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25th ANNIVEERSARY OF MAY 28, 1991,A Startling Red Carpet Day!!


25th  ANNIVEERSARY OF MAY 28, 1991,

A  Startling Red Carpet Day!!


Tsehaye  Debalkew, Washington DC, May 26, 2016


 It has been more than four decades when the imperial order was assigned into a limbo with the much vouched sanctity and infallibility of the monarchy which was abated and cemented by the landed gentry, the top brass of the military oligarchy and the highest echelon of the papacy and clergy. It was only in 1974, that the ascendance of the military putsch into the helm of political power in our country consigning the nation to a seemingly perpetually entrenched ruthless and merciless dictatorship where it  clamped down upon all conceivable rudimentary human and democratic rights for Seventeen years.


The notoriety of the military dictatorship was extended into condemning  Ethiopia into a gigantic prison cell of  all nations, nationalities and peoples, wherein thousands were recklessly subjected to suffocating cruelty and nefarious subjugation by the utter and sheer power of the barrel of the gun.  


It is therefore, only twenty five years / May 28, 1991   /   since the EPRDF, with the full blown participation and support of the Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples   over threw the military junta.


After decisively defeating the Military Junta and its attendant evils, it pushed it asunder and was defiled into oblivion, that one reminisces with the utmost felicitation and profound pride that the genuinely heralded millennia years of sovereignty and independence of our beloved Ethiopia with its patriotic history of valor all the more, have been embellished with brand new historic triumphs registered in the political, economic and socio-cultural spheres.


To-day the Grand Renaissance Dam which celebrated its fifth year anniversary recently and the Second Growth and Transformation Plan,  which show only the tip of the iceberg where our country is heading to, are shining and startling crescendo of testimonies to the ever spiraling stories of success and achievement that abound in Ethiopia in all fields.


An old chapter of the history of Ethiopia wherein the bristling bravado and patriotism coupled with centuries old aboriginal civilization, Culture, fauna and flora and gallantry was brandished with modern values of farsightedness, peaceful co-existence, rapprochement, conversation, patience, dialogue, civility, accommodation, tolerance, diversity, understanding, mutual respect, resilience, trust, magnanimity, respect for human rights, justice and equality coupled with an all out spirit of hard work and duty bound discipline observed in the ranks of the people.


Gone are the days of mutual destruction, attrition and hate. With the blossoming of the rights enshrined in the Ethiopian Constitution which is the kernel of our society and the burgeoning democratic culture and exercise within the bounds of the law of the land, has ensued a bright chapter of the orderliness as the only avenue and peaceful political tradition to ascend the ladder of political power through to the pinnacle in the country's political arena.


 Exception to the widely held rule are a few mercenaries under the pay check of the myopic one man regime of Eritrea who still cherish the  old idea of'" power grows out of the barrel of the gun" and harbors a disdain to the modern idea of popular voice and peaceful seizure of power through a democratic election process.


With the periodic elections held democratically and legitimately seize power through the will of the electorate, the victors are not only the contestants but the real triumph goes to the Ethiopian people, who have demonstrated the acme of civility and magnanimity by expressing their will and support for the democratic culture to take root demonstrating a landmark resolution to shine upon divisiveness, hate and evil.. 


The advent of to- day's Ethiopia has surely opened up new vistas for its people to be all the more respected by the international community for being seriously committed to institutionalizing successive and continuous elections, for posterity with the will and political maturity and modern standards upheld and hailed by any democratic election anywhere on the globe for being free, fair, just, peaceful and credible by all accounts.  


A striking lesson that could certainly be drawn from such a behemoth of political score is the irrevocable and inevitable drainage of the champions of mayhem, diatribe, and hatemongering advocated by the outlandishly infinitesimal domestic opposition and their cohorts, the vitriolic and acrimonious few in the ranks of the Diaspora Ethiopians.  


Masquerading under the guise of bravado, the few extreme hate mongers are to-day enamored by a farfetched love and are bent upon sheer prayer to see Ethiopia wallowing in a scenario akin to that of the recent upheavals that had transpired in Syria and Yemen.


The hardnosed rebuke of the Ethiopian people from all hooks and nooks and the width and breadth of the country is a resounding no to Poverty!! We shall March forward with the motto of the Growth and Transformation Drive!!  We shall surely and certainly Nip backwardness, disease and ignorance in the Bud for good and enroll our country in the ranks of developed nations in the not too distant future!! 


In contemporary Ethiopia, the peaceful vista is the only and the surest way to democracy, development, equality, Respect for human rights and justice and the watermark for the concord among the entire people of Ethiopia piercing the last nail on the coffin of the extremist vocal minority who are staunch advocates of terror and horror within and outside of the country.


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