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The public should expose the anti-peace elements

The public should expose the anti-peace elements!

Kebede Kassa


Recently some narrowest, chauvinist and rent-seeking opposition politicians, labeled by the House of peoples’ Representatives as terrorists, have created an agenda of malice whilst claiming to peacefully compete for power. And the agenda was a fictitious story that goes like, “Addis Ababa and Oromia special zone are about to be integrated by the master-plan the government prepared; and the Oromo people are about to lose their lands etc …” Total bogus and creative blabber!

What has helped them as basis for this was of course the provision the regional state passed in order to led the cities of the region in modern ways. And this provision, as is obvious for everyone, aims to enable the region’s cities to develop competitively with neighboring cities, and to be fair beneficiaries in regards to their realities on the ground.

And the provision is only prepared to give direct answer/reply to public questions of development and good governance; to fight rent-seeking outlook and actions; to create a way to utilize the revenue collected for self-development; and to bring just benefit by integrating the cities and rural areas development.

Outside this, the plan doesn’t aim to give the borders of Oromia to Finfin and displace the farmers by violating the constitution, as what the anti-peace forces and terrorists are spewing through their Medias – it never has that plan, and never will. However, we have seen those failed and exaggerating anti-peace forces trying to obstruct the people’s developmental path and effort through their fictitious anti-development and anti-people agenda – although this fantasy of theirs will not come to fruition like in the past.

Problems were caused in some universities and secondary schools in Oromia region as a result of the confusion created by the fictitious anti-development agenda these terrorists and anti-peace forces disseminated.

As a result to this, lives have been lost, people have been injured, and materials have been destroyed. I think these people will inevitably pay for his. This is because; the new Ethiopia where its people are benefiting at every level is not a country that everybody can harm peoples’ lives and possession with impunity.

The federal system our country adheres to guaranteed the just benefit of every nation, nationalities and people and strengthened it; and it is not one to violate the rights of members of the federation. Instead, through the constitution, it guarantees the comprehensive rights of the members of the federation.

Of course the peace-loving people of Oromia clearly know the sinister plots of these terrorists and anti-peace forces. They also know that previously these people were reading them very creative fiction in a bid to halt them from being beneficiaries from the rapid and sustainable development that is being recorded in the country. They recall how they were dragging their young children into conflict with stuff they don’t understand.

So, we can’t be telling this proud people, who are leading the peace, development and democratic order building, that the interest of these anti-peace forces are of violence and unrest and not of peace; they are forces of rent-seeking and violation of rights instead of beneficiaries from rights; operates with zero-sum politics instead of a politics where everyone benefits from; adheres to narrowist and chauvinist outlook instead of tolerance and respect; and slavery instead of freedom.

Indeed! They very well know who these anti-peace forces are – forces that are trying to revive their bankrupt and failed politics on the back and risk of the young people who are working for development whilst they live comfortable sitting far away.

So, I think they will face the music for what they have done in time. This is because the people don’t want to see the double digit rapid and sustainable economic development that is being recorded at both country and regional level to hit a snag.

Thus, I think it should be known that there won’t be a government or people that will be allowed to be operated upon by baseless rumor disseminated by terrorists and anti-peace force. Of course the aim of these anti-peace forces is not the agenda of the peace-loving Oromo people, who have a wish to grow together with the rest of the country’s nation, nationalities and people.

The interest of the Oromo people is to grow together with the other people of the country in cooperation, to have just benefit based relationship with neighboring regions and city administration, and to exercise the rights being upheld that are scripted on the constitution it helped ratified through bitter struggle.

Indeed! the rights to self-administer, develop and grow of the peace and development loving people of Oromo can only be decided by themselves and nobody else – as the main aim of the bitter struggle the people went through together with the other nation, nationalities and people of our country to topple the Derg regime was to realize these rights.

With regards to this and looking at the stories disseminated by these anti-peace forces, we can see that the aim is to stutter Oromo’s people benefit; both at regional and national level, and erode its constitutional rights so that they work on their development works attentively.

Here, I think it’s important to raise the questions, “Is the master-plan that is prepared aims to incorporate Addis Ababa with Oromo special zone? Does it aim to take away the land of Oromo people?’ This is because, the answers to these questions helps expose the bogus narratives the terrorists and anti-peace forces disseminated to manipulate the students, for what they really are. So, let us move on to that …

As it’s known, the Addis Ababa and the surrounding Finfine integrated master-plan provides key economic, social, infrastructural and development works like road, water, electricity, telephone and other service supplies, and enables the dwellers of Addis Ababa together with the ones in Oromia region to be beneficiary in a fair and close manner, if not equally. It creates the same rate of opportunity for.  

