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Why repeated complaint on the Investment Climate in Tigrai?

Why repeated complaint on the Investment Climate in Tigrai?


I have read the case, related with the very successful businessman Ato Dawit Gebreegziabher, regarding the investment facilitation and the overall economic standing in our region – Tigrai.

I do believe that we Tigrayans shouldn’t miss the golden opportunities to materialize the dreams of our martyrs who were the fallen heroes and heroines during the seventeen years of the bitter struggle.  Their dream was for the people of Tigrai to get dignity, equality, justice, liberty, democracy and development.  We are living the dreams and should be grateful and respectful to our selfless Tegadelti and Weyenti.

Our selfless brothers and sisters have confronted both manmade and natural calamities.  They were able to defeat not only the fascistic-military oligarchy; but also they withstand the severe famine and drought which was another formidable enemy that caused the deaths and displacements of hundreds of thousands of Tigrayans; and which has posed a situation of total annihilation of the people of Tigrai as a people.

Thus, if our sisters and brothers selflessly give their precious life and make such an incredible History; why are we Tigrayans not able to effectively and efficiently sustain their dreams? is the question to be posed to all of us.  Why are we not able to make a significant stride and become exemplary in team work, dynamism, creativity and good governance?.

Every single investment coin and development idea has a special meaning to the war torn Tigrai.  If this is the objective reality, should we hear repeated complaints of people regarding good governance and the investment climate in Tigrai?

I don’t think we Tigrayans lack the intellect and endurance to mitigate such and other problems, as we have taken lessons the hardest way.  We have learned lesson on how to collectively and selflessly defeat enemies. So, why don’t we apply that lesson in defeating poverty and backwardness should be the question to be posed and answered by all of us.

In a nutshell, I think this issue need be discussed openly with the people at all levels of authority and there is a need to undertake an extensive research and come-up with solutions on the ways and means of solving the development, investment and good governance related hurdles that our region is facing.


I do believe that every Tigrayan has a stake in the issues and need to come up with enthusiasm and openly and forward ideas on how to confront the challenges.  Hope the relevant authorities will have a look at the articles; which could serve them as a wake-up ring.


Kind regards,

Gebremedhin Gebru

30 July 2015

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