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The Follies and Delusions of the Professor

The Follies and Delusions of the Professor

By Yosef Yohans

Dec 31, 2015

I wondered as I was reading his most recent article in what state of mind the Professor was when he made some preposterous and ludicrous claims.  Perhaps the Professor’s behaviour is understandable and can be attributed to the recent setbacks and disappointments he has gone through. He had the audacity to predict, with absolute certainty that the Ethiopian government would collapse in December 2015, in the face of the recent upheavals in Oromia and Gondar. The people concerned might have had legitimate grievances which were, unfortunately, blown out of proportion by the reactionary elements of the diaspora who are too keen to capitalise on any incident, however trivial.  Much to the Professor’s chagrin, the government remains intact and the people have come to their senses as they realise that their legitimate demands were being hijacked by fanatics, bigots, die-hards and desperados like him for their own malicious and ulterior motives.  Consequently the Professor lost face and his confidence took a battering that has driven him off the rails. 

 The Professor has, however, learnt a lesson since and refrains from foretelling when the government will collapse, though maintaining it certainly will and pledges to leave no stone unturned to bring about and hasten its downfall.  In his recent article, the Professor is certainly back at it with vengeance, with a renewed zest for concocting stories about his consuming theme – the TPLF. That is still understandable, as the Professor who has made a complete fool of himself is trying to put on a brave face   

Worst of all, as the recent upheavals in Ethiopia opened the floodgates of hope and exaltation, the Professor unwittingly succumbed to his obsessive compulsive delusions of grandeur.  He imagined himself at the helm of power and felt a surge of awe and admiration for himself. He would make such a brilliant leader, as he is the master of oratory, unprecedented not only in Ethiopia but also in the whole of Africa. Under his leadership, poverty, disease, inequality, injustice would vanish with a wave of his magic wand.  After all, political power is the only  salvation  from the drudgery and monotony of classrooms, teaching political science (a field of study most students find utterly boring,  devoid of intellectual  stimulation, and believe that it is not meant for bright students who would much rather study science, engineering or medicine).  However as he slowly emerged from his reverie, he was confronted with the stark reality – the government had regained control and order and the unrest had blown over. The Professor’s hopes and dreams were brutally dashed.

Yet what he had studied in political science was not in vain as it comes handy to the Professor as he regurgitates the phrases and quotations he had rot learnt for exams and reproduces them in his articles not only to demean and discredit the ‘enemy’ but also to ease his despair and frustrations.  The Professor has an uncanny knack for reproducing endless and irrelevant quotes (by philosophers, politicians and even musicians) that he gleefully makes use of to demonise, belittle and disparage the ‘enemy’, the TPLF.  The passion and resourcefulness he displays in his articles leave you wondering who he is really trying to impress. (How else can he justify the fat pay checks he regularly receives from his paymasters who demand value for their money?)   The omnipotent Professor who relishes showing off his academic prowess is confident he can bring down the government by sheer force of his insults, derisions and outbursts, not to mentions his empty rhetoric.  Who cares whether the phrases he uses and overuses are not original? He does not even give due acknowledgement to the writers who originated the phrases or coined the words. He believes his die-hard followers are not smart enough even to understand what he writes, let alone accuse him of plagiarism.  

The Professor’s most favourite and ubiquitous word he associates with the TPLF is ‘thugs’ only because he is poignantly aware that ‘a thug’ is the very word others would use to describe him. (May I remind the Professor, at my own peril, that this is known as ‘projection’ in psychology). The TPLF he labels ‘thugs’ are the very young people who accomplished an extraordinary feat no one even dared to dream of. They brought down the most ruthless dictator armed to the teeth by the sheer power of their conviction, courage bravery and indomitable spirit.  (Those of us who suffered at the hands of the most odious and dreadful tyrant are eternally grateful to them).  I am sure, the professor is not acquainted with words like bravery, heroism and valour as these virtues are antithesis to his personality and have no place in his vast lexicon.  Having said that, I can’t help wondering where this Professor, who now claims to be a fervent human rights activist, was   and what preoccupation prevented him from uttering a word in protest when the devil –incarnate tyrant carried out mass murder with relish and impunity.

What is more shocking is that in his latest article, he quotes a disgruntled former TPLF member who is now deranged and paranoid to corroborate his far-fetched argument that the present government is against his ethnic tribe.  It is despicable that the Professor takes advantage of this man who is confused, antisocial and isolated.  The professor is putting words in the man’s mouth, to say the least, and is a measure of the Professor’s desperation to incite one ethnic tribe against another one.  He tried it with Oromos and miserably failed when the Oromos rebuffed his disingenuous sympathy and crocodile tears.

The Professor is not only delusional, but also a fanatic and a bigot who hates and despises other Ethiopians who do not belong to his ethnic tribe or who do not identify with and glorify his ethnicity.  His has uncompromising admiration for the past Ethiopian King who was responsible for the atrocities committed against certain ethnic tribes. Yet this Professor professes that the he stands for the equality of all ethnic tribes in Ethiopia. However nothing belies his assertions and deceptions more than his articles.  Unfortunately, his outburst of hate and disdain, are not confined to Ethiopians as other Africans have also incurred his wrath and disdain. I would not be surprised if he is admitted to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) as the first black honorary member.

I held the belief that education gave way to humility and selflessness but the Professor proved me wrong.  To the Professor, education provides the carte blanche to be arrogant, insolent, smug, derisive, depraved and venal.  Why else would the Professor demean himself by stooping so low as to insult and demonise others who do not share his political views?  Obviously, the Professor is woefully devoid of the basic human decency expected of a rational human being (which I am not accusing him of being).  From his arrogance, derisive and dismissive nature, one would be forgiven for thinking that the Professor must be the genius behind The United States’ NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and for concluding that Albert Einstein and other prominent contemporary scientists pale in comparison with him.

In conclusion, the Professor is well within his rights to fantasise, delude himself and dream about the collapse of the present government as he has done in his last article.  I am sure to further his dreams, the Professor and his henchmen will continue to lie, deceive, denounce, whimper, rant, rave and whine.  However, if the erudite Professor thinks he can overthrow seasoned politicians who enjoy the support and confidence of the peoples of Ethiopia, who have proven themselves extremely capable in office as well as in the battlefield by his series of inflammatory articles, he must be suffering from severe bouts of delusion and megalomania. The EPRDF have demonstrated their competence as a government by transforming Ethiopia into one of the fastest growing economies. (I can imagine the professor going off and yelling “lies, damned lies, statislies”).

 The Professor is no more than a paper tiger who would much rather write in the comfort and safety of his home in America than confront ‘the enemy’.  (After all, producing inflammatory and seditious articles is a worthwhile and lucrative business for the Professor as he is amply rewarded for his time and energy by the enemies of our country who are alarmed at the peace, stability and progress Ethiopia has achieved).  I happen to be familiar with the old adage that says that barking dogs never bite which seems to me truer than ever. The Professor would rather have innocent children and poor peasant at the forefront resisting the government while he hides behind his desk, ostensibly engaged in writing articles.  He is too smart to take part in any foolhardy adventures that could compromise his paramount safety.  Why not delegate the confrontation with the government to innocent school children and shed crocodile tears at a safe distance in his home in the United States of America, as the end will justify the means!


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