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Abel  June 18, 2016 

What is the suitable way to deal with a poisonous serpent that looms next door?  Since the recorded human history, societies have adhered to laws, provisions and norms to govern and be governed, and to decorum to follow in resolve all issues including conflicts. Yet, none of those long lived social practices apply to today's HGDF led Eritrea. HGDF is an eerie type of foe alien to honorable exist, constructive engagement or to other means of conventional customs to unstitch problems. 

The observable functional and structural behaviors of the cult closes all peaceful venues to amicably solve arising differences.  Since a quarter of a century ago, HGDF has not only used imagined or real incidences to materialize its desire but also precluded any opportunity to foster peace.

Those palpable and apparent realities should force Ethiopia to pursue another somber approach in dealing with HGDF led Eritrea.  The absence of HGDF from the political dome is part and percale of national and regional socio-political and economic developments. Alongside the removal of the junta, Eritreans treatment as servitude in their own country and all the ghastly sufferings they have been forced to take will cease. HGDF is anomalous nemesis with hazy, none governmental structure, and those bizarre entities make it insuperable to any form of dialogue. It is ostensible to all that the HGDF cult is habituated to inexplicable deeds that are alien to contemporary political discourse. Persuasively, there is no other alternate to pact with the poisonous serpent next door except severing its head from its lower body.

HGDF is befuddled with decades of gruesome practices to the people it was supposed to defend and working against the aspiration of the people of the region. Expecting behavioral change from such cruel organization, where most of its leaders have aged in such social and political behavior is, therefore, tantamount to expecting the palm to grow hair.

Quietly but surely, Ethiopia should reach out to the true Eritrean oppositions, the neighboring countries including Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Djibouti; to organizations such as the UN, AU, and EU, and to influential governments in the West and the East on coaxing them to support its removal. The sooner the cult HGDF is gone, the better it becomes to the people of Eritrea (primarily), the east Africa communities and to the world in general.

Unlike other governments, the HGDF cult does not possess an iota of disposition and temperament that countenances to engage and address shared concerns. It is like dealing with a drooling rabies infested mad dog in the neighborhood, and worrying day in day out whom it may bite next. As an immediate neighbor, Ethiopia has always been the principal victim of the thuggish cult but its forbearance has limit. Since 20 plus years ago, Ethiopia has clearly stated poverty as its only enemy, and the government is using its meager resources to meet the specified urgency. It was while in this path the HGDF mafia invaded Ethiopia, and continued to bleed the republic using its deputations.  Ethiopia has quietly absorbed the unrelenting bouts of HGDF, including the deaths and abduction of hundreds of its citizens from the border areas.

Since the time HGDF junta breached the demilitarized zone using its tanks and expelled the UN peace keepers, Ethiopia had credible causes to take military actions, yet it refrained hoping the tyrant to change course. Latter, under the NO-WAR-NO PEACE situation, Ethiopia introduced a policy known as “temetatagn” to deter the harms perpetrated by the venomous HGDF, but due to the nature of the cult, none has worked. In fact, HGDF has worsened its transgressions using its newly formed agents deep inside Ethiopia. Those repeated warmongering strengthen the need to make policy change and procrastinating the hard choice is even costly.

The argument of the UN sanction or existence of International laws and respecting them alone do not secure national security let alone to stop HGDF’s attacks. When a specific policy exhausts to bring the intended end result, it is routine for policy makers to look at other means. In dealing with HGDF, Ethiopia has the constitutional responsibility to reexamine and reassess the efficacy of the course it has employed, and craft new approaches not only to mitigate the threat but also to rout the source.

After ending decades of civil war through at huge cost, and in the middle of multiple national megaprojects, in which the republic uses 98% of its annual budget for development, hearing to HGDF’s unabated belligerent offence is mindboggling. Yet, HGDF is not an ordinary government but a dogged cult without a smidgeon of reliable institutional structure, and that quagmire obstructs any possibility of good outcome except its removal. It is the obnoxious and heretical nature of the HGDF mafia that makes conventional political transactions futile.

 In dealing with HGDF Ethiopia has to cautiously and deliberately ponder all of the options at its disposal. The full material, institutional, and human resources of the nation should align with smart diplomacy to speed up HGDF’s fall. Of course, the people of Eritrea plays weighty role in reclaiming their country. The Ethiopian government should anticipate the usual sabotages of HGDF through its mercenaries deep inside Ethiopia and should develop preemptive plans to foil them.

The consorted work we are witnessing did not burgeon from nowhere but out of the innards of the irredeemable HGDF. While Ethiopia has been striving to meet the enormous developmental needs of its people for over 20 years, HGDF was busy plotting, conspiring and strategizing nonstop to disassemble the nation. It has been recruiting his disciples - make them feign as Ethiopians and send them to the country to spy and organize to foster havoc. It enlisted defeated and convicted runaways, D’erg remnants and those ESEPA affiliates. The coordinated work has been going since years back and the leaders of G7 have been paying homage to Asmara, often crooning the tyrant. That was just the settings, and if Ethiopia fails to make policy change, we should expect far worse.

In so doing, it is wise for Ethiopia to look inward, and reach out to the hate-free opposition parties, engage with them on national issues so that to bring them into line in defending the nation. With all of its good work and intends, it is important for EPRDF to further become high-minded so that to develop a shared trust and responsibilities with the patriotic part of the indigenous opposition. It is believed EPRDF is cognizant of the national, regional and international challenges Ethiopia faces and the load is too heavy to shoulder it all by itself.

While Ethiopia took diminutive actions including averring the “Temetatagn” mantra to curb the perpetual harm, the wicked HGDF increased its recklessness to its present notch. So long HGDF finds anyone dutiful to fulfill its spiteful objective, it is willing to procure and do the unthinkable. In fact that exactly is in display by the known runaways who feasted on the lives of innocent Ethiopians and Eritreans alike. The notorious Kassa Kebede, Dawit Wolegiorgis, Zewdalem Kebede, Neamen Zeleqe and many high level officials of DERG, ESEPA and their descendants have hooped the HGDF wagon. Those angry old-timers have been preparing the ground work from Asmara, long before the apprehending of Andargachew Tsige. After years of plotting and propagating the fruit was seen in different parts of Ethiopia.

Hence, Ethiopia, alongside the progressive minded Eritrean oppositions, should cultivate a well-thought, far reaching all rounded action plan and pitch in the antidotes at its choosing time and places. Although the newly covert individuals such as Shaleqa Dawit and the entire G7 riff raffs try to recite a new folio, Eritreans are well acquainted of the near past, including the stance of EPRDF founding organizations to the aspiration of the people of Eritrea.

 Long Live Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia!




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