So, integrating Finifine surrounding cities with Addis Ababa in development can only be a trigger for development, and cannot be a way to take away land as what the anti-peace forces and their Medias are disseminating – and it won’t for always.

In my belief, the correct and rational question that should be raised was, “why does this beneficiary development integrating plan take so long until now?”What we can understand from the history of world cities is the fact that cities in their nature cannot develop separately from cities that are situated close by.

A big city has characteristics of growing along with close by small city. As there are many economic and social issues that would tie a city to its neighboring city, it can’t undertake all the development works alone. Thus, the benefits of integrating the development of Addis Ababa with the other Finifine special zone cities is for both sides, and not an issue of one taking something from the other.

It is an issue of integrating with development, and not an issue of unionization. Even if the neighbors decided to unionize, the constitution won’t allow it – as both have different administrative style.

Here, it is important to recall that there’s one issue that makes the development integration of both a necessity. One city cannot work on issues like water and environment pollution separately from its neighbors. It won’t get anywhere if it is to work alone. For instance, In order to develop a river that cuts through Addis Ababa into neighboring cities, both cities need to plan together.

If a certain city tries to work to dispose and recycle waste materials in modern way, to bring better natural resource utilization and guarantee sustainable city development by strengthening its conservation and protection of natural resources, alone without deliberating with its neighboring city, it will end up being a futile endeavor – ‘clapping with one hand’. Therefore, the necessity of preparing a master-plan to work out such issues cannot be debated.

The other benefit of the master-plan should be looked at from protecting security and bringing good governance. Protecting security and stability cannot be done by one side.

Working together is necessary when it comes to jointly solve security issues, investigate criminals and have a comprehensive joint security. In addition to this, working together is also important in sharing experience when it comes to good governance and democracy building works.

When the truth is this, the terrorists and anti-peace forces have helped unrest and violence to be created in some areas by confusing the Oromia region people through their baseless and manipulative stories. But, as their lies has no basis, the Oromo people, who have been working in their region with the government for the past 24 years, understands this.

As we all know, Oromia regional state and the whole people of the region have been able to achieve huge changes by optimally using the development and growth opportunities that was afforded to them within these past two decades. Since the days the developmental democratic state started to be built and take root with the direct participation of the people, the change that is being seen in the region is huge.

Those changes have enabled our county to be holder of a double digit economic growth. In this endeavor, the direct participation and ownership of the people was the main tool. There hasn’t been anything that was done without the consent of the people, and there won’t be any in the future as well.

However, politically-failed forces of malice have tried to create unrest by always focusing on the region, integrating with political organizations that are branded as terrorists and by disseminating bogus stories through anti-peace Medias – although they have been unsuccessful.

These forces have imprisoned themselves up through their sinister plots. They have been trying to implement their sinister wishes upon the region by obstructing Oromo’s people creative skills development, competitiveness, and by facilitating for poverty and backwardness to always reign high in the region – although this wish of theirs has withered away into oblivion.

Truth be told, by freeing the Oromo people from the times when their right to use their own language was forbidden, today the people are achieving huge results, with their language being source of science, research & studies and economic growth. Through the bitter struggle it undertake together with the other people of our country, it has brought comprehensive change that is benefiting the region’s people at every level.

These terrorists and anti-pace forces will wage life and death struggle to save their malicious and disintegrative agendas from being buried by the development the region is recording.

So, the people should fight and expose it. This is because; the people are very well aware of the terrorist groups like OLF and those opposition political forces who claim to operate peacefully and legally while they try to topple the constitutional order when such opportunities arise. Anyway, let us look into the anti-Oromo plots of OLF and move into their local partners in crime.

The terrorist OLF has demonstrated through its own action at various times that it is an anti-Ethiopia and anti-Oromo organization. This terrorist and anti-peace force is a small “organization” that is rejected and marginalized by the nation, nationalities and people of Ethiopia for its terror and mass murdering activities. 

As it doesn’t have popular base, this anti-Ethiopian force has been carrying out treacherous and unpatriotic act of backstabbing its own country by collaborating with Somalia extremists and using the previously stateless country as a refuge. With this, it has done a huge treacherous act on its country.

Although the terror force tried to up its anti-peace antics along with its cohorts in Gambella, Eastern Oromia, and in the Central and Eastern part of our country, it wasn’t able to get away from the watchful eyes of our people and the strong arms of our defense forces.  

So, after sustaining repeated blow from our forces, the organization runaway, along with its ‘Red terror’ remnants. Still, it is a treacherous and terror force that is wanted for terrorism and crime by our country’s nation, nationalities and people.

This is because this anti-public group is seen in a negative light by the public as a consequence of its previous exploits in which it killed innocent civilians, torched schools, bombed universities and both attacked and tried to attack public institutions and individual properties.

Although the terror organization thought that it would hinder our country’s peace and development through its malicious antics, our country had an unprecedented an internationally lauded rapid development for the past 12 years, and has started to benefit its people.

As a consequence to this, our leaders mature leadership, the watchful eyes of our people and the strong arms of our defense forces, the organization is exposed and weakened so much so OLF is now limited to its European and Asmara offices.

If we look into the historical background of OLF we see that in 1991, at the time when the nation, nationalities and people of Ethiopia buried Derg, stake its own claim on something it doesn’t help achieve, seeing just as how Shabiya controlled Eritrea. After the public disapproved its claim, gutted, the ‘organization’ left the transitional government peaceful stage.

Without liberating even a single canton in the struggle with the Derg, OLF and its foreign-Pampered leaders decision to stomp on peaceful opportunities in order to reorganize their organization into a terrorist outfit showed their backward (antique) attitude. In addition to this, when the recent type of situation erupt in the country, the country tried to say ‘am alive’ by adding lies on it – although there is no political gains it will get from such antics.

As it’s known, this terrorist and anti-peace force is an enemy of Oromo people. To mention the few, we can recall the mass killings it carried out on the people in Eastern Harerghe in 1992 and 1995 – and the bomb attacks. Its unapologetic anti-people stance was displayed when it burned down a school at Woliso; a fountain of knowledge to the town’s people. As he people clealy aware about this antics of the group, I think nobody should follow the bogus narration of the group.

Following the lack of clarity the people had about the master-plan, the group tried to use the situation and exacerbate the lies by collaborating with narrowists like Jawar Mohammed, and with the mouth-piece of Ginbot 7, ESAT, who is established to create rift between our country’s nation, nationalities and people.

 We can notice the Asmara-based OLF leadership’s recent statement which claimed “the master-plan is to scramble Oromia’s land”, and the bogus propagation spewed by ESAT – it shows how deep the ties go.

Sermonizing from it‘s “I will liberate Oromo’s people” novel, while fattening it’s pocket sitting in its Asmara & overseas couch, the terrorist group OLF is following in the footsteps of Shabiya and Ato Isiais’s delusion in trying to create turmoil in our country in hopes of subverting Oromo’s people human and democratic rights– all with no avail.

Even today, instead of putting Oromia’s people interest ahead (it is not its agenda in the first place!), the group’s is working to erode the development achievements the people gained – although it will fail like its past efforts.

This is because, in time and through their participation, the people will know the fact that both the master-plan and the provision prepared by the regional state to improve Oromia’s cities are beneficial, and doesn’t aim to hurt them.

Within this unfolding, local opposition parties like Oromo Federal Congress are seen getting involved in the bogus story relay.  In fact, some close-minded opposition like Ato Bekele Gerba and Dr. Merara Gudine, who haven’t learned their lessons from imprisonment, were seen flaunting the same agenda as the Asmara-based OLF.

And this clearly shows that there are no distinction between those oppositions who claim “to operate peacefully”, and those anti-people and BANDA oppositions. Especially, their method of using the young people to seize power shows that they are one and the same.

However, there is one thing that these people haven’t realized. That is, there is not a single young man or women who are willing to serve their agenda – except unknowingly. It is my belief, today the Oromo youth is nurtured with democratic culture and very well know the meaning of democracy – sees things insightfully and  with tranquility.

Of course, the youth are young. But the fact that they have deep and sharp outlook on the constitutional and democratic thinking was displayed with they recently asked for clarity together with other sects of the society. The questions that were raised in Oromia region concerning the master-plan and the improved provision are legitimate.

The problem was the illegal acts that were done by some elements using these legitimate questions of the people – the fact that they were hijacked and diverted towards wrong direction by anti-peace forces.

The fact that these anti-peace forces have made the situation difficult by disturbing the development and peace of the country, and by manipulating the young people cannot be denied.

However, as far as I can understand, the Oromo youth and the other sect of the society won’t chose anti-development forces that don’t have anything except confusion.  

The country is administered by a developmental and democratic government. Like in the past times, our government solves any issue through peaceful and legal means.

But, the anti-peace forces don’t have the capability or the character to solve such issues – they tend to exacerbate such temporary and existing problems. So, the fate of this country is in the hands of our developmental and democratic government, and not on the hands of these anti-peace forces.

Of course nobody wants to lose its peace and developmental benefits by coming close with the anti-peace forces. This is because; everyone knows that they are thorns that aim to obstruct our people’s hope for development and growth.

And it is obvious that, like every citizen of the country, the peace-loving Oromo people don’t want to lose the just benefits they are getting from the federal democratic system. This is why; they are currently holding wide-reaching meetings with the government.

So, the people have the responsibility of maintaining the momentum of the country’s and region’s development by exposing these entities through the initiated public dialogue





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