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Enemies of Ethiopia should not be allowed to disrupt Ethiopia's Forward Movement and Progress

Enemies of Ethiopia should not be allowed to disrupt Ethiopia's         Forward Movement and Progress


Firew Gashaw 10-09-16

Undoubtedly, the last 25 years have been momentous ones for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. The country witnessed unprecedented forward movement and progress and transformed the lives of its peoples positively. The change made literally touched each and every one, because the growth and transformation was fairly covered every corner of the country and every aspect of social, economic and political sectors. Fundamental changes took place in the political life, from making constitution to decentralization of governance and from recognizing individual and group rights to introducing multiparty democracy. These changes were meant to allow our politics competitive, peaceful and democratic. In the absence of strong basis for democratic discourse, realization of all the provisions provided for in the constitution is a daunting task. Efforts to creating enabling environment have progressed but not as fast as one would have liked it. Surely, the ground and basic infrastructures are already there and it is a matter of making them more efficient, effective and participatory.

More prominent and gratifying results were achieved in social and economic sectors and also in urban and rural areas. The fast and high economic growth put Ethiopia among the top 5 economies in Africa. Ethiopia's performance in education and health sectors have become a source inspirations and a model emulated by others. Gaps in quality in both social and economic services area that require further work and investment. The transformation in the economy and social sectors would have not been possible without the corresponding expansion in infrastructure development. The work done in energy, road, railways, construction of dams and construction of housing facilities benefitted all in the country. The railways between Ethiopia and Djibouti inaugurated this week and run by electricity was one shining example for fellow Africans who took great pride and joy. This is not a benefit to Ethiopia alone but is an instrument in the regional integration. Power connectivity with countries in the region is an asset to ensure our national interest as neighbors enjoying mutual interest will never be a threat to our national peace and security. This is evident   how integration in Europe preempted the threat of war and apparently there is a call for more integration. This is also clearly a global trend and an integral part of globalization. This is one aspect of success of our foreign relations and National security policy and strategy. Success also bold in forging strategic partnership with major countries and all regions. Ethiopia's active participation in peace keeping, reconciliations and negotiation process and fight against terrorism earned her respect from all over the world. No other evidence could be counted than the overwhelming support Ethiopia was given at the election for non-permanent UNSC seat last June. This is great honor and responsibility which Ethiopia takes very seriously.

Ethiopia's progress and transformation become headache to her historical enemies. The ray of hope seen in the country should not be allowed to be disrupted even for a day. The continuation and sustainability of forward movement depends on us and not by those outside. Developing Ethiopia is the responsibility of Ethiopians.  Ethiopia is on forward movement in all frontiers.

Unholy alliance is in the making. The sell outs are busy conspiring against the very country they hope to rule. Of all the acts that no generation will forgive is the act of selling your own country to foreigners. No generation in the history of the country ever committed such disgraceful act of shame. Their place in history will be hall shame. Those who are destroying the hard won developments of the country, should ask their conscious, if they have any, how their cause will be served by destruction and affecting their own families and communities. It is mind boggling to make sense of such act of bulgur and madness. This country should not destroy what was built and start from scratch all over again, as there are modern and civilized way of addressing public grievances. Aspirants of political office should think twice and desist from encouraging destabilization of the country. Make no mistake that will serve political expediency and open a window of opportunity to same similar method of struggle and perpetuate crisis. Protest could take modern form and democratic attitude.

Use of foreign forces and allow them to meddle in our internal affairs, again, as a means to gain political end dangerous. To conspire against your own motherland simply to satisfy political hunger must be condemned in strongest possible terms. How do they wish to be trusted by the public to be given the responsibility to lead a country as big and as diverse as Ethiopia?  


What should be done?


In my view, we cannot afford to keep quiet. We cannot fold our hands and watch the destruction our country. We should not allow the monsters to drug us down and halt our forward movement.  Let us say enough is enough. Let us resort to peaceful means of addressing our challenges. This is a country that has constitutional order and elected government and representatives. The government and the ruling part made admission and declared the need for deep renewal which is awaited and expected to be presented by the state of union address of the head of state to the two houses. Let us have patience and see what the government renewal entails and how far it goes. Many perceive that the renewal is about change of guard. Surely that is not it all. Change in the Cabinet team is only one aspect. Renewal should address all issues that were raised in the party meetings. Issues related to service delivery, good governance, corruption justice delivery, deepening and widening democracy are very imperative component of the renewal. All-inclusive dialogue is the way forward. But dialogue needs peace, security, order and stability. We can create the necessary environment for addressing our challenges. The government holds the key and bears the responsibility. The first responsibility of any government is to ensure stability and order and stop this anarchism. No government can make this happen. Each and every one of has a citizenry duty and responsibility. The public should get organized and work very close with the law enforcement agencies. They cannot do alone. As always the public should expose the criminals and stop the devastation of the public and private properties that feed us. Let us forge our unity and solidarity so that we can stand together in the face of this outrageous act of suicide. Why should we allow this havoc that will take us back for many years? Let us stand as one to make sure that our progress is not stopped. Let wisdom prevail. Let peace prevail. Let us give ourselves time to resolve our challenges ourselves without the interference of our enemies. Those who work with our enemies cannot protect our national interests. They have no moral authority to determine our destiny. The peoples of Ethiopia and the government are the only sovereigns and masters of their own destinations and that of Ethiopia. The constitution has all provision for unity and even for civilized divorce hence preempting the course of war. For sure the peoples of Ethiopia, the owners of the constitution are there to provide the guidance.    

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