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Note to face book and twitter users,

As you all know the extremists are known to doctor all kinds of images from around the world and present them as if they were from Ethiopia. Aigaforum has been trying to expose them in the past whenever they lied. They even tried to doctor Aigaforum front-page image a while back hoping the US government would come hard on us. You should know the extremists would leave no stone unturned to defame the new Ethiopia and the EPRDF government.

 The best thing to do is to refrain from forwarding such posts or visit such accounts. At the very least do not give such characters your attention. Trust us these people know no shame. They have been caught red handed before and they never stopped repeating the same lies. We understand your anguish about leaving such characters unchecked with their lie. What we are saying is the best thing to do to stop them is to deny them from being the agenda setters for the cyber community. Whenever you see a developing story line from the extremists try to create your own story line that undermines theirs. Do not reply to them nor should you try to prove them wrong. They know they are wrong! They have no good reason to oppose that is why they lie. Their problem is envy. Their problem is seeing Woyane succeed right under their nose. Their problem is Ethiopia’s development and its progress! So do not increase their twitter numbers and Facebook likes. We know the extremists will do anything to get some hits, we have seen it from their websites before.

 Basically choose your playing field. That is how to win in spite of their distractions! Take a clue from the extremists we had before who mushroomed during the 1997 failed insurrection. They were not defeated by social media likes or with their lies. They were defeated due to responsible, factual dissemination of information to the world on Ethiopia's economic progress and the changing faces of Addis alone! You can do the same thing now by showing the changing faces of the Oromo people and their economic life. If there is a region in Ethiopia that is showing fundamental progress with infrastructure work it is the Oromia region. Such facts should be used to defeat the extremists from having a listening ear going forward.

  [Aigaforum Dec 19, 2015]

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