this situation and to some extent they managed to convince some western politicians and NGO’s, such as the Human Right groups and working together to damage the images of the country. In some case it become difficult to differentiate between Ethiopian origin oppositions and foreign entity groups that oppose venomously the Ethiopian government.  No country other than Ethiopia in this days become at center in social media outlets, and the reason is clear for many Ethiopians, which is not the purpose of this topic to explain further.   


The foreign based extremist who are calling themselves as a “political oppositions” are becoming a serious threat to the national security of Ethiopia. Some of them are openly declared and working with Eritrean government with the aim to dismantle the Federal government of Ethiopia. Unless and otherwise their ill-fated demands is not getting acceptance by the Ethiopian government, they are not hesitating to collaborate with anyone to cause harm against the Ethiopian people. These fragmented groups do not have a clear and viable future plan how the country should be governed or party discipline to contribute their share in constructive way. Their supporters are awful, and their main assignment is to disrupt any meetings called by any groups who have different ideas. The same as “YERGO ZINB” these fragmented Ethiopian Diaspora oppositions are everywhere, and they are trying to hijack any political movement that has happened inside the country. Without understanding the cause, the nature of local movements of any forms, and its repercussions, they hastily involves and internalized the movement as if it is their own. The recent social unrest that has happened in some part of Ethiopia is an example where different extremely unholy groups join together to aggravate the situation.

For any person who have a sanity of mind, could easily understand who is behind these anti Ethiopian groups, and why they become more vocal at this time. For these group anything that has happened or will be happen in Ethiopia is as a result of “Woyane” , and even they said in clear terms that number one enemy of Ethiopia is “Woyane” not Shabia, or others traditional enemies which we all knows. It is also clear which country allocated millions of dollars for these groups to do the job on behalf of them. Therefore, it is naivety to think about peace or anticipating positive outcomes from this kind of anarchy political maneuvers, many of whom are hatemongers, robustly backed and controlled by Eritrean mafia gangster groups.

We should not forget the chronic situation and the challenge we are facing today in Somalia. It is Shabia who organized, trained and equipped the former Islamic court, the now Alshibab, a notorious terrorist group terrorizing the Somali people. Other than this we should be aware of the conspiracy renovated in a new form by our historical enemies, in particular some Arab countries. Beyond geo-political hegemonic competence, expanding radical Islam is their main agendas, and for this their number one messenger is the Eritrean government (it is clear from what Isayas has said recently in his interview by Eritrean TV about the GERD). One of the primary aim of these unholy local and reginal alliances are to dismantle the Ethiopian central government and create similar situation like Somalia, Syria and Libya.


Shabia is not only sending anti Ethiopia groups physically inside Ethiopia to disrupting peace, but also supporting in launching unstoppable, and very dangerous propaganda against Ethiopia through the media outlets he established.  Shabia organized effectively a Gestapo like media outlets for his propaganda purposes (such as ESAT) and spreading hate to divide Ethiopians. Eritrean government is openly working and occupied 24/7 in conspiring against Ethiopia. On the contrary it seems that the Ethiopian government officials are indifferent and it looks like they do not care much about the most likely danger Ethiopia is facing from our stubborn neighbor. Beside this Shabia repeatedly infiltrated by sending his troops, and mercenaries inside Ethiopia and taking hostages Ethiopian civilians for force labor and military. This is an act of war! But other than condemnations after condemnation for media coverage and public consumptions, the government is handicaps for not taking appropriate retaliatory action against the perpetrator.  We were informed that the kidnapped Ethiopians were released, through Sudan mediation.  Seeking negotiation is a sign of weakness by itself. We wean the Bademe war, but we seek negotiation and concede our territory to the party started the war. If you want to wean the war of terror, you have to act the way your opponent is acting. Because Shabia is not willing to abide by international law. When we look all these situations, Shabia is in a better position to protect Eritrean Geo-political interest and in rising Eritrean nationalism than the Ethiopian government, occupying in selling as a promotion the idea of “No war, no peace” notion which bring neither lasting peace nor security both for Ethiopian and Eritrean people.  Here, I am not advocating war. But there are ways and means Ethiopia could do and give a lessons to the person like Isayas in which his brain was infected with a disease provoking him to cause harm against Ethiopia. No matter what type government is in power in Ethiopia, the behavior of the present Eritrean government will never be changed! Denying this fact is insanity. It is a sense of humiliation and a feeling of insecurity for many Ethiopians in particular for those Ethiopian living in the area bordering Eritrea; a feeling of an emptiness due to lack of confidence in their government who is reluctant to take unwavering appropriate action against those who violated Ethiopian territorial integrity.  No country show tolerance to its neighbor the way Ethiopia is tolerating the Eritrean terrorist government. For how long? It is the question we Ethiopians deserve to get answer from the government before it is too late.   


