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Ethiopia sacrifices for lasting peace and stability!

Ethiopia sacrifices for lasting peace and stability!


Gemeda Tussa



Ethiopia has been working hard to ensure peace and stability in the Horn Region. It is believed to consolidate its tremendous efforts towards ensuring maintaining peace and ensure sustainable development. As a result it is the leading country in deploying peace keeping forces to contain conflicts and resolve political problems in Africa.


The country is playing pivotal role in keeping peace by deploying troops to South Sudan, Abiye and Darfur under the United Nations and to Somalia under the Africa Union Peace keeping Mission.


It has been struggling against the expansion of terrorism in the Horn Region. Ethiopia has been working towards ensuring lasting peace and stability within the country and also in the Horn Region. It has also been devoted for peace and stability in the continent.


The role Ethiopia has been playing to bring an enduring peace in South Sudan, Sudan and Somalia is a real indication of this commitment. In fact its tremendous efforts to realize lasting peace and stability is not only restricted to these countries but extended to the entire Africa.


Although the effort the country has exerted to help the Somali people is at the forefront, all its efforts towards ensuring lasting peace in Africa is recommendable.


The country has been paying such sacrifice in order to bring lasting peace and stability not only to mitigate tensions and bloodshed among the people but also let these people,  who are culturally intertwined, coexist peacefully.


Another significant reason for the sacrifice is the fact that  Ethiopia wants to maintain peace in the region so that it could  realize its vision of becoming one of the middle income countries in the coming few years.


Having recognized the difficulty of realizing sustainable development without peace, the country intended to pave ways for the continuity of its fruitful efforts towards mitigating poverty and ensuring sustainable economic development.  That is why Ethiopia has been doing its best level so as to ensure lasting peace in the continent.


Therefore, the country’s commitment to regional peace is so commendable and has to be backed by the international community in general and African countries in particular. However, there are groups attempting to destabilize the country under the pretext of religion.


Although many religious fathers condemned calling believers to come together against movements under the pretext of religion, the destabilizing activity using the religion as cover has sustained.


The people could in fact work in collaboration with the government and religious fathers to cease any anti-development activities undertaking in the name of religion.  Therefore, all Ethiopians need to come together to fight poverty instead of creating a room for terrorists in the name of their religions.


Indeed, the existed religious tolerance must be kept and strengthened. It is time for all the Muslim Community to investigate what a few terrorist individuals have been doing and condemn them seriously. Besides, they have to strengthen their smooth and brotherly relations with other religion followers in the country.


The peaceful religious coexistence in Ethiopia is beyond all telling; a unique feature.  All religions in Ethiopia have been living together with unity and tolerance.   That religious tolerance and mutual understanding among the Ethiopian people has existed since time immemorial.


The recent occurrences with some hidden agendas under the pretext of religion obviously contradicted not only religious principles but also the constitution of the country.


It should be comprehended that the recent ill-activity in some places of the Oromoiya Regional State backed and instigated by Johar Mohamed and other irresponsible groups emanated from the need to destabilize the country.


However, Ethiopia will continue so stable and peaceful country. It will also continue as a religious harmonic model country. The people and government of Ethiopia must take the necessary measures to make hay any effort exerted to disintegrate the unity of the believers.

It is also of paramount importance for the Muslim Community to identify those ill-activities taking place under the cover of their religion and fight those individuals who have been running that agenda. 


The already existed religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence in Ethiopia should be maintained by the consolidated efforts of the believers, the government and the people of Ethiopia.


Minister of GCAO Getachew Reda said that Ethiopia is involved in the peace of the region because it is in our best interest. In this case, what worries us is whether we are doing it in a manner to win the mind of the people. 


“The development of the country is largely depends on what we do wrong or what we do right. What portion of our society is benefiting? We realize that peace in the region is something which is strive for because Ethiopia cannot and should not thrive on its own we cannot afford to be in island of stability in a troubled neighborhood, he emphasized.  The struggle to peace and stability is, therefore, part and parcel of Ethiopia’s plan to alleviate poverty and ensure economic development.



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