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No Amount of Sweetener Can Mask America’s Poison Pill

No Amount of Sweetener Can Mask America’s Poison Pill

Kahsay Gebretsadik 10-27-16

Whether we like it or not, the United States of America along with some western countries in cahoots with Ethiopian extremists and narrow nationalists in their capitals are behind the current crisis in Ethiopia. This is not to discount the role of the Arab’s under Egyptian intelligence and a lunatic leader in Eritrea.  The crisis is not spontaneous by citizens who have grievance against their government or the system, it is rather a well-planned and financed campaign not only to undermine the current government but to control Ethiopia’s destiny under the false pretense that the two major ethnic groups, the Amhara and Oromo, are oppressed under TPLF/EPRDF and should be the masters of Ethiopia’s destiny. It is also a campaign to destroy the federal system which gives protection to minor ethnic groups who are flourishing under an imperfect but a very good system.

Policy experts from national security to foreign affairs have been warning the US for years to stop China from dominating Africa. For example, Peter Brookes and Ji Hye Shin wrote in The Heritage in 2006: China’s Influence in Africa: Implications for the United States. They boldly stated that “The United States must also be alert to the potential long-term disruption of American access to important raw materials and energy sources as these resources are "locked up" by Chinese firms for the PRC's domestic market to maintain China's economic growth.” They continued to claim that “U.S. national interests lie in effectively countering these developments in Africa by deftly encouraging democratic processes, economic freedom, and respect for human rights across the African continent.”

It is unfortunate but understandably clear why the US is freaking out at the depth of partnership between Ethiopian ruling party and the communist party of the RPC. The US should blame no one but itself for its misguided and backward policy. The progress Ethiopia has shown so far in collaboration with its development partners (United States is one though not significant) is impressive. Such progress is an envy of the world. Unfortunately, it has created so many enemies to Ethiopia. Sadly, US is numero uno.

Training of Ethiopian Extremists and Opposition Leaders

Even the embezzler and traitor, major Dawit Woldegiorgis, unashamedly and proudly told the extremists during their recent conference in DC about the behind door discussion he and his cohorts had with State Department and some anti TPLF/EPRDF US elected officials. Even though we need take this with a grain of salt but the support the extremists are getting is unprecedented. Unfortunately, the extremists and opposition politicians in Ethiopia are not delivering as expected. The mantra from US officials is now or never. Thanks to the peace loving people of Ethiopia, US hunger to control Ethiopia through inept, extremists and narrow nationalist is crushed decisively. This should be a lesson for the US to rethink its misguided policy of intimidating the ruling party and its supporters.

In addition to State Department, several Think Tanks and policy experts have been busy for months training elements that are receptive to their liberal and no regulation policy in DC and other undisclosed locations on how to exploit citizen’s grievance and dissatisfaction to cause chaos and instability. I don’t believe the intention of the so called experts were to get the situation out of control which is counter to their ultimate goal because such unprecedented crisis can force the government and the people to take a serious of measures to prevent the country from going into complete chaos. But the messenger’s ineptness and callousness put cold water to their plan which resulted in the declaration of the State of Emergency. The grumbling and crocodile tears from Human Rights groups, State Department and others is not surprising to many of us but such cry is not uncommon from those who know no shame.       

Corruption and Mismanagement

Anyone who denies the existence of corruption, mismanagement and social problems in Ethiopia should check his/her sanity. Despite the ruling party’s admittance of its existence, its failure to take a decisive action to address the situation is mindboggling. These problems must be addressed right now and effectively. Anyone who is involved in corruption must be brought to justice and any incompetent official should be fired immediately.  People shouldn’t be appointed solely based on their political loyalty. Education, experience and skills must be considered for any federal position. Those who don’t blindly support the ruling party are, in fact, a mirror for the ruling party’s shortcomings.  But any individual or group of individuals who resort to violence to advance their grievance or political ambition should be dealt with brutal force and bring to trial without delay. Democracy doesn’t entitle citizens to destroy private and public properties. It doesn’t give people the right to break law and order and also prevent citizens from operating their business. It doesn’t allow people to impose their political view on others. In a democratic system, citizens have the right to ask their government but it doesn’t entitle them to a response of their liking.

Is Ethiopia Diplomats’ Silence Wisdom or Incompetence 

Ethiopian leaders silence and reluctance to express their dismay at the United States and other nations, criticizing its handling of the situation, is appalling. As if America is a holy nation where disaffected, disenfranchised and unhappy citizens burn federal, state and private properties and kill public officials and innocent citizens, it shamelessly tried to lecture Ethiopia on how to address the destructive, dangerous and uncontrollable violence. It adds fuel to the raging fire by siding openly with the leaders of the violence in its Capitals and various provinces. It also uses the “independent’ radio station called Voice of America to encourage the leaders of the violence to continue their destructive activities by giving blanket coverage and broadcasting unverified reports from leaders of the violence as “independent” residents.   

On the other hand, while knowing its historical enemies won’t sleep for a second, Ethiopia should stop whining about the evil intention of its enemies and rather redouble its effort not only to frustrate its enemies by reinforcing its intelligence and military power but also to improve the economic, social and political environment of its citizens.

Let the extremists, narrow nationalists, human rights groups and the US dwell on their talking points. As they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar, no one expects them to be happy about the positive impact of the action taken by the government and its peace loving people.  Such an action won’t bring a lasting solution but it is the first step to bring peace and order. It is a timely action to stop the deteriorating situation before it gets out of hand.

Ethiopia needs Responsible Partners

Moreover, Ethiopia should unequivocally tell any country or organization, which tries to lecture the country on how to handle its affairs, to refrain from spreading inaccurate and baseless accusations or shut up and keep its money where its mouth is. Ethiopia has shown great restraint so far in dealing with lawlessness. No country in the world allows its citizens to take the law into their own hands because they have grievances against their government. Citizens can protest while respecting the right of others and the constitution. Destroying the property of private investors and public properties should be red line that shouldn’t be crossed and be dealt at any cost. 

In summary, it is time for the United States, some western nations and Human Right organizations to distance themselves from toxic and extremist groups who are no good not only to Ethiopia but also to their local community. Ethiopia is marching forward no matter how tough the challenges it is facing. Ethiopians are not going to succumb to blackmailing by Human Rights organizations, United States and the Arabs. Our history is everywhere for those who are interested to know and learn. When we are intimidated, blackmailed and disrespected for choosing our destiny, we are like the poisonous bees which fight till death to defend their queen and honey hive. We will defend the progress and there is no return backward.


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