What we are witnessing now is that Shabia won the propaganda war, and EPRDF is now in a position where they are going to pay dearly sacrifice to deal with what Shabia has done to our country. Effectively Shabia got ample time to sown ethnic hate among Ethiopians. To what extents his regime is brutal and corrupt, and the condemnation from the international communities, Isayas knows he will not face any viable resistance from his people (in fact from the Eritrean oppositions too), and it seems that the Eritrean people gave him the mandate by defaults to finish the job assigned by our traditional enemies, which is to disintegrate Ethiopia. On the top of this, Isayas is a “hero” for some naïve Ethiopian Shiftas hiding in Eritrean soil. What has happened in Ethiopia today is the direct result of indifference or “Do Nothing” approaches by the current Ethiopian government towards the Eritrean regime. No matter how long Isayas will stay in power, nothing will change the Eritrean political landscape. On the contrary the Ethiopian situation is a dynamic, created a conducive atmosphere for civil disobedience, due to the creation of demand generation, and in some case the miss interpretation of the “constitution” which guaranteed the right of Nations, Nationalities and people. This also give a good opportunity for the Eritrean mafia government to play with it a dirty game.   


Ethiopia has never been experienced long term sustainable peace. One system comes and goes with the same fashions, and when and how we can change this trends seems uneasy. This is a national crisis which need to be addressed through public participations and discussions, but it needs willingness from all parties. If we keep the statuesque and continuing our political engagements as usual, our future to live in one country with our diversities will be in question. We should know, the reason why we terribly failed to feed our people, facing the same problems year after year, and the primary cause of our persistent poverty is our failure to solve our domestic political crisis with civilized manner. Lack of transparency in our relations, lack of visions and wisdoms to create the foundations how government should functions; unwillingness to solve problems by reaching a consensus, and unwillingness to accept our differences are the contributing factors for our many faceted political problems. The traditional backward elite dominated politics is not only failed terribly to bring sustainable peace, and harmony among our people, but also become more exclusionist, polarizing factor to divide our society to the level where hard to mend. What is going on in Diaspora is a true manifestation of this reality. If the people of Ethiopia back home divided the way Diaspora Ethiopians are divided, I do not think the country we are calling “Ethiopia” exist today!

 Experience shows that our political engagement in which most elites are pursuing is a total failure and good for nothing, serving only the interests of our enemies. This is what we have seen for more than four decades. A tiny Northern neighbor playing a big, and dangerous role in aggravating our internal politics. No matter what these groups who fall in love with Shabia are trying to say or attempting to cover-up, the facts of the matter what they are trying to hide is clear for many, and only those few who want to listen what they want are fooled, and blindly following them. On the top of this our societies are addicted to gossips and rumors (TEBALEKO!,ALSEMAHIM INDE!) easily manipulated by media outlets, passing false information like electric circuits without proof. With the absence of journalistic dedicated free, neutral, competitive, and informative, media outlets there is always a danger for any societies to drag to unwanted situation if the mass medias dominated by “yellow journalist”. This is a dangerous situation and we need to think critically to change this social attitudes and behaviors before things go out of our hands. We need to afraid not only fear itself but also misleading and manipulative media outlets with easy going society in this digital era!  


