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Azmatch  Bereket 10-12-16

It is undeniable fact that our country Ethiopia is not doing well at this moment. We are noticing uncharacteristically the singling out of one group and the destruction of property both owned by locals but also multi million-dollar worth of investment that took many years and a lot of effort to attract. The factories, horticulture farms, water pumps, trucks, government offices and private properties will make a dent in the local economy as many of the people who were earning a living will be unemployed, putting back the family, the community, the region and the country back into poverty and marginalization. Those investments have become a lifeline for many people in the regions they are operating. . This destruction of property will have a significant impact on our ability to attract investment and create the desired employment for our brothers and sisters. It will make attracting investment very difficult. The diaspora anti-peace elements are overjoyed by this destruction and are trying via Facebook and other means for more destruction to happen. This is very saddening and also very upsetting to see and hear.

Yes, in the democratic process, controversy is inevitable and sometimes healthy. Because it gives us an opportunity to introduce new ideas and test them through debates but also to challenge those in power to do more and also to take corrective action. In fact, politics would be dull and uninteresting without rounds of fact based rounds of heated arguments that are constructive and useful to the country.


What the extremist elements both at home and Diaspora are encouraging their hired guns in Ethiopia is to do   destruction of property, the burning of factories, individual homes and burning of buses and other properties. Not only destruction of property but also name calling, smear tactics, mud slinging and character assassination. If nothing else, the maintenance of public peace and order is a basic requirement in any community and country so that people can conduct their daily lives and present their cases to the people elected to serve.

True Activists share which is distinct and inspirational for those who quench for peace, freedom and justice. They are selfless and willing to pay (and many did) the ultimate price in bringing about positive social and political changes. Their rewards are nothing beyond the realization of the cause(s) they fight for, be it social justice, economic justice or human rights.

And then there are those are “Pseudo-Activists” who talk the talk but do not walk the talk when it comes to struggle for social and economic equality. In a real sense, these groups have neither the will nor the desire in serving humanity. Yet, they like to portray themselves as “saviors” who are fighting to bring about positive changes. They are usually referred by their handlers and mainstream media with catchy phrases such as “Human Rights activists” as means of giving them legitimacy in carrying out a given mission.

Some have no clear agenda as to how to transform “ills” of a given society if there’s one other than exacerbating them further. More often than not, they are seeing spreading falsified and prefabricated information about Ethiopia with clear intention of causing chaos.

Others are simply hired to work covertly in acts of espionage using “activism” as a disguise. These individuals have no qualm in harming the very people they claim are working to “save” so long as the assignment given is in line with their submissive mission and the price is right. Simply put, they lack the basic principle of what it means to be patriotic and do not hesitate to sell their country to the highest bidder.

The rewards for these “want to be Activists” often come in a form of monetary as long as they serve their masters until rendered useless and discarded like a piece of trash.

At this juncture when we are witnessing escalation of civil unrests and mil confrontations, the time is ripe for citizens who genuinely seek for peace and stability in the Ethiopia to expose the true nature of those who are helping in the destabilization and engaging in covert acts of espionage using important issues such as human rights, religious freedom or others as a pretext.

Like many other countries, Ethiopia is not immune from these ills of society who are the main obstacle to socioeconomic and political progress, the very cause for which they unashamedly claim they are fighting for. This is by no means to suggest that all those who have opposing views on how Ethiopia is or should be governed mean harm to the country and could possibly have genuine concerns, real or perceived, which they feel need to be addressed. My message is directed at those who have sided with the enemy in attacking Ethiopia and its people day in and day out with a clear goal of undermining its sovereignty.


When things on the ground did not go as they planned or plotted and as a clear sign of their frustration, which was growing day by day, the self appointed “Human Rights Activists” escalated their hostilities against nationals in Ethiopia and diaspora who do not subscribe to their destructive political agenda through verbal and physical harassments.

The pseudo-activists of Ethiopia have been playing destructive roles by disseminating false and unsubstantiated accusation against their country in a futile attempt to fulfill a narrow and selfish political objective. We should all be aware; this has also become a source of income to those who claim to be the “activists”. Money collected in the name of Ethiopia has enriched their pockets and are leading a comfortable life with out any meaningful employment.

It is about time, we come together and work together to challenge and expose the individuals and groups that are tarnishing the image of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and are planting the seeds of hate from afar. Enough is enough. We need peace in our land.


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