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The Green-eyed Monster Whines about the Light Train in Ethiopia


I have read with dismay and revulsion the article ĎFamine Rides a Light Train in Ethiopiaí by Alemayehu G. Mariam.†† I have written this short response to his article in order to expose his ulterior motives mainly for the benefit of his gullible and ignorant followers.

The viciousness and vileness of his article betrays his deep rancor and jealousy about the fact that Ethiopia is making such a remarkable progress that has drawn the attention of the whole world.It is no coincidence that his article comes at a time when we Ethiopians are euphoric over the light train and are sanguine about the future of our country.What I donít really understand is how anybody in their sane mind can decry and disparage the progress of the country is making.

This lunaticís pleasure in relating the stories of famine in Ethiopia boarders on sadism. He gloats over the sufferings of our people and pokes fun at Ethiopians and even Africans. It seems he has insatiable cravings for insulting Ethiopia and Ethiopians.He calls a government official Ďan ignorant clowní.Isnít that pretty rich coming from this man who writes mainly to entertain those in whose pay he is besides his misguided and ignorant followers? ††Isnít he the real clown or a clown is a word too complementary for him?†† An ignoble and depraved monster would come close, but not quite, to describe him better.

It is not hard to understand what this man gains by discrediting Ethiopia.It is a sad reality of life to know that some people like him have no qualms, whatsoever, in betraying their country for monetary benefits besides the hidden desire for self-aggrandizement.

This article will succeed only in making a stupid ass of the writer.Ethiopia will continue to progress, thanks to its heroic and industrious people.The famine will be contained much to the chagrin of the writer.The writer can continue to whine, rant and rave as he is not capable of doing anything else and Ethiopia will continue to march on and on.


Yosef Yohans





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