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‘OLF’ and Egypt’s Institutions an unholy Alliance

‘OLF’ and Egypt’s Institutions an unholy Alliance

Desta Hailu 10-13-16

It’s very shameful that the OLF leaders stood in the way by opposing the GERD project that holds every Ethiopian fingerprint and a project that is the launch of our people’s development aspirations and renaissance. With this inconsiderate remark, it can be said that these people have yet again showed us, albeit this time in a new light, that they’re more concerned about foreigners and their money rather than they are about their own people and country. I believe this is not the position of only OLF. Although, as the terror group fills its pocket by lackeying for foreign forces, it was made to say it, but the comment is the position and wish of Egypt’s ruling class.

So, I take this comment and remarks as Egypt’s government internal belief and position. In order for me to put forward for my readers how the remarks made by OLF is outdated and unacceptable, and the fact that the Egyptian government is swamped with these obsolete thinking, I think it’s necessary to look into firstly the identity of the terror group, its previous exploits and Egypt’s performance with regards to its usage of lackeys in the shape of Ethiopian terrorists and anti-peace forces.

As we all can understand, few narrow-minded, chauvinists and anti-peace forces who operate in the name of the people and under the guise of “political organization”, would do anything to realize their own personal interest (which is the only thing they are really after at) have went as far as trying to disturb our peace and to hinder our development aspirations – although it all has been to no avail as they don’t have any kind of acceptance within the public.

The self-proclaimed “Oromo Liberation Front” that went in to rebel more than 40 years ago, can now add treachery and terrorism to the lists in its CV; antics it turned to as a consequence of its failure and marginalization from the people. This group which is marginalized from the public is a collection of narrow-minded individuals who couldn’t even liberate a single woreda.

As this anti-Ethiopian terror group has no base within the people, it has previously been doing a shameful act of back stabbing its own country by standing together with Somali fundamentalists and extremists groups using Somalia as its haven. This group which tried to play a liaison role by accepting Eritrea’s government terror and strategy call, in the then failed state of Somalia, it has tried to work with other anti-peace forces that don’t even align to its factious agenda, in a ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ thinking – although just like its Godfather, the Eritrean government, its effort has withered into the thin air. The “Oromo Liberation Front”; which is called by our people as ‘an Oromo organization that’s not recognized by the Oromo people’, a name given for its anti-people acts, tried to up its anti-peace antics along with its cohorts in Gambella, Eastern Oromia, and in the Central and Eastern part of our country, especially after it joined the Private limited company of Ato Isaias Afwerki’s government.

However, this collection of misfits wasn’t able to get away from the watchful eyes of our people and the strong arms of our defense forces. Today the group is only to spewing hoax and unfounded rumors sitting from its offices as it don’t have any capable force and don’t have anywhere to go, after it sustained repeated defeats. This is why it clearly showed its unpatriotic skin from Egypt by flaunting only rhetoric – as there is nothing else much that it can do other than this. All in all it’s funny seeing as how the front is taken as one option of havoc for the backward Egyptian politicians.

The Egyptian ruling class should know that they are traitor and unpatriotic force that are wanted for terrorism and crime by our country’s nation, nationalities and people. This is because this anti-public group is seen in a negative light by the public as a consequence of its previous exploits in which it killed innocent civilians, torched schools, bombed universities and both attacked and tried to attack public institutions and individual properties.

To mention some of its sinister attacks (out of the many), its brutal attack on the people it carried out in eastern Harerghe is one; including its bomb and grenade attacks. Its attack at a school in Woliso town so that the public can’t be beneficiaries of education is another one of its anti-public acts. Thus, as the public is well aware of this treacherous nature of the front, it’s a marginalized group in our country. And if the rulers of Egypt are thinking that they would hinder the GERD project through the mumblings of OLF, I think they are in for disappointment – as the former dictator of Egypt Hosni Mubarak wasn’t able to be successful with this similar type of strategy.

Even in those times where Mubarak himself tried to hold back our country’s development and peace indirectly through ‘OLF’, our country wasn’t hindered from its development aspirations. Instead the country started to benefit its people by recording rapid economic development that is marveled in African and which is the first of its kind in our country’s history. Thus, I would like to remind the new Egypt’s ruling elites that the scheme to weaken our country that was plotted by Mubarak or the anti-public group OLF was wiped out by our government’s astute leadership, our people’s close look and our brave men in Uniforms’ devastating arm.

Also I would like to remind them that the terrorist group they employed to mumble their wishes on their own web pages, is now a group confined only to spewing propagation from its Asmara and European offices. So, again it would be behoove of them to know that it might be prove costly for them to depend upon a group that’s severely marginalized by the people and that spends its days spewing rumors anytime it gets the chance, so that it won’t be declared that it’s out of the game.

Although this group claims that its struggle is for Oromo people’s freedom, rights and development, what we are seeing is the fact that the public deny any recognition for an “organization” called OLF and being fully aware of its anti-peace nature.

The position that’s taken by the nation, nationalities and people of Ethiopia with regards to the terror group, exposes the group’s fictional so-called objectives.

The Oromo people, including me, asks why the group sells in the name of the people and from where its so-called “liberation” comes from, considering the fact that the Oromo people like any other people of the country have found freedom, the right to self-administration, whilst learning and being judged by their own language from the constitution they fought to be enshrined.

So, by understanding OLF’s objective has got nothing to do with freedom but slavery, not enshrining human & democratic rights but violating them, and that it’s not about development but getting back to poverty, the public has marginalized the group. The hatred our people have for OLF doesn’t only stop with this.

As this Shabiya cohort (and now it’s a lackey to Egypt’s backward politicians) tried to make our people a victim of terror attack by siding with foreign powers instead of protecting the interest of the people; and as the public itself understood the group’s anti-public and anti-development agendas, they are ready to take any of the affiliates of the group to the authorities – in order to protect their development and economic growth. It can be said that this group, that barely passes to be considered as a self-sufficient organization, and that’s being used by Cairo politicians to parrot their barren-hope, is a marginalized terror group. And the Cairo politicians will do well to learn from their past mistakes.

As it known, Egypt’ ruling elite, up until the Mubarak regime, not only flaunted an uncivilized and greedy position with regards to the Nile River, but they have openly tried to pose a danger upon our county’s peace and stability. Egypt with a ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ thinking had used to provide arms in droves to Siad Barre’s Somalia’s government – though its effort had all been to no avail.

The country has also tried to weaken our country by creating and organizing a terror group by the name of ‘ONLF’ and making it operate under the banner of Ogaden. But this effort of the country hasn’t gotten it anything, even today – as ONLF has withered in to a thin air from the Somali region. The Mubarak administration itself wasn’t successful with its strategy of weakening Ethiopia, it followed from the footsteps of former ruling elite.

We have heard from those who were close that the Mubarak government has given many arms to Eritrea during the Ethiopian-Eritrean war, as it was confirmed from  Eritrea’s war prisoners and from the tag ‘made in Egypt’ that was seen from the arms left by deserters.  The administration with its measly rationale of ‘If Ethiopia’s stable and start to make strides in its development, it will start to use the Nile River’, has led it use Eritrea’s government as a buffer and supported other anti-peace and terror groups to harm Ethiopian development indirectly – although again it has all been to no avail. And the current antic of the country of using ‘OLF’ and other Ethiopian Terrorist Groups like ‘Ginbot 7’ for its conspiracy plots would not bear anything different from its past efforts.

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