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The final act Ginbot 7 & Birhanu Nega


The final act Ginbot 7 & Birhanu Nega


Tariku 07-22-15

Good news!!!!  Ginbot 7 leader Birhanu Nega has gone to Eritrea to lead a final offensive in the war to dislodge the EPRDF from power. I am not sure if this is good news for Ginbot 7 and Birhanu Nega or EPRDF.

This is probably going to be a farewell party gift to EPRDF, Birhanu Nega rapped in bullets and explosives, from Isaias before his departure for good whether he likes it or not. I have always been amazed on how gullible or “stupid” the so called opposition parties or fronts are in Ethiopia. 

First of all they lack a deep understanding of the vast skill and experience that the EPRDF has in organizing, mobilizing resources and personal and its resolve to fight in peaceful or armed political fields.
Second the so called opposition are spent forces joined together by very divergent goals but only one common interest, which is hate against the EPRDF. Hate is not enough to make them strong that they constantly bicker and fight against each other at their own peril.

There is so much mistrust among each other, so much so that when the secretary of the most prominent vocal but  weak front Ginbot 7 was capture by the EPRDF there was squabble among the leaders of the Ginbot 7 who were suspicious of each other that one of the top leaders might have snitched to the EPRDF to get the secretary of the insurgent group captured and yet some suspected that all along the secretary was working for the EPRDF and that he orchestrated his own capture to blow the last nail on the coffin of the dead Ginbot 7.

The most awesome some news a windfall for EPRDF, however came just this week that Birhanu Nega the cunning and mischievous leader of Ginbot 7 has gone to Asmara to join the “final offensive to remove the EPRDF from power” as was announced by ESAT which is a television network financed by Eritrea and run by none other than Birhanu Nega’s Ginbot 7.

This is wonderful because soon Birhanu Nega will find a new residence in Kality prison or 6 feet under, as he has been long playing with fire from a far and safe distance by deploying the list informed and ill trained youth he swindled into fighting against the EPRDF and now due to the internal and external pressure he is pushed to come close to the fire he has ignited and sure he will burn down to ashes.
His modus operandi nevertheless has been to abandon his comrades in their times of need as he did during his EPRP days and again during  the 2005 election. 

Birhanu Nega runs away when the going gets tough and this time he has put himself in a place were there will not be a smidgeon of chance to run away and we will soon find out what his fate will be unless he comes up yet with another rabbit from his hat of tricks to fool Isaias and the brute PFDJ of Eritrea that have gotten him in this precarious situation  with a honey trap like a fly.

So much so for the excitement of the so called Diaspora opposition who are hell-bent to destroy Ethiopia just to quench their thirst of hate of the EPRDF. What they fail to understand is that the EPRDF is a very strong party and the Ethiopian government and people stand by the EPRDF and it can hammer a hard blow to the PFDJ and Isaias to smithereens leave alone to the weakling Ginbot 7.

Gibot 7’s premature declaration of the final offensive before even capturing an inch of soil in Ethiopia and basking in the streets of Asmara drinking swa/tella, is inviting disaster to themselves and the regime in Asmara. The declaration of war should be taken seriously not because it is substantial but because it should be a lesson to all others that you can not threaten Ethiopia and stay to see another light of day.
This idiots should have learned from the fate of the UIC of Somalia that declared war on Ethiopia to its own destruction.

God bless Ethiopia and the EPRDF.