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Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.D) Addia Ababa


There is French saying that goes like this: “Dans toute les societé il ya des bons et des mauvaises”. This is to say that in every society there are good and there are bad ones. In our society as in any other ones, there are those who have put their national interest prior to personal one. These people cannot compromise Sovereignty and national pride because they put those norms and values as their number one priority. At times, these people are prepared to give their precious lives and many are left disabled to protect and safeguard these fundamental norms and values they deeply esteemed. To other few, the bad ones however, these national values and norms mean nothing and to them, personal gain and personal benefit are of much priority at any cost even at the expense of national interest. In other words, they are prepared to betray their own people and their own government for their personal gain.

In the history of our nation, hundreds of thousands have held a place in history and made this generation very proud by keeping our nation free of colonialism and neo-colonialism and this trend has continued for generations even against all odds. In the course of our history, many have tried to colonize and others have tried to put pressure and to destabilize our nation in order to advance their hidden sinister agendas. However, all those who tried have been time and again proven wrong; their agendas have been exposed, defeated and humiliated. These enemies of our nation consequently were given unforgettable lesson every moment they tried to divide our people on the basis of race religion and whatever mingles causes they invent to divide our people and undermine our national interest. Some seem not to take lessons of history however; and in the 21st century they want to re-invent their evil will.

Recently, few toxic Diasporas have been aligning with our nation’s inherent enemies such as the rogue state of Eritrea and some terrorist groups such as ONLF, OLF, Genbot-7 and export their sinister agendas to Gonder in order to create lawlessness and anarchy here at home using innocent people. They have also been running and knocking at foreign doors in Europe and in North America to defame our nation. These few individuals have been active soliciting funds from innocent Diasporas and preaching hate propagandas against our nation undermining our national interest. To advance their hidden agenda and their personal motive, they even went further as siding with Shabia, OLF and ONLF: terrorist groups who have made their day to day activity to destabilize our peace and development endeavor through act of terrorism. What a Shame!

The Ethiopian people using the feel-good factor and momentum created by the new developmental endeavor undertaken throughout the nation are unified more than ever, committed and ready to change their nation for the better and challenge any obstacles including the current one from anywhere more than ever. They do not have time to listen to hate and destructive propaganda preached by few self-serving opportunists such as the ones mentioned. Ethiopians from within and the Diaspora are busy and working hard to construct, promote and develop their nation for a bright future built to last. As a result, the nation is moving forward in every aspect. For example the capital Addis Ababa is flourishing, so is Bahr Dar, Awasa and many others. Urban and rural development schemes are speeding up from coast to coast. This is much more reinforced with the good momentum of the new industrial parks .National agendas such as poverty eradication, education and health for all etc.are priorities of the public at large and the government. Thus, the people and the government of Ethiopia do not have time to listen to this divisive and hate propaganda of individuals and/or groups who are running here and there working against our national interest.

 Whereas the government and the public at large are motivated, united and ready to build their nation, it seems that these few self-serving individuals who are currently busy knocking foreign doors seem to be puzzled with this momentum and with the Global attention given to the new Ethiopia. They seem to be terrified by the intensity and tenacity and more importantly, by the rejuvenated unifying factor of the Ethiopian people. Further, they are perplexed by the impact it draws upon the public at large and by the commitment of the population at large to build and modernize this nation. Therefore, neither the government nor the public at large has time to spare or lend ears to the menacing hidden agendas of these destructive forces. The Ethiopian people from within and the Diaspora are saying enough is enough. They are saying that they want to invest in their own country; they want to be part of the ongoing development schemes in the Country. For that, the people from within and the Diaspora are focused and are putting much effort on these priorities. As a result, their efforts are baring much fruit and bringing rewarding results.

Our nation has overcome every kind of challenges over the years. Many have tried to put-over their hidden agendas to overtly and/or covertly pressurize our nation to bow to their demand. Ethiopia in its long and unwavering stand against colonialist and neo-colonialist agendas has never bowed to all attempts that were tried on different occasions. All those who tried to impose their hidden agenda upon our nation have been time and again disgraced, they all failed; therefore new ones if tried, will face the same fate and are bound to fail. No power on earth can undermine and try to destabilize our beautiful nation.

Ethiopia is a symbol of independence and a trade mark of sovereignty. This cornerstone trade mark has made the nation stand high proud and respected of its achievements and its contribution to the global peace and security. Whereas our ancestors and our gallant freedom fighters gave their precious lives to protect and safeguard this beautiful nation against all odds for centuries, and whereas the new generation paid enormous sacrifices to safeguard our nation’s dignity and sovereignty, few of these toxic Diasporas along side with terrorist groups are trying to fulfill the un-fulfilled treaty of Wuchalle. Benito Mussolini would have been delighted had he been with this disgraced individuals who have made their maximum effort to defame our nation. What a shame and what a disgrace!

Ethiopia will as always prevail and triumph. Reading the history of this nation will help in passing informed judgment, otherwise, history will witness our enemies’ hasty judgment that may last and be remembered for long.


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