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Peace poisoning activities

Peace poisoning activities

Tesfaye Lemma 10-12-16

A number of analysts have been arguing that the Horn is one of the volatile regions in the world. Itís back and current history indicated that the region has been in chaos for several years. Ensuring lasting peace amidst such volatile region is obviously difficult. But incredibly, Ethiopia did it.

The country has been managed to maintain its peace amidst the volatile Horn Region. There are various anti-peace activities in those countries. We can consider the problems in Somalia, South Sudan and Eritrea and the extents of those disturbances in harming the people in the region both physically and psychologically.

Despite efforts to sustain peace and stability in the region, there are still retarding activities launched by some terrorist groups and states supporting such actions. One of the irresponsible states that have been working against peace and stability in the Horn of Africa is the state in Asmara.

It has made various battles with Yemen, Djibouti and Ethiopia. Eritrea, along with other countries like Egypt, has been sponsoring terrorist groups that have aimed to destabilize the Horn Region in general and Ethiopia in particular. Previously, it was reported that Ginbot 7, one of the terrorist groups, has announced that it received about 500 thousand USD from the Eritrean government.†

There were various attempts of terrorist attacks plotted by the state in Asmara aimed to create chaos in Ethiopia in those past fifteen years. It has been supporting any group having the destabilizing agenda.† It began supporting the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), a terrorist group advocating independence of Oromia from Ethiopia. This group on one has been advocating as if it stood for the Oromo people but on the other hand it has destroyed development institutions in the region that caused more than 40 thousand employees to lose their jobs.

Contradictory to its basic questions of independence Oromiya, OLF has on the one hand formed collusion with Ginbot 7, the group aiming to form a unitary state in Ethiopia.

Eritrea has also been supporting the al-Qaeda linked terrorist group both technically and logistically. However, the Somalia-based terrorist group al-Shabaab has weakened and it wonít be a threat to the region. This has a significant impact on those countries that were supporting it. They have changed their mind to strengthen Ethiopian groups that have links with al-Shabab.

In the efforts of weakening al-shabab the role of Ethiopia is indispensable. Somalia has been making significant progress since 2012. †The Somali National Security Forces and the AU Mission in Somalia along with Ethiopian and allied Somali militia forces battled al-Shabaab and drove them out of their strongholds in the country.

The Eritrean government has been attempting to compensate its internal instability by striking the region. It was noted that some 100 thousand Eritrean citizens are migrating around the world due to the socio-economic problems. According to available resources, over 700,000 Eritrean refugees are being hosted in Ethiopia.

The state in Eritrea has been funding terrorist and ant-peace groups who have destabilizing roles in the Horn Region while the countryís socio-economic situation has been deteriorating from time to time. Eritrea remains being one of the least developed countries in the world as poverty has widespread in the country compelled 65 percent of the population lives in rural areas and 80 percent depends on subsistence agriculture for their daily bread.

The last household survey and Participatory Poverty Assessment undertaken in 2003 estimated around two-thirds of the people were living below the poverty line in Eritrea. Rural households suffer worse health outcomes, and there are no improvements.

The Government of Eritrea has prioritized working for disputes after disputes with countries in the Horn of Africa while its economic conditions remain challenging as a result of the global economic slowdown, a difficult macroeconomic situation, and limited physical and human capital. The country also continues to be impacted by political isolation and sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council over the governmentís alleged role in the Horn of Africa insecurity. The youth unemployment and underemployment is high. Half of the youth cohort, though well educated, has no access to jobs. Recurrent drought in the Horn of Africa region also poses a food security challenge.

The State in Eritrea has no intention of peaceful coexistence. Rather it has been working unreservedly to create tenterhook, chaos and instability. What we learnt from the very beginning of Issayasís coming to power was its aggressive and peace poising nature. What have been happening in the Horn under the auspice of Shabia is a real confirmation to this.†

It continued its destabilizing efforts while the Eritrean people are crying for peace and stability. They are hungry of peaceful coexistence and are desirous to get peaceful atmosphere and work hard to win their daily bread. In contrary to the need of the people, the Eritrean government has been waging wars and attempting to create instability in the Horn Region.

Ethiopia has envisioned to be a middle income country through alleviating poverty and ensuring sustainable economic development and the people have been working industriously for the renaissance of their country. They are well aware of the need of peace as the basic factor, among many others, for the realization of sustainable development. Therefore, the Ethiopian people and government have given the highest priority for peace and stability.

However, Eritrea has been continuing destabilizing the Horn Region.† This is because it is a failed state with desperate leaders who usually give priority to aggression, war and conflict so as to cover their internal problems under the pretext of unity, sovereignty and the like.† As a desperate government, it doesnít care for neighboring people, neither does it for its people.

Eritreaís expenditure for military logistics and terrorist supports has been increasing. It has war history since its cessation from Ethiopia.† It is the only country in the Horn Region governed without parliamentary elections, court of justice, freedom of opinion expression and free press.† As a result, the number of imprisoned Eritrean people is so large and the government has been silencing the people having engaged them in an injustice war.†

The rouge state has continued supporting terrorist groups including Ginbot seven, ONLF, OLF and al-Shabab in a bid to create havoc and chaos in the region under the sake of the people allotting a huge budget for destabilizing activities.†

While the people are suffering of hunger, murder and torture, the rogue state has increased its logistic support to al-Shabab, Ginbot 7 and other opposition parties in Ethiopia who have promised to Issayas to destabilize Ethiopia. It, along with countries like Egypt, is currently intending to pursue its objectives of destabilizing the region in collaboration with some states that never want to see developments in Ethiopia for one or another region.† It is also responsible for plotting bombings in Kenya, Somalia, the Sudan and Uganda at different times through backing al-Shabaab to extend its reach into Kenya. †

Throughout its history, the state in Asmara has been exerting destabilizing efforts.† Prace loving countries should be aware of these destabilizing activities and come together against peace poisoning practices.



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