Our efforts should be concentrated on how we can entertain all these problems and make our country a better place to live for all, to plan for long time, to raise families, work, and pursue and enjoy life. The shameful political assassin character we have been developed for the last 40 years, creates problems and seeking outside help to solve our own internal problems should be stopped. In particular scholars should stop political prostitutions and think critically as an intellectual. After all an intellectual person is not only engages in critical study and show academic proficiency, but also should quest for truth, and seeking solutions the challenges the societies are facing. Show to our people tolerance, compassion, love, respect, and how to work to reach a common goals with our differences. It is vague why many of our scholars are spending their valuable time in dividing the Ethiopian people in the name of opposing the government in power. Intellectual dishonesty is everywhere, but not to the extent Ethiopian “intellectuals” are practicing and behaving. In some case it is intellectual vulgarism we are observing among some “educated “Ethiopians. They care more how many articles they posted every week on the internet, without much concerns what damage it can cause to their country. To me how we Ethiopians get into the trap of our traditional enemies and go to a great length to cause harm to our country, in particular among those “educated” is hard to comprehend. Looking around what is going on in particular here in Diaspora is discouraging and hard to see a light under the end of the tunnel. Some of them are under the control of Eritrean regime, and they exposed themselves without shame!


To be a “politician” is not simply holding political power and lead or “rule” the people. It is to be a statesman to solve complex social, economic and political problems the country is facing. I have a concern, that the majority of those who are advocating and preaching violence as a means of political struggle and aggravating ethnic tensions in Ethiopia today belongs to the generation of  the 60’s and 70’s. One thing should be clear here. It is hard to expect a soft heart and peaceful political engagement from the generation who passed through red and white terror, who experienced hardship and a tormenting lifestyle most of the generation of this era go through.


Last, but not least, it was a surprise for many how and why the Addis Abeba and the Oromia States adjacent cities master plan cause such problem both for the local and Federal government. Unnecessary Loss of human life and properties without cause. Leave alone for a city like A.Abeba where regional and international organizations offices are located, a small city needs a short and long term plan. As I understood the objectives of this plan is not only about the expansion of the city, but also to improve the environment, to create jobs, to improve public and animal health by improving waste disposal, and sewage system, to improve transportation and marketing chains between the city and the adjacent cities of Oromia etc… One of the beneficiaries from this plan is the people of Oromia.  I do think officials do not do their homework to aware the public before the announcement of the finalization of the master plan. This create a conducive atmosphere for those who are waiting a momentum to divert the attention of the public and they succeed to some extent to cause harm and damage the images of the country. Whenever this kind of misunderstanding happens it is the people of Ethiopia who suffers, but those who are funning from distance to cause anarchy lose nothing! This is what we both as a collective should think about. For many Diaspora groups what worried them is not watching on TV screen the suffering the Ethiopian people as a result of anarchy, but how they can overthrow the government with the help of outsiders. This is what groups affiliated with the Eritrean regime with the support of some extremist Diaspora are intended to see in Ethiopia!

No matter what the causes are for the recent disturbance, the government should handle the situation very diligently. This is because groups affiliated with the Eritrean government main focus is to create such situation to alienate the government from the people.


Finally, the EPRDF should look itself through the mirror. When all governmental offices, including technical who seek professionals are appointed based on party loyalty rather than merit. This creates favorable condition for embezzlement, maladministration and corruption.  As a society and as a people our destinies, and future will be depends on the ability to solve our problems in Unison.  To this end,   the government have more power and responsibilities to look the current and future situations objectively, and find solutions timely and appropriately. We should relied on ourselves to challenge all these odds with understanding that many western countries are indifference to us due to Ethiopia’s economic development choices (Developmental State) and her close relations with China.    


Long Live Ethiopia!


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