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    Recently the founding stone for the construction of a center for the Afar culture and language was laid by the delegates of Ethiopia and Djibouti. This center is expected to contribute to both countries to work together in keeping and maintaining their languages and culture. Whether they are living in Djibouti or Ethiopia, Afars are Afar. They share a common language and culture. Working together on their culture and language will enhance and   develop their language and culture for the bright future of all Afar.

 In the economic sector, it is known that Ethiopia and Djibouti are sharing electric power at the minimum cost. Furthermore, the ports of  Djibouti are also the outlets for the Ethiopian import and export commodities according to their bilateral   agreements made some years before.

 The Rail Way Line is also in its final stage to facilitate the trade and investment in the Horn in general and Ethiopia in particular. The establishment of such a center will inevitably facilitate the people to people relations between the two countries: Ethiopia and Djibouti .Such centers can enhance the Research and Development regarding the Afars language and culture .

Apart from this, as the center is located in Semera University, it will be a multi-faceted in that a number of researches on Anthropology, Archaeology, and other scientific experimentations can be conducted in collaboration with other universities abroad. It can also be the center of excellence in training and sharing of experience in the abovementioned fields as well as transfer of knowledge and technology.

Thus, this could be a role model for the other African countries to live in peace, harmony and work for a common goal: poverty reduction. It can also be the first step towards regional integration in establishing such multi-purpose projects.


Maryihun   Tsegay,  April ,2015