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The Ethiopian People Have unequivocally Spoken For Peace!!!

The Ethiopian People Have  unequivocally Spoken For Peace!!!


                                                            Tsehaye Debalkew   June, 2015


The landmark Fifth Ethiopian National and Regional Elections have concluded On Sunday, May 24/2015, by indelibly writing on the wall for all to see that, the choice of the Ethiopian people is indisputably and unequivocally peace, development and democracy.


They have spoken out clearly and loudly in no uncertain terms, that peace, development and democracy shall flourish and nourish in Ethiopia with their active partnership and their ultimate verdict only through the ballot box, which embodies the considered voice of reason by casting their vote that is an icon of their democratic right attained through sacrifice and effort of their true sons and daughters for generations.


May 24/2015 goes down in the annals of modern Ethiopian history as a golden day, wherein the people of Ethiopia in unison have declared to follow the footsteps of past generations who have  stood tall by subscribing to independence, freedom and sovereignty, and adding yet another shining victory of democracy, and development through the peaceful expression of their will accentuated by the vote they cast.


The Fifth Ethiopian national and regional elections have indeed demonstrated to the world, the political maturity and the ever-burgeoning democratic culture, that defines the Ethiopian people, who spoke in one word for peace and unity with diversity that reflects a new and a higher level of progress. 


This unique watermark in the startling history of our nation, is reason enough to hail and congratulate the  close to  37 million strong citizens who went to the polls and the entire Ethiopian people at large, contesting political parties, and other stake holders for a job well done. It remains to be a genuine and civilized norm for all to honor and respect the highly valued popular verdict of the electorate.


Much of the praise goes to the Ethiopian people who unambiguously held high

the commitment to build a new democratic culture, come rain or come shine, I believe that EPRDF, which has carried on the day would deliver on  the needed socio-economic and political  issues that the electorate has entrusted it with.


What is more, the EPRDF will certainly listen to the opposition forces who have been for the time being relegated to a secondary status. In doing so the EPRDF  shows that it is not only magnanimous but also more importantly, the Ethiopian people want that too.



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