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EthioSomali Diaspora Sent a loud and Clear Message to Ginbot 7, OLF and their Likewise


EthioSomali Diaspora Sent a loud and Clear Message to Ginbot 7, OLF and their Likewise.


Mohamed Olad 09-27-16

The North American EthioSomali Diaspora Community has staged a rally dubbed as The Rally Against Ethnic-Chauvinism. As one of the main organizers of the event, I can tell you it was a phenomenal success beyond everyone’s expectation. I was moved by how committed was the diaspora community to make sure their voice is heard. It was something remarkable to see how that they were committed to send a message that is loud and clear that they will not sit idly anymore since there are active forces trying to undermine the sustained peace and development both in the nation as well as in the region.

However, some media outlets tried to characterize it different to their dismay. They tried some propaganda ploy that the rally was staged because of some insults hurled against The Somali Regional State President by some in the Diaspora opposition forces as a result of the ten million birr donation given to the victims of ethnic violence in Gondar area of the Amhara Region.

Though it does not warrant any official response of the mischaracterization of the rally staged by the Ethiopian Somali Diaspora Community of North American, it is worth noting how cheaply they tried to muddle around and pass some statements, analysis and media briefings as a simple statements that seem like though they are facts and as innocent as possible. It is also worth noting what distance some people will go to mischaracterize and misrepresent facts and information even the trivial one.

But let me break it down to them, as someone who was closely involved in the promotion of this rally, here is why we staged this massive and consequential rally. For one, we are not really bothered by vilification and/or insult for that matter by some low-life know-thing wannabes. We all have more important things to do specially President Abdi Mohamoud Omar. But, even the bogus internet trolls that frequent most of these social media pages and news sites like that of Jawar Mohamed cannot escape why they tried to characterize it that way because they cannot stand the real reason why the rally was staged.

It is because they cannot stomach the fact that, the Somali people said enough is enough, that we said we will not go back to the dark days of the Derg regime. They cannot stand the fact that the Somali people said loud and clear that we stand in solidarity with all Ethiopian NNPs of Ethiopia.

And for what is worth, we did not only talk the talk but we walked the walk when the Somali Region donated ten million birr to the those displaced by ethnic violence and the donation, sympathy and solidarity is still pouring on.

A relevant example of that sustained solidarity and support is the donation of ten thousand U.S Dollars to the same cause by the Ethiopian Somali Development Association through its Australia branch a few days ago. The donation of Afari Government and its people by more than ten million dollars to the same cause and the massive rally planned on Tuesday 27th S September in Jig-Jiga reaffirms that. And there is every reason to believe that this momentum will only grow as the need for solidarity and unity increases overtime.

The Rally Against Ethnic-Chauvinism, as it was called, was an occasion in which the Somali people declared that federalism is the answer not fascism and that the FDRE constitution guarantees both individual and group rights. They also let everybody remember that the EPRDF government is elected on a popular mandate that it should be only through the ballot box that you can attain power and rule.

The Ethiopian Somali renewed the old oath of all Ethiopian NNPs that there is unity in our diversity and our diversity is the source of our strength.

They also denounced all those who have some other ulterior motive and personal ambition us much us they have denounced ethnic-chauvinists and agitators alike while reaffirming that they will not let foreign enemy entities meddle with our own national interest. They also made abundantly clear that they are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect the gains made so far and what is to come across the horizon. That is the genuine reason we staged this historic rally for those who still have some lingering doubts in their little hearts.

Editor’s NoteMohamed Olad is the Managing Editor of He was a former Academic Staff and Faculty Fellow at Jig-Jiga University. Now he as an entrepreneur based in the United States. He is also the Managing Editor at He can be reached